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By PWInsiderXtra Readers on 3/31/2008 11:13 AM

WrestleMania was a strong show from WWE, with all the big matches delivering bar one that fell flatter than a pancake. Quick thoughts on the matches:

- Finlay vs. Bradshaw was a fun, heavy hitting opener. Finlay’s crash landing at ringside looked particularly painful. Easily Bradshaw’s best showing since his return. 

- Money in the Bank was its usual standout self, packed with many memorable spots (even if the suitcase did seem too low, requiring a quite literal suspension of disbelief). Everyone came out looking stronger than before and CM Punk was a nice surprise as victor.

- Umaga vs. Batista was slow, plodding and had a woefully predictable finish. An obvious cool off for the crowd, just as it seemed they were headed to the big finish, Batista hits the Powerbomb and it’s over. Umaga continues his strange double-life as unstoppable monster and enhancement talent.

- Kane vs. Chavo Guerrero was easily the match of the evening, a WrestleMania classic on par with Bundy vs. Jones and The Hart Foundation vs. The Bolsheviks.

- In terms of action, Michaels vs. Flair is on the borderline between Great and Classic in my mind. It requires re-watching to better inform my judgment. Emotionally it was a classic, and brought out a mixed bag of feelings for me. Yes I wanted Flair to win, of course I did. But watching him out of position for Michael’s moonsault from the top to the floor, I lost that sense of fairytale. Likewise, when the classic Flair bridge/backslide combo failed, it was a painful reminder that we’re more than twenty years removed from Flair and Steamboat’s career defining series. Still, easily the best Flair match in years, and a fitting send off for the greatest wrestler of all-time. It was nice to see Charles Robinson given the chance to referee his idol’s last match. One minor complaint, though: Flair openly talking to Michaels immediately after the bell undermined the story of him fighting to the last before being knocked out.

- Playboy Bunnymania was better than expected. The ladies tried, even if the light guy didn’t.

- The Triple-Threat was a good match, smooth and flowing, with some innovative exchanges; although I don’t know why they are hyping that Orton “stole one”. It undermines what should be portrayed as the biggest victory of his career against the odds.

- For a few mild bumps, Floyd Mayweather expects us to believe he received $20 million? Below the standard of L.T., barely above the level of Mr T, this was a waste of everybody’s time. Even the booking team seemed confused by what they wanted out of this match. Were they both heels, or both faces? And was Mayweather really an underdog when he had the backup of five men or more? I at least expected Mayweather to pull off something spectacular for the finish, yet we had to settle for brass knuckles and a highly annoying celebration. If only WWE would afford their own lightweights such airtime and treatment.

- Edge vs. Undertaker started slowly with a worn out crowd, but soon developed into a thrilling battle. They had the great story of Edge reversing everything The Undertaker threw at him and the ending was perfect. When Edge hit the second Spear, I thought for a split second the streak might end. And in that same second, I realized he was in the perfect position for the triangle choke. BOOM! Undertaker locks it on and we have our happy ending. A great finish to a good WrestleMania.

Lee Morgan
Elite Subscriber.


This was one of the best Wrestlemanias in a long time. I thought the first half was better than the second. The first two matches (Finlay vs. JBL & Money In The Bank) were great. Batista vs. Umaga was a decent match, and served the purpose of slowing down the pace for Flair vs. Michaels. Unfortunately the pace never quite picked back up. Bunnymania was next. Thankfully someone had the good since to cut the lights out half way through. Unfortunately the dumba** running the spotlight turned it on almost as soon as the lights went out so we still had to watch the match. Next was Chavo vs. Kane for the ECW Title. I think what they did was best to give the ECW title credibility, but I also think it destroys any push Chavo will ever get for a top title. Big Show vs. Mayweather was exactly what I thought it would be. I just hope WWE don't fire Big Show the way they did Bam Bam Bigelow when he lost to LT. Orton vs. Cena. vs. Triple-H was a descent match, but was missing that special something you expect at Wrestlemania. I had low expectations going in for Edge vs. Undertaker, but I was surprised. It had the something extra I was looking for in the last match. Wrestlemania was defiantly worth the money. I would have been happy to pay that price for just the first half. The WWE needs to learn the fans wont quality not quantity. The first half was quality. The second quantity.


Best Match: Ric Flair vs. HBK. 
Worst Match: Kane vs. Chavo Guerrero 

My disillusioned friends and those who don't want wrestling always ask me. Why do you like pro wrestling? My answer: Wrestlemania. For me it is the culmination of having to go through horrible gimmicks, matches and storylines. It is a true payoff for those dedicated fans who tune in every week and follow each performer, to be rewarded with satisfying endings. 

The JBL/Finlay match was good. I didn't like the ending, as I think it would have made more sense for Finlay/Hornswoggle to get the last word in the feud. I was also expecting more of a stiff brawl than a hardcore match. 

The MITB matchup was insane. Shelton & Johnny Nitro took a lot of punishment. I've been a huge fan of C.M. Punk for sometime so I popped huge when he won. Let's see where the push goes from here. Batista/Umaga lost it's thunder after the first few minutes. They should've gone another 10 minutes. The fans in the front row chanting for Umaga was very comical. "U-U-U-Umaga". 

The ECW Title match was forgettable. It fits Kane's character but really destroys the credibility of all performers in ECW who haven't beaten Chavo (including the MITB winner). 

Ric Flair/HBK started off slow. That table spot looked horrible! Just horrible. It was truly an epic match with so much emotion. The finishing sequence was amazing with HBK not wanting to finish off the career of Flair, yet Flair begging him on to just do the job. Classic Wrestlemania match. 

The women's match was passable. Snoop Dogg was very funny. 

The triple threat was nonstop and also had a surprising finish. I love the > chemistry Orton & Cena have. 

The Big Show/Mayweather match was booked nicely. Big Show came out looking > good, which is all that matters. 

The main event was fantastic. Both men played their parts perfect. Edge > truly is the MVP of the company. Undertaker busted his ass. I still cannot believe he can do the flying bit over the ropes after so many years.  

I say it again, Wrestlemania is why I am a wrestling fan. No company in the world can put together a better production than WWE. Thank you! 

Chris Glavin of Philadelphia, PA (9.5)


Overall a very good show, not quite worth the $55 but better than last year's show.  I don't think I would have wanted to be in many of the seats at the stadium.  The blackout was interesting and the extra pyro was a nice added touch once it was dark enough.
The matches:

JBL vs Finlay was a nice brawl.  Pleasantly surprised there was no Vince McMahon appearance here or anywhere on the show.

Money in the bank... Shelton Benjamin deserves a bonus for that spot.  Great match and glad to see Punk win.

ECW title match: glad to see Kane win, would have been nice if it lasted a little longer.  This seemed completely like filler but, as a Kane fan, I'm content.

Bunny Mania was almost terrible.  Snoop and Santino made it tolerable.

Batista and Umaga was a decent brawl. 

Michaels vs. Flair was a great battle but so sad to see Flair done.  Again, surprised there was no Vince McMahon appearance here.

WWE title match.  I'm not an Orton fan but I'm glad he kept the belt given the other choices.

Mayweather vs. Big Show.  I could live with Show losing if he got the chance to crush that lil piece of $#!T post-match.

World title match was very good.  Great to see Taker get the belt again.

Joe, PA