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By PWInsiderXtra Readers on 3/31/2008 3:06 PM

I arrived in Orlando around 5:30pm about 15 miles from the exit and was stopped by traffic on I-4.  There were no signs on the interstate, off the exit, or anywhere around the arena off where to go and I couldn't find my parking lot.  After driving around the whole arena and asking numerous people directions, I finally found the parking lot.  I ended up getting to my seat around 7:30pm.  So I missed the opening ceremonies and Finlay vs JBL.

My seat was in the 200's right under the box seating where Shane McMahon was located.  We couldn't hear the mat when the wrestlers were slammed on it because it was so far.  However, the WWE entrance and overhead set for the ring was amazing.  I spent the night in awe of the spectacle of the event.  The spectacle and the entrances alone were worth the money. 

The merchandise stands were packed and even though I bought around $150 worth, I would've bought more if I didn't have to wait so long to purchase items.  The lighting to the structure around the ring went out during the bunny mania match and then the screens over the ring went out after Triple H's entrance.  They returned during the Big Show match. 

The money in the bank was great and the fans were chanting "holy sh*t" and "this is awesome."  CM Punk's win was a nice surprise and a good pop.  HBK received some "HBK" chants but Flair received a standing ovation and a "Thank You Flair" chant.

The main event was my favorite even though I'm an Edge fan and I knew Undertaker was winning.  I liked Flair and Michaels but the main event the fans seemed the most into and the back and forth between Edge and Taker was great stuff.  I was also surprised that Undertaker sold so much for Edge.  The triple threat match was good but the lack on lighting and screens hurt the match.  Cena's entrance with the band was stupid and many fans didn't know he was standing there for a couple minutes until you saw him on the screen.  Also the band didn't even sound like his music so we were wondering what the hell was going on.  I would've rather had his normal entrance.  There was a small "Let's Go Cena" chant by some women but it quickly got a huge "Cena sucks" chant every time.  Bunny mania seemed to be the bathroom and food breaks for a lot of the crowd as people didn't care about the match.  Nice to see the WOMEN'S CHAMP get the pin fall especially after they didn't even come out to her entrance music.  So they gave her a little respect after not showing any.  If Trish still held that belt, it would still be a lot more important.

I have been to many RAWs and Smackdowns over the past 9 years, but Wrestlemania was by far the best show and best experience I've ever seen.  Definitely worth the drive from Charleston, SC.  WWE production is outstanding and it definitely had a big time feel.  They must be doing something right.  What a phenominal event!

Best entrances

1.  Undertaker  -  I had goosebumps as it was so amazing.  The fans ate it up.
2.  Edge - The lighting, pyro, and music made his entrance a site to see.
3.  HHH - The way everything went green and the visual is something I always enjoy

Biggest Pops

1.  Undertaker (especially after winning)
2.  HHH
3.  Ric Flair

Most Boos

1.  John Cena  - he could've passed out money and they still would've crapped all over him.  He stood there a couple times and shook his head at the chorus of boos.  He just can't win with the crowd.
2.  Edge
3.  Floyd Mayweather

Ricky Olmstead
Summerville, SC


I was at WM24 in person so here is my review:

Thumbs Up.  Very good WM.   I do feel, overall, that it being outdoors in that giant venue takes away from some of the matches.  The pyro etc and the presentation was awesome.

Now to the matches:

Best Match:  Edge vs Taker
Worst Match: Show vs Mayweather.  (There were a couple of others I could have picked but this was a mess.)

I admit I am a little biased, but being a huge fan of Edge ever since he started in the company with the Brood, I just knew there would be the one day he would Main Event Mania.  I was very proud of him Sunday night.  Great to see him main event Mania as Champion, even though , of course, he became the 16th victim of the Undertaker.  I thought it was an awesome match.  Very well worked match.  Both men pulled out all the stops and I really enjoyed it.

Worst Match for me was the mess that WWE was forcefeeding us as a so called Main Event, Big Show vs Mayweather.  I just thought it was goofy. What saved it from being a total disaster for me was when Mayweather's cornermen and managers got involved.  Just hated the match if so it can be called.

The rest of the card:

Triple Threat:  I am a very happy Orton fan today.  I am glad Randy kept his belt. I was a little stunned that Cena actually did the job but ok. The match itself was a bit hard for me to judge because my seats were way up high and the screens went out but it appeared to be a very good match.  Randy did a great RKO on I believe Hunter at one point.  Glad to see Randy as a top star in the company.

Kane vs Chavo for ECW match: nothing much to say about a squash match.

Bunnymania:  A bit of upside down and backwards booking.  I mean, to have Beth Phoenix and Melina (with help from Santino) win?  I did not care about this match. I do commend the gals for sticking with it during the power going out.

24 man battle royal: Typical TV match.

Flair Vs Michaels: Like I said, the outdoor setting took away from this match some, but it was a very good , well worked match.  Great job by both.  Not a classic of course, but a very good match.  Thank you Ric for everything!

Batista vs Umaga: Ok. Kind of disappointing.

MITB match: Glad to see CM Punk win.  I am glad it is not Mrrrrrrr. Kennedy..  Match was just ok. Nothing special.

JBL vs Finlay:  So so opener. Will be forgotten. More backwards booking. Figures they would have JBL win in Finlay's type of match.

That is it. Overall, a very good PPV.  I know it is going to be in Reliant Stadium next year.  I just think that having it in these huge stadiums takes away from the matches. That is just my opinion.

Terri Bey