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By Ed Shirreffs on 3/19/2009 11:27 PM
t's been some time since I reviewed some ROH DVDs, but I've taken some time off from studying for the LSATs and we're going all the way back to August 2008 (a simpler time) for Death Before Dishonor weekend.  This is Fueling the Fire, coming to us from Manassas, Virginia.

The show opens with a promo from Jimmy Jacobs and Tyler Black, Tag Team Champions at the moment.

Sweet n' Sour, Inc. (Adam Pearce & Shane Hagadorn) vs. Jay & Mark Briscoe

Oi, the Briscoes deserve better.  Jay and Hagadorn start us off.  Jay toys with Hagadorn and forces him to regroup.  Jay controls Hagadorn with a hammerlock.  Side headlock doesn't last from Hagadorn and Jay applies a wristlock.  Comedy spot in the corner with Pearce.  Jay forces Hagadorn into the corner.  Jay charges, then tags Mark in.  Mark with some shoulders in the corner, followed by a snapmare and Dragon Kick.  Fist drop from Mark gets two.  Double shoulder tackle from the Briscoes.  Jay with a scoop slam.  He chops Hagadorn in the corner and tags Mark in.

Mark with his own chops.  A knee drop gets two.  Pearce interferes and Hagadorn tags him in.  Dropkick by Pearce to Mark.  Jackhammer by Pearce for two.  Hagadorn tags back in.  Mark tries to fight out of the corner, but Pearce comes back in and comes off the top rope with a splash for two.  S n' S keep up the attack on Mark in the corner.  Pearce with punches in the corner.  Hagadorn with a suplex for two.  Demolition Decapitation by S n' S for two.  Mark escapes the assault and tags Jay in.  Jay comes in and cleans house.  Big dropkick from Jay.  Pearce grabs Jay, but Hagadorn hits Pearce.  Springboard Doomsday, and this one is over.

Your winners, the Briscoes!

After the match, Albright clears the ring of Sweet n' Sour, Inc.  He says he'll take out every member of Sweet n' Sour, starting with Hero tonight.

Nigel starts to tell Ruckus he's not winning tonight and Rhett Titus interrupts and shows him a naughty clip.

Pelle Primeau vs. Rex Sterling0

Sterling overpowers Pelle at first, but Pelle with some sneaky moves.  Sterling holds onto Pelle with a powerbomb for two.  Pelle sends him out with an arm drag, then slips through the ropes with headscissors on the floor.  Sterling is rolled back in the ring, but Pelle misses a springboard.  Double stomp to Primeau's back.  Pelle holds of Sterling in the corner for a moment, but he is kicked in the head while sitting on the top rope for two.  Crossface by Sterling, but Pelle makes the ropes.  Primeau avoids a suplex and gets a slingshot headscissors takedown.  Roaring elbow from Primeau (?).  Pelle with a chinbreaker for the win.

Your winner, Pelle Primeau!

Rhett Titus vs. Delirious

Titus lays out the ground rules before they start the match.  Lock up to start.  Titus pushes Delirious to the corner.  Clean break.  Delirious takes Titus to the mat, but Titus quickly makes the ropes.  Delirious works a wristlock and turns it into a side headlock.  Shoulderblock by Delirious, followed by a hip toss, then arm drag.

Titus gyrates a bit.  He calls for a test of strength.  Titus does a side headlock instead.  Head scissors by Delirious.  Couple of arm drags from Delirious.  Delirious rolls him up for two.  Titus trips Delirious, but misses an elbow drop.  Side headlock takedown by Delirious for two.  Delirious goes for a Sunset Flip.  He avoids the closed fist, which Titus said not to use before the match.

Titus kicks Delirious, shows off, and runs into some clotheslines.  Titus bails.  Delirious gives chase.  Titus shields himself with the ref, then delivers a low blow.  This brings out Daizee, who is not happy with Rhett.  Titus covers for two.  Snap suplex by Titus.  Titus works on Delirious' back, but eventually misses.  Delirious blocks a charge, but runs into a dropkick for two.

Titus goes to the top.  Delirious crotches him, then bounces him on the top rope.  Titus falls to the floor.  Titus uses Haze as a shield.  Titus takes advantage.  He knocks Delirious to the floor.  Titus goes to the top and dives to the floor, but Delirious gets himself and Haze out of the way.  Delirious applies the Cobra Clutch, but Titus backs him into the corner.  Titus misses an attack in the corner and taps to the Cobra Stretch.

Your winner, Delirious!

After the match, the dependable Delirious gets a kiss on the cheek.  Awww.

Necro Butcher vs. Roderick Strong

Strong and Butcher waste no time going at it.  They exchange chops and other shots.  Necro knocks him down with a punch, then uses his shirt to choke Strong.  Strong with a brief flurry until he is knocked down with a headbutt.  Strong is whipped into the guardrail.  Strong clubs at Necro's back.  Suplex to Necro on the floor.  Strong dives off the apron with a forearm.  Strong sits Necro in a chair in the corner of the ringside area, but his attack fails when Necro throws the chair at him.

Chair slam on the bare floor by Necro.  He rolls Strong up in the mats.  Necro with a diving forearm of his own.  He throws the metal guardrail sign at Strong, then throws another chair at him.  Necro attacks with the ring bell.  Strong tries to chop back, but Necro punches him.  Headbutts from Necro.  Necro goes after Strong's eyes.  Necro pulls back on Strong's face.

Roddy is rolled back into the ring.  Strong chops back.  Necro with another closed fist.  Sleeper hold by Necro.  Strong fights out and avoids a charge in the corner.  Enziguri from Strong for two.  Dropkick gets another two for Strong.  Back suplex by Necro.  He brings a couple of chairs into the ring and sets them up back to back.  Strong avoids the back breaker on the chairs, but he is eventually driven into the chairs face first for two.

Necro sets the chairs back up, but Strong chops back in the corner and puts Necro on the top rope.  Necro somehow gets two with a Victory Roll.  Hard punch to Strong.  Strong with an enziguri.  He sits Necro down then scores two with a big boot.  Half nelson backbreaker by Strong for two.  He nails the Gibson Driver for the win.

Your winner, Roderick Strong!

Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin) vs. Bryan Danielson & Austin Aries

Lots of history between these wrestlers.  Dragon and Shelley trade holds to start.  Danielson goes for an early surfboard, but it doesn't work.  Sabin tags in.  Danielson pushes him to the ropes.  Sabin with a half crab on the mat.  Danielson works the wrist again.  Aries tags in and applies a side headlock.  Sabin uses his quickness to get out.  Side headlock by Aries.  Hip toss and arm drag from Sabin.

Aries and Sabin trade headscissors on the mat.  Headlock by Aries.  Shoulder tackle by Aries, followed by arm drags.  Aries works on Sabin's arm.  Aries pulls back on the arm and tags Dragon in.  Dragon with a dropkick to Sabin's mouth for one.  Danielson with a knuckle lock on the mat for two.  Sabin gets back up and tags Shelley in.  Shelley with a right to Dragon's jaw.  Sabin dumps Dragon out of the ring, then dropkicks Aries to the floor.  The Machine Guns stereo dive to the floor at their opponents.

Sabin rolls Danielson back in the ring.  He measures Danielson with some punches.  A fist drop only gets one.  Shelley tags in and comes off the top with a double axe handle.  Shelley bends Dragon's fingers.  Sabin and Shelley bite Dragon's hands.  Elbow to the back of Dragon's head.  MCMG choke Danielson in the corner.  Sabin leap frogs onto Dragon's elbow. 

Sabin covers for two.  Chinlock to Danielson.  Dragon starts to fight back, but Sabin is able to drag Danielson away from the tag and he brings Shelley in.  Shelley back in and he covers for two.  Leg lariat puts Danielson down and gets a two count.  Double team from the MCMG gets a two count.

Dragon tries to come back with forearms.  Running knee to Sabin and Aries tags in.  Knee strike to Sabin's chest.  Sabin blocks the brainbuster.  Aries knocks both MCMG off the apron and connects on them with a suicide dive to the floor.  Aries sends Sabin back in the ring and gets two after a knee drop.

Dragon tags back in and kicks Sabin in the chest.  Danielson works on Sabin's arm.  He then stretches him on the mat.  Surfboard to Sabin by Danielson.  Aries comes in with a knee strike and Dragon covers for tow.  Sabin fights back.  Dragon and Sabin tag in their partners.  Aries and Shelley, stable mats, then bitter enemies, finally clash.  Aries gets some knee strikes in.

The MCMG double team Aries and Dragon.  Shelley and Sabin with another double team.  Aries and Dragon with their own double team moves on Shelley for two.  Dragon and Aries charge Shelley, but both miss.  Dragon with a flying knee strike out of the corner for two.

Shelley blocks Cattle Mutilation.  Sabin tags in and charges with an elbow in the corner.  German suplex by Sabin for two.  The MCMG miss Danielson.  Aries and Dragon apply their respective submission holds.  Aries has Shelley and Dragon has Sabin.  Knee strikes by Aries, elbows from Dragon and one minute remains.  Cattle Mutilation reapplied by Dragon.  Sabin is able to get a two count with under thirty seconds.  Dragon puts Sabin on the top, but time expires before he can do anything.  The crowd wants five more minutes.  They get it.

Aries and Danielson take control again.  Tiger Suplex to Sabin for two.  Combination elbow s and knees to Sabin and Cattle Mutilation is reapplied.  Aries holds off Shelley.  Sabin makes the ropes.  Aries tags in.  Dragon stomps Sabin, but Shelley knocks Dragon into Aries.  Shelley tags in and kicks Aries.  Aries blocks the shiranui.  Aries is knocked off the top rope and the Machine Guns with a Super Shiranui for two when Aries beaks the pin up.  

Aries gets two with a backslide.  Shelley avoids the kick to the head and gets his own two count.  Shelley and Aries exchange shots.  Aries rolls through a sunset flip and hits a dropkick for two.  Shelley and Aries block each other's moves.  Shelley hits a superkick, followed by Shellshock.  Aries makes it to the ropes, but is covered for two.  Border City Stretch to Aries.  Aries kicks Shelley in the head a couple times, followed by a Brainbuster for two with under thirty seconds.  Last Chancery is reversed into the Border City Stretch.  Last Chancery reapplied as overtime expires.

Age of the Fall run out to attack both teams as they try to recover.  Contra Code to Shelley.  Sabin and Dragon cause AOTF to bail.  Aries takes to the mic and wants to let bygones be bygones with Shelley.

Daizee is in the back and she has another suitor in Roderick Strong.

Brent Albright vs. Chris Hero

Hero attacks before Albright can even get in the ring.  Albright catches Hero and throws him into the guard rail.  Albright pounds Hero on the floor.  Hero goes into the steel barricade.  Albright rolls Hero into the ring and knocks him down for two.  Hero is crotched in the ring post.  Scoop slam by Albright, followed by an elbow for two.  Roaring elbow from Hero.  Hero goes after the eyes.  Hero continues with more shots.  Albright charges out of the corner with a clothesline.  He punches Hero in the head.  Hero with a Roaring Elbow.  He dumps Albright, who holds on to the ropes.  Hero goes to the floor and yanks Albright off the ropes.

Hero with more shots on the floor before rolling Albright back in the ring.  Hero chokes Albright in the ropes.  del Rey kicks Albright in the face and Hero covers for two.  Albright hulks up and goes for an armbreaker.  Hero makes the ropes.  Hero kicks Albright in the head.  Hero with a headlock to Albright on the mat.  Albright gets up and goes after the arm again, with Hero making the ropes once more.  Hero stomps Albright.  Hero avoids Albright's chips and continues the attack.

Albright hulks up again and hits an overhead belly to bell.  Another suplex sends Hero into the corner.  Albright places Hero on the top rope.  Hero blocks, but misses a big boot.  German Suplex by Albright for two.  Hero blocks a suplex attempt, then kicks Albright off the top turnbuckle to the floor.  Hero tries to make a cover on the floor.  Heh.

Hero puts Albright in the ring and covers for two.  Hero chops Albright and hits a leaping forearm.  Hero springboards right into a powerslam.  Hero with a blockbuster for two.  Hero ditches the elbow pad but is tripped on a Roaring Elbow attempt.  Hero avoids the 6-1-Knee, but his Roaring Elbow can only get two.  Albright meets Hero at the top and superplexes him off.  Half nelson suplex to Hero and Albright wins.


Your winner, Brent Albright!

After the match, Adam Pearce comes out and goes at it with Albright.  They fight all the way to the back.

ROH World Championship Match:  Nigel McGuinness (c) vs. Ruckus

Ruckus won a Rumble of Honor to win this title shot.  Nigel stalks Ruckus at the start and takes his opponent to the mat.  Nigel takes control of Ruckus.  The challenger is able to get away and take a breath.  Nigel controls the wrist.  Ruckus is able to escape.  Nigel with a headbutt to the gut, followed by a European Uppercut.  Kick to the back by Nigel for a series of two counts.

Ruckus is finally able to use his agility, and gets two with an enziguri.  Lariat from Nigel to slow the match back down.  Ruckus and Nigel fight for position on the top rope.  Ruckus hits a moonsault legdrop off the top rope for two.  Nigel blocks Razzle Dazzle by knocking Ruckus to the mat.

Nigel whips Ruckus hard into the corner.  He keeps Ruckus on the mat.  Ruckus fights back and kicks Nigel in the head.  Nigel bails.  Ruckus dives over the top, but Nigel avoids it.  Nigel shoves Ruckus back first into the barricade.  Nigel folds Ruckus in half on the apron.  Nigel throws Ruckus into the corner shoulder first, then folds him up in the corner.  Nigel with a short arm lariat for two.

Ruckus is put on the top rope and superplexed by Nigel for two.  Ruckus avoids the jawbreaker with a roll up for two.  Nigel throws him into the corner, then applies the London Dungeon for the win.

You winner, Nigel McGuinness!

ROH World Tag Team Championship Match:  Age of the Fall (Jimmy Jacobs & Tyler Black)(c) vs. Go Shiozaki & Naomichi Marufuji

Jacobs and Go start.  Go shows how much stronger he is.  Jimmy's chops don't do anything to Go.  Go goes for a chop, but Jimmy is quick to avoid it.  Jimmy avoids another chop and goes for the eyes.  Jimmy avoids a charge and kicks Go in the gut.  Go avoids Black and Jacobs and chops AOTF down.

Black tags in, but he is shoved into the wrong corner and Marufuji also tags in.  Black with a wristlock.  Marufuji reverses.  They trade more reversals.  Black knocks him down.  Atomic drop and stomp by Black.  Jacobs tags in and AOTF team to choke Marufuji for two.  Marufuji kicks back and tags Go in.

Big dropkick from Go for two.  Knee drop by Go.  He clubs Jimmy in the back, then kicks him on the face.  Scoop slam by Go.  He covers for two.  Marufuji tags in.  He goes to the floor and kicks Jacobs in the face, then hits a slingshot elbow drop for two.  He then steps on Jacobs in the corner.  Jacobs is laid across the apron and Go hits a knee lift.  Marufuji covers for two.

Go tags in and applies an abdominal stretch.  Marufuji assists.  Camel Clutch by Go.  Scoop slam and Go goes to the top.  Black blocks him long enough to allow Jimmy to get up.  Black tags in and starts stomping Go.  Punches to the head by Black for two.  Snapmare and neck snap off the second turnbuckle by Black for two.  Jacobs tags in and punches Go for two.

Chinlock by Jacobs and he applies the bodyscissors.  Black tags in and kicks Go.  Elbow drop by Black.  Black charges Go into the corner.  Go begins to chop back, but he is knocked back down.  Go blocks a charge, but jumps off the second rope into a dropkick from Black.  Rana from Go and Marufuji tags in.

Marufuji hits dropkicks on both AOTF members, then avoids the double team with clotheslines.  Leaping elbow in the corner to Black and Marufuji gets two with a suplex.  Dropkick to Black's head gets another near fall.  Black blocks the shiranui and Marufuji turns into a spear from Jacobs.  Black with a top rope splash for two.  Neckbreaker from Black gets two.  

Jacobs tags in and AOTF pound Marufuji.  Slam by Jacobs, followed by a top rope senton for two when Go breaks the pin up.  Black and Go fight outside the ring.  End Times to Marufuji by Jacobs.  Go comes in and kicks Jimmy to break it up.  Black knocks Go down, but is kicked in the head by Marufuji.  All men are down.

Go tags in and dives onto Jimmy.  Black tags in and punches Go.  Big boot from Black for two.  Go is put on the top rope and Black hits a superkick.  Go pops up and the two trade chops.  Go hits a running chop in the corner.  Go with a knee to Black's head for two.  Go with a suplex for another two count.  Jacobs comes in to try and stop Go, but he is pulled out of the ring.  Black makes the ropes to avoid submitting.  Go puts Black in the Tree of Woe and Marufuji hits a springboard coast to coast dropkick.  German Suplex by Go gets two when Jacobs breaks the pin up.

Marufuji and Go fight on the floor.  Go hits a moonsault on Black for two.  Go with a superkick.  He sets up for the Go Flasher, but Jacobs  hits a spear.  Go chops Jacobs and puts him on the top rope.  Super Contra Code, but Marufuji breaks the pin up.  Black with an enziguri to Go and a Small Package Driver for two.  Jacobs spears Marufuji to the floor.  Phoenix Splash by Black to Go and AOTF win.

Your winners, Age of the Fall!

Aries and Jacobs share a moment in the ring after running AOTF off.

Match thoughts:

I don't understand how the Briscoes, in Virginia, are curtain jerking and wrestling a competitive match with guys so clearly below them.  If they MUST open the show, have them beat these guys in three minutes, hitting all their big spots.  Pearce doesn't even have to enter the ring...just let Hagadorn get destroyed.


Primeau and Sterling was just there.  No real chemistry.  It was kept short, thankfully.  I'm of the opinion that Primeau should never win a singles match, though, so I'm biased.


Delirious and Titus had a decent match, but I liked them better as a team.  Delirious as a love sick puppy doesn't really do much for me.


Strong-Necro is the first good match on the card.  I liked that Strong couldn't keep hanging with Necro in the brawling portion of the match.

Just a fantastic tag match with four of the best wrestlers working today.  It was every bit as good as you'd expect it to be.  The Shelley-Aries stuff was particularly strong.  Who cares about the time limit draw when you get over 20 minutes of great action.  Definitely worth seeking out and watching more than once.

Albright and Hero might have looked better if it went on earlier in the show instead of after a fantastic match.  It's not bad, but it was overshadowed.

The championship match wasn't so hot.  It was more of a missed opportunity.  Ruckus didn't get a lot of offense and he could have been elevated a bit with a more competitive challenge.  Nigel looked good as always, but this was one of his weaker championship defenses.

The tag title match was a typically good bout, but it too was overshadowed by the fantastic tag match earlier in the evening.  Everyone gets their spots in, per usual in these scenarios, and there was a little suspense since AOTF was going to Japan after this.

While I loved the MCMG vs. Aries/Danielson match, I can't recommend this as must buy.  The first few matches are mostly uninteresting and the World Title match was mediocre for a Nigel McGuinness defense.  It's also a little shorter than usual.  If you are an MCMG fan, you'll definitely want to see their match.

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