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By Ed Shirreffs on 3/23/2009 10:15 PM

In this review, we take another trip back to August of 2008 for Death Before Dishonor VI in New York City.  It was a very well received show at the time, so we'll see if it lives up to the hype.  The card looks a lot stronger than the one presented in Manassas the night before.


Nigel McGuinness opens the show and informs everyone he is still the champion and still the best in the world.  He's beaten all the wrestlers they've sent after him, and now they send three at him at once.  It's elimination tonight and it will be no different from Nigel's previous opponents.


The Briscoes vs. The Vulture Squad (Ruckus & Jigsaw)


Jigsaw and Mark start.  Jigsaw gets the better of Mark and hits a Gory special early.  Mark and Jigsaw exchange arm drags, and then come to a stalemate.  The crowd is very hot.  Mark pushes Jigsaw into the corner and hits some charges.  Jigsaw avoids another charge, but Mark hits a springboard double stomp, then tags Jay in.


Jay and Mark double team Jigsaw.  Scoop slam by Jay for two.  Jigsaw avoids a suplex and tags Ruckus in.  Ruckus with a handspring kick.  Mark comes in and clotheslines Ruckus.  Mark dives over the top rope onto Ruckus.  Jigsaw then dives over the top rope onto the Briscoes.Ruckus with a moonsault off the top onto the floor.  The crowd is very hot early.  Ruckus puts Mark in the ring and hits a moonsault leg drop, but he is rolled up for two.  Mark throws Ruckus into a big boot by Jay.  Jay and Mark double team Jigsaw for two when Ruckus breaks the pin up.


Neckbreaker from Ruckus to Jay,  The Vulture Squad team to powerbomb Mark for two.  Jay catches Ruckus with a spinebuster.  Superkick from Jigsaw to Jay, but Mark hits a superkick on Jigsaw and the Briscoes hit the springboard Doomsday Device for the win.


Your winners, the Briscoes!


Sweet n' Sour, Inc. come out to the ring.  He tries to recruit the Briscoes into the fold.  The fans chant Sweet n' Sour, then boo when he tries to recruit the most popular tag team?  Hero gets in the ring and takes the mic and talks about his last trip to New York City when he lost to Delirious.  He wants to knock Delirious out tonight.


Chris Hero vs. Delirious


Delirious runs out and leaps over the top rope onto Sweet n' Sour before the match even starts.  Hero trips him and comes back in the ring.  He gets Delirious into the corner by going after the eyes.  Delirious headbutts Hero and gets a side headlock takedown.  Another headbutt.  Hero grabs the tassles and knees Delirious in the face.


Delirious counters with headscissors and charges Hero in the corner with the Neverending Story.  Hero tosses Delirious off a bulldog attempt.  Hero chops Delirious in the corner.  Hero with some kicks.  He drags Delirious into the middle and falls onto him with a back senton for two.  Elbow to Delirious' head.


Hero toys with Delirious and hangs him over the apron.  Hero with a Roaring Elbow for two.  Hero with more elbows.  Hero drops Delirious from the waistlock position and hits another back senton for two.  Hero throws Delirious and hits a leaping forearm in the corner.  He sits Delirious on the top rope, but his dropkick is thwarted.  Delirious with a rana off the top.  Hero catches Delirious, but he gets DDT'd for two.


Delirious clotheslines Hero, but he runs into an elbow for two.  Delirious avoids a big boot, but is elbowed more times, then booted in the face.  Hero with another leaping forearm.  Hero comes off the second rope, but he is headbutted by Delirious.  Panic Attack, but Hero avoids Shadows Over Hell, then hits a big Elbow for the win.


Your winner, Chris Hero!


Sweet n' Sour stays by the ring for our next match...


Roderick Strong vs. Eddie Edwards


Edwards with a wristlock.  Strong reverses and takes Edwards to the match.  Snapmare from Edwards, but Strong holds onto the arm and wrenches it back on the mat.  Edwards reverses the predicament.  Shoulderblock from Edwards.  Strong back with a cross body.  Arm drag to Edwards.


Edwards with some headbutts.  Chop in the corner to Roddy.  Inside cradle to avoid the 2K1 Bomb by Strong for two.  Stiff chops from Strong followed by a slingshot suplex for two.  More chops.  Sweeney interferes and Edwards charges with a knee strike for two.  Back elbow from Edwards for two.  Edwards gets the better of a chop exchange, then distracts the ref so Hero can get a cheap shot in.


Strong puts the brakes on an Irish Whip and comes off the second with a kick to Edwards for two.  Edwards avoids a charge and scores two with a missile dropkick.  Clothesline from Edwards for two.  Strong blocks a suplex and puts Edwards on the apron.  Forearm exchange between the two.  Strong knocks Edwards to the floor, then hits a baseball slide.  Leaping forearm off the apron onto Edwards.


Strong chops Edwards on the floor.  Forearms from Strong followed by a dropkick for two.  Strong with an enziguri.  Edwards returns the favor and gets two with a backpack chinbreaker.  Strong floats over the 2K1 Bomb and rolls Edwards up for two.  Edwards avoids a sunset flip and goes for a Lionsault, but Strong gets the knees up.  Another cover from Strong for two.  Lungblower off the second from Edwards and he slams Strong to the mat chest first for two.  Chinbreaker from Strong.  Kick to Edwards' back, followed by a gutbuster and half nelson backbreaker for two.  Sweeney gets on the apron and Hero hits an elbow to Strong.  Edwards with a Lionsault for the win.


Your winner, Eddie Edwards!


Sweeney sends Edwards and Hero to the back.  It's 2 for 2 for Sweet n' Sour, Inc.  Next up is...


NWA World Heavyweight Title Match:  Adam Pearce (c) vs. Brent Albright


A couple of quick lockups to start.  Albright with some shoulderblocks.  Hagadorn tries to interfere.  Albright ducks and Pearce hits Dempsey.  Albright back with a shoulderblock.  Big slap from Albright.  Pearce bails and stalls.  Pearce gets out of a waistlock and applies a wristlock.  Albright reverses.  They exchange pins.  Another slap from Albright.  Pearce returns the favor.  Albright slaps him again.  Slaps in the corner by Albright.


Clothesline out of the corner from Albright.  He measures Pearce with some punches.  Pearce is able to get Albright on the mat and takes a moment to regroup.  Shoulder charges in the corner by Pearce.  He bites Albright.  Headbutt by Pearce.  Albright is busted open.  Pearce with some punches to the open wound.  Low dropkick from Pearce, followed by a knee drop to the head.


Pearce with more punches to the head.  Albright is dumped to the floor.  Pearce keeps the assault up on the floor.  Peace exposes the floor.  Albright trips him and slingshots Pearce into the ring post.  Sweeney gets a chair and is ready to hit Albright, but Roderick Strong runs out and kicks him, then rolls Pearce back in the ring.


Albright hulks up and punches Pearce, followed by a big clothesline.  Back body drop from Albright.  6-1-Knee from Albright.  He puts the knee pad down and goes for the knee strikes.  Pearce trips him and applies the Figure Four Leg Lock.  Albright is able to make the ropes.  Albright fights back, but runs into a clothesline for two.  Powerslam by Albright for two.  Both men are down.  Right hand from Pearce, followed by a back suplex.  Pearce looks to the corner and goes to the top rope.  He comes off the top with a big splash for two.  Pearce quickly applies an STF.  Albright keeps his arm up on the third drop and reverses into a Crowbar.  Pearce makes the ropes for two.  Albright climbs to the top rope, but he is pushed off and into a table on the floor.  The referee starts the ten count.  Albright makes it up on nine.  Pearce pulls him in the ring and hits a piledriver for two.


Albright hits a Half Nelson Suplex, but can not make a cover and the double count begins.  Albright hits another half nelson suplex for two.  The two exchange punches on the mat.  They get up and continue the exchange.  Pearce goes for the eyes, but Albright hits a German Suplex.  He holds on and hits four more.  Albright covers for two.  Albright climbs to the top and gets a sunset flip.  Pearce rolls through, but is caught with a small package for two.  Albright trips him and applies the Crowbar.  Pearce tips and there is a new champion.


Your winner, and new NWA World Heavyweight Champion, Brent Albright!


The Briscoes are in the back and they remind the Age of the Fall they're still coming for them.  Rhett Titus shows off his camera.  The Briscoes don't appreciate it.


Claudio is caught in his dressing room.  He is not happy about being interrupted.  He looks to be fed up with the talk about him being unable to win the title.


Austin Aries vs. Jimmy Jacobs vs. Necro Butcher


Aries has to fight off Jacobs and Necro to start.  They get the better off Aries and start to double team him.  Aries dumps Necro from the ring and clotheslines Jacobs.  Suicide dive to Necro.  Aries off the top with a back rake to Jacobs and a side slam for two.  Aries punches Jacobs in the head, but he is send into the turnbuckle.  Aries slams Jacobs across his knee, then hits a twisting elbow for two.


Aries continues to fight both AOTF members off.  Jacobs throws him back in the ring and punches Aries in the face.  Headbutt from Necro.  Necro gets a chair, but Aries whips Jacobs into Necro.  Aries slaps Jacobs in the chest.  Jacobs goes after Aries' eyes and hits more punches.  Spear from Jacobs.  Necro comes in the ring with the chair and wants to know why he was knocked to the floor.  Necro accepts Jacobs' apology and kicks Aries.  Jacobs charges Aries as Necro holds him.  Jacobs elbows Aries to the mat.  Necro kicks Aries in the head, then gouges at the eyes of Aries.  Chair to the back from Necro.  Chair slam by Necro to Aries.


Jacobs goes to the top and hits a back senton as Aries is lying on the chair.  Necro goes for the cover, but Jacobs interrupts and takes to the mic.  Jacobs says Necro isn't here for him, he is here for Jacobs.  He tells Necro to do as he says.  He isn't here to pin Aries, he is here to hurt him.  Jacobs orders Necro to blind Aries.  Necro seems reluctant and Jacobs shoves him.  Jacobs goes at Necro's eyes.  Aries hits Necro in the back with a chair and tosses the chair to Jacobs before Necro turns around.  Necro doesn't seem happy and Jacobs has to get to his knees and apologize.  Necro punches the chair out of Jacobs' hand.  Jacobs repeats that Necro does as he says.  Necro finally turns on Jacobs and starts assaulting him in the corner.  Aries stays on the mat, but he smiles for the camera as Necro pastes Jacobs with a chair.


Necro gets out of the ring and walks to the back.  Aries gets up and hits a running dropkick in the corner.  Brainbuster and Aries goes to the top and hits the 450 Splash for the win.


Your winner, Austin Aries!


Daizee Haze is talking about having a month off to recover.  The Motor City Machine Guns come to the back and talk her up.  Pig Pen asks her if she wants to be the meat in a Motor City Sandwich.  They must have been shown something by Rhett Titus.  Aries compliments her smell.  Shelley asks her to MySpace him.  Shelley says she wouldn't be in a sandwich with Steen and Generico.  Sabin sarcastically says they have better builds, but they don't have a win over the Briscoes.  Shelley says the MCMG are taking aim at Steen and Generico.  Funny segment.


Danielson says that the title situation is less than ideal tonight as he wants to face McGuinness one on one for the belt.  He's beaten all three men, but in the last six months, all of those men have beaten Nigel as well.  The air of unpredictability excites Dragon.


The second half is about to start, but Delirious comes out dressed to the nines.  He takes a mic and asks Daizee Haze to come to the ring.  He very clearly asks Daizee to go out with him.  Before she can answer Rhett Titus comes out to the ring.  Titus takes the mic and say she couldn't believe Delirious finally had the gall to ask Haze out.  He says man to man that Delirious doesn't want anything to do with her.  Titus claims that Haze is used goods, then he takes off his pants to reveal an image of Haze emblazoned on the rear end of his tights!  Delirious clotheslines Titus and clears him out of the ring.  Delirious again asks if Haze will go out with him.  She takes the mic and says he is sweet and she's enjoyed teaming with him, but...she wants to stay friends.  She says "it's not you, it's me" and the crowd lets her have it.  She would have said the same thing to anybody.  She's got a lot of things on her plate right now.  Daizee leaves the ring and walks to the back.


Naomichi Marufuji vs. Go Shiozaki


The two trade wristlocks.  Go with a shoulderblock.  He stops from going under the leapfrog and chops Marufuji.  Arm drag from Go.  They come to a stalemate, missing superkicks and dropkicks.  Marufuji goes back to working the wrist.  Go applies a chinlock, but Marufuji turns it into a chinbreaker.  Kicks to Go's legs.  Go and Marufuji exchange forearms.


Go with a big chop.  Back kick from Marufuji.  He goes to the top rope, but he is chopped to the floor.  Go sends Marufuji into the ring post, then rolls him back into the ring and covers for two.  Charging forearm in the corner by Go.  He comes off the second rope with a knee drop for two.


Dragon Sleeper, but Marufuji quickly makes the ropes.  Dropkick from Marufuji.  He is about to go for an Asai Moonsault, but Go chops his legs.  Go drapes Marufuji across the ring apron and hits a running knee lift.  Go covers for two.  Go charges Marufuji into the corner.  Marufuji runs into a back suplex for two.  Go ties his legs up but Marufuji makes the ropes.  Go chops Marufuji across the chest into the tree of woe.  Running start and...a chop from Go for two.


Go is lifted onto the apron.  Marufuji slingshots over the top and DDTs Go onto the apron.  Marufuji whips Go into the barricade.  Running dropkick from Marufuji.  Marufji drops Go's head on the apron with a suplex.  Marufuji with a neckbreaker through the ropes.  He applies a chinlock on the mat.  Marufuji traps Go's left arm and twists his neck in the middle of the ring.  Marufuji dropkicks Go in the head from the floor for two.


Marufuji keeps Go from coming back.  He stands on Go in the corner.  Go chops back, but Go drives his face into the bottom turnbuckle in a sick spot.  Superkick to Go's head, followed by a back suplex for two.  Marufuji with chops in the corner.  Marufuji leaps into the corner, but Go shows fighting spirit and takes down Marufuji.  Low dropkick from Marufuji, but Go with a shoulder tackle.  Go with some chops, followed by a couple of running chops in the corner, then a charging knee.  Go to the top and he hits a knee drop for two.  Dropkick from Marufuji.  He charges in the corner, then hits a Russian Leg Sweep to send Go's head into the corner.  Charging knee to the back of Go's head, followed by a Mindflip for two.  Marufuji twists Go's neck and hits a superkick for two.


Go blocks the shiranui and hits a Fisherman's Buster for two.  Dragon Sleeper by Go.  Marufuji is powerbombed in the corner.  Sleeper hold by Go, into a Dragon Sleeper.  Go turns him over for an inverted Dragon Sleeper.  Marufuji makes the ropes to break the hold.  Marufuji with a superkick and a shiranui to the floor.  Whoa.


Marufuji with a springboard kick for two.  He goes for another shiranui, but Go blocks and chops him back to the mat.  Marufuji covers Go for two.  Superkick by Go.  Suplex into a powerbomb for two.  Marufuji blocks another one and hits the shiranui, but he can't make the cover.  Marufuji blocks a charge and kicks Go in the head.  Clothesline by Go.  He blocks a superkick.  Marufuji stomps Go's head to the canvas, then kicks him in the back of the head for two.  Chop and superkick exchange.  Marufuji with a Fisherman's Suplex into a sit out piledriver for the win.


Your winner, Naomichi Marufuji!


Black with an enigmatic promo in the back about his title shot.


Motor City Machine Guns vs. Kevin Steen and El Generico


Generico and Sabin start things off with some reversals and a standoff.  Shelley tags in.  He gets the better of Generico and applies a bow and arrow.  Headscissors takedown and spinning heel kick from Generico.  He applies a chinlock, but Shelley bites his finger.  Sabin tags in with a quick double team.


Generico backs Sabin into his corner and tags Steen in.  Sabin ducks a chop.  Side headlock by Sabin.  They meet in the middle and neither budges (even though Steen is a lot bigger).  Steen finally knocks Sabin down, but is caught with a headscissors takedown.  Sabin throws Steen into Shelley's boots.  Steen avoids it a second time and throws Sabin into Shelley's boots.  He ties Shelley up in the ropes and gives him an enziguri.  Sabin is thrown into Generico's boot and they show off a double team, the drop toe hold/front flip leg drop combo for two.


Steen comes back in and chops Sabin.  Steen and Shelley blow snot and spit at each other.  Gross.  Generico tags in and works over Sabin in the corner.  Generico covers for one.  MCMG come back and double team Generico.  Steen comes in, but he is kicked in the head by Shelley and dumped from the ring.  Sabin covers Generico for two.  MCMG team to dropkick Steen back to the floor, then give Generico a kick to his front and back for two.


Shelley tags in with a double axe handle off the top.  Shelley ties Generico's tassels in the ropes and kicks him in the head.  Double team spinebuster from the MCMG, followed by a nasty double team bulldog for two when Steen breaks up the pin.  Generico tries to slap back, but he is clotheslined.


Double team suplex from the MCMG, followed by leg drops in quick succession.  Sabin turns Generico over and twists his back.  The MCMG choke Generico in the corner with their boots.  Shelley comes in and wrenches back on Generico's fingers.  Shelley keeps Generico down and taunts Steen.  Generico fights off the MCMG by crotching Sabin into Shelley.  He kicks off Shelley, but Sabin pulls Steen off the apron before the tag can be made.  Generico dumps Shelley to the floor and makes the tag to Steen.


Steen in with a back body drop to Sabin.  He kicks the bottom rope into Shelley's groin, then clotheslines the MCMG.  Steen puts Sabin in the backpack and jumps back first onto Shelley.  Steen slams Sabin to the mat for two.  Shelley sacrifices himself for Sabin, but Sabin still gets powerbombed.  Shelley breaks up the Sharpshooter.  Steen applies it again and Generico dives over the top rope onto Shelley.  Sabin makes the ropes.  Sabin meets Steen at the turnbuckles and kicks Generico.  Shelley steps up on Sabin's back and gives Steen a chinbreaker off the top.  Sabin gives Generico a crucifix powerbomb onto Steen in the corner.


Shelley and Sabin stereo kick Generico for a two count.  Generico fights off the MCMG again.  Scoop piledriver to Shelley.  Yakuza Kick to Shelley in the corner, followed by another one for Sabin.  Sabin comes back with his own Yakuza Kick, but Steen comes back in and drops Sabin's head on his knee.  Steen and Generico climb to the top in opposite corners.  Sabin gets his knees up on the Swanton attempt and Shelley crotches Generico.  Shelley with a Kryptonite Krunch to Steen for two.


Sabin climbs to the top and puts Generico on his back.  Generico fights him off, but Shelley kicks him in the back of the head.  Sabin gives Generico a rana off the top onto Steen.  Shelley goes to the top and hits a frog splash for two.  Generico fights off a double team and Steen hits a cannonball splash on Sabin before putting him in the Sharpshooter.  BRAAIINNBUSSTAHHH by Generico to Shelley and Steen makes Sabin tap in the middle of the ring.


Your winners, Kevin Steen and El Generico!


The Briscoes are still celebrating in the back.  They talk about going back to their roots.  Daziee Haze comes up to join them, but they can hardly look at her due to what they had seen earlier.


Steen and Generico talk about their win in the back.  Steen isn't happy about just one big victory.  He wants more.


ROH World Championship Match:  Nigel McGuinness (c) vs. Claudio Castagnoli vs. Bryan Danielson vs. Tyler Black


This is a Four Way Elimination Match.  Nigel and Dragon shake before the match.  Nigel's three opponents then corner him and back him off to the apron.  Claudio and Dragon are the first two in the match.  Claudio and Dragon mat wrestler.  Neither gets the better of the other.  Claudio does get the better of a test of strength.  Dragon escapes and takes Claudio down, but Castagnoli makes the ropes.


Side headlock by Danielson.  McGuinness with the blind tag.  He clotheslines Dragon.  Black makes a blind tag and dropkicks Nigel.  Claudio and Black take turns diving out of the ring.  Nigel comes in and punches Black in the back before scoring with a hard irish whip in the corner.  Black goes for a dropkick, but backflips to land on his feet.  Back body drop by Black.


Nigel tags Danielson in.  They tussle around, then break in the corner.  Danielson with repeated kicks to the chest and stomps.   McGuinness makes the tag when it's to his advantage again.  Black fights back and Nigel tags in Claudio.  Claudio comes in and gets two with a roll up, then hits a gutwrench suplex.  Black blocks another suplex and gives Claudio a back elbow.  Knee drop from Black.  He sends Claudio into the corner and punches away.  Nigel tags Black out and gives Castagnoli a dropkick for two.  Claudio with a springboard European and Nigel tags Danielson in.  Claudio bridges Dragon to the mat.  Dragon and Nigel trade shots.  Spin kick by Danielson.  Claudio shoves him off and Black tags back in.


Black with a clothesline in the corner and neck snap off the second rope for two.  Nigel again sneaks in.  He throws Claudio into the corner and delivers a back body drop.  Dragon kick by Nigel.  Claudio punches back and knocks Nigel down with a European.  Nigel looks to tag out, but Dragon gets off the apron.  Claudio with a series of European Uppercuts.  Nigel is slammed to the mat for two.  Claudio hits the Alpamare Waterslide for two.


Black comes in and dropkicks Claudio from the ring.  Nigel dumps Black from the ring.  Dragon off the top with a missile dropkick.  Nigel bails and Claudio comes from behind with a German, but Nigel lands on his feet.  Claudio with a sunset flip for two.  Castagnoli puts Dragon in the Torture Rack.  Black runs in and kicks Claudio in the head.


Nigel runs and in gives Black a DDT.  He goes for a lariat on Dragon, but ends up taking a German Suplex and all men are down.  Black and Claudio get up and trade shots.  Dragon gives Nigel forearms in the corner.  Black suplexes Claudio and goes to the top.  Nigel escapes Dragon and crotches Black.  He goes for the Tower of London, but he is pushed off into a running leg lariat from Dragon.


Dragon applies Cattle Mutilation to Nigel.    Black goes to the top and hits a cross body on Claudio for two.  Danielson with elbows to Nigel.  Claudio gives Dragon a German Suplex for two to break the elbows up.  Black with a Lionsault on Claudio for two.  Black blocks a charge from Claudio, but Claudio hits a step up enziguri.  Danielson locks the Triangle Choke in on Castagnoli.  Claudio makes the ropes.  Nigel puts Black on the top rope and hits a lariat.  Black spills to the floor.


Dragon peppers Nigel, but he goes down to a clothesline for two.  Dragon ducks a clothesline and forces Nigel to the floor with a charging clothesline.  Dragon sends Nigel into the crowd with a baseball slide.  Dragon springboards off the top rope into the crowd on top of Nigel.  Dragon comes off the top at Claudio, but he is caught in the Big Swing.  Danielson counters with a roll up for two.  Dragon and Claudio exchange European Uppercuts.  Claudio with a pump up European for two, but Dragon quickly counters with his own roll up to eliminate Castagnoli.


Claudio Castagnoli is eliminated.


Claudio isn't happy about it.  Dragon tries to make peace and offers his hand.  Claudio accepts, but then turns around and hits a bicycle kick, followed by a Ricola Bomb.  Nigel looks positively giddy.  Heh.  Claudio mounts Dragon and punches him before other wrestlers and security come out to take him away.  Claudio grabs a chair and sits it on Dragon's head before stomping on it.  The wrestlers and security swarm Claudio as Nigel gets up to take advantage.  Nigel picks up Danielson, who is dead weight, and hits a lariat to eliminate him.


Bryan Danielson is eliminated.


Black and Nigel remain.  Black gets back into it by hitting a springboard clothesline.  He charges with a forearm, then flips back into the ring with a kick.  Neckbreaker gets two.  Black climbs to the top and misses a frog splash.  Nigel covers for two.  Nigel and Black jockey for position on the top rope.  Black shoves Nigel off and hits a frog splash for two.


DDT by Nigel for two.  Cobra Clutch into a lariat for two.  Nigel hits the Tower of London for another two count.  Nigel and Claudio exchange forearms.  Black dropkicks Nigel, avoids the Jawbreaker, then powerbombs Nigel into the corner before hitting a DDT for two.  Nigel blocks a charge and goes to the top, but Black catches him and goes to the top as well.  Superplex by Black right into Paroxysm for two.


Superkick by Black for another near fall.  Chinbreaker by Nigel, followed by a lariat for two.  Nigel goes for London Dungeon, then another Jawbreaker, but Black connects with God's Last Gift for two.  Black goes to the top rope, but misses a Phoenix Splash.  Lariat by Nigel for two.  Nigel puts Black up for another Tower of London.  He nails it and comes back with a European Uppercut, followed by another lariat, but Black yet again kicks out.  Nigel avoids a charge, kicks Black in the back, then clotheslines him to the mat.  He sits Black on the top, but Black avoids the lariat.  He springboards right into a Lariat, but Nigel still can't put him away.  Nigel traps the arm and cinches in London Dungeon.  Black escapes with a roll up for two, then kicks Nigel in the back of the head.  He comes off the ropes, but Nigel hits a lariat, and follows it quickly with a second for the win.


Your winner, Nigel McGuinness!


Match thoughts:


This is how you use the Briscoes to open a show.  If they aren't the main event, they should be getting a quick win to get the crowd hot.  Poor Ruckus.  Fighting for the World Title one night, curtain jerking and losing the next.


Very good match from Hero and Delirious.  It was quick, so it didn't get stale like both of the wrestlers' matches tend to do when they go more than ten minutes or so.  It looks better when Hero is actually putting people down in a convincing manner as he did here.


Another quick, entertaining match.  It's under forty minutes in and we have three matches finished.  Edwards showed a lot of fire and looked crisp.  Strong loses nothing since Hero interfered.


This was the best Adam Pearce match I've ever seen.  Both men put a lot of effort into the fight and put together a dramatic match.  The crowd added a lot to it, as well, and really popped for the title change.


The three way bout was terrific from a storyline perspective and did a great job of getting Necro to turn his back on Jacobs.  There's not much from a wrestling perspective, but the story more than makes up for that.


Marufuji and Go put together a fantastic match.  So many highlights here.  It begs to be seen again.  Marufuji is easily my favorite of the NOAH guys that come into the company.


The big MCMG/Steen and Generico tag match was pretty much a showcase for the MCMG in the losing effort.  Generico did what he does best and bumped his rear end off for the hot tags.  It wasn't as good as the MCMG match against Aries/Danielson, but the finish is as good as you'll see in any tag match.


Fantastic main event, with Claudio finally turning heel again.  He was so stale as a face that he needed the change badly.  Nigel once again makes Tyler Black look like a million bucks.  Plenty of great wrestling here.


Overall, this is a tremendous show, one of the best ROH had run in 2008 up to that point.  There isn't one bad match on the show.  The first half goes by quickly and is entertaining, then the second is propped up by excellent wrestling.  This is easily a must buy show.  Any wrestling fan should have this in their collection.  Even the backstage vignettes were by and large entertaining and served a greater purpose.


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