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By Ed Shirreffs on 4/4/2009 11:20 PM

On November 8, 2008, Ring of Honor held Bound by Hate in Markham, Ontario.  The DVD opens with the audience being told of the then new 20 count rule on the floor.  Some boo the announcement.  I thought it was long overdue.  Too many undercard matches felt similar because the action spilled to the crowd for minutes at a time.  That's something that should be rarely done.  It also keeps the action around a ring for everyone to see, so a live crowd should cheer that.  I digress.

Jerry Lynn vs. Davey Richards

Lynn gets the better to start, but he is kicked hard in the arm by Richards.  Richards works the arm, but Lynn reverses and takes him to the mat.  Roll up for two by Lynn.  Arm drag to Richards.  Kick to the chest by Richards.  The two meet in the middle with shoulderblocks.  Richards spits in Lynn's face.  Lynn with a headscissors takedown, dropkick, and a somersault off the apron to knock Richards down to the floor.

Lynn to the top with a cross body for two.  Davey gets off Lynn's shoulders, but Lynn counters a DR Driver attempt with a roll up for two.  Lynn avoids chops in the corner.  Running knee to Lynn's gut by Richards.  Back suplex by Richards for two.  Richards' second kick to Lynn's chest is caught and Jerry hits a Dragon Screw, then applies a Shaprshooter.  Curb Stomp from Lynn.

Richards back with a kick, followed by a snap suplex.  Clothesline by Richards for two.  Headscissors on the mat by Richards.  Lynn escapes, but misses an elbow drop.  Richards drives Lynn chest first into the turnbuckle, then dropkicks him in the back for two.  Snapmare and kick to the chest by Richards for another two count.

Lynn blocks the DR Driver again.  Forearm and headbutt by Richards.  Lynn with a back body drop and dropkick.  Lynn puts Richards on the top rope and scores two with a top rope rana.  Richards and Lynn trade near falls.  Chinbreaker by Davey.  Lynn avoids a kick, but walks into the Alarm Clock, followed by a DR Driver.

Your winner, Davey Richards!

Age of the Fall (Delirious & Brodie Lee) vs. Kenny King & Rhett Titus

Delirious runs right out, but King quickly takes advantage.  King with a charging clothesline in the corner.  Delirious goes for Titus, then turns around into a spinebuster.  Brodie Lee tags in.  Nigel joins for commentary at this point.  Lee shoves King into the corner.  King shows off with some pushups.  Lee shoves him down again during a collar and elbow.

King with a kick to the gut and side headlock.  Lee powers him down to the mat.  Lee with a wristlock into a side headlock.  Lee runs through a chop and knocks King down with a shoulderblock.  Scoop slam by Lee.  King goes for the eyes.  Lee back with belly to belly suplexes to King and Titus.  Delirious gets some shots in on Titus.  Lee works over Titus.  Delirious with a blind tag.  He comes in and fires away on Titus.  Back and front rakes.  Titus back with a punch to the mid section.  King interferes and clotheslines Delirious.  King in with some blows to Delirious for one.

Suplex by King, who rolls over and mounts Delirious with some punches for one.  Titus in with a thrust into a headbutt to Delirious for two.  Snap suplex by Titus.  King tags in and stomps Delirious.  Springboard leg drop for two on Delirious.  Titus tags back in and they work on Delirious in the corner.  Delirious tries to fight out of the corner.  Delirious with a claw to the crotch.  King in to break it up with a kick.

King tags in and punches Delirious.  Delirious catches a kick, but King with a Pele Kick for two when Lee breaks it up.  Titus tags in.  Delirious comes back with a clothesline and tags in Lee, who cleans house.  Titus and King whip Lee into the corner, but both miss charges.  Lariat to Titus and a Big Boot to King.  Spinning side slam to King for two.  Delirious tags in and slams Titus to the mat, then fires away with punches.  King knocks down Lee on the floor, then avoids a Big Boot.  As Lee is caught on the ropes, King kicks him.  He turns around and is slammed to the mat by Delirious.  Panic Attack to King.  Shadows Over Hell and Delirious gets off King when he sees Titus.  Delirious chases Titus to the back.  Lee follows to try and get his partner.  We have our first winner by count out.

Your winners, Kenny King & Rhett Titus!

Grizzly Redwood cuts a promo in the back.

Roderick Strong & Erick Stevens vs. Sweet n' Sour, Inc. (Go Shiozaki & Eddie Edwards)

Strong and Stevens predictably run right into the ring and take down their opponents with early power moves.  Stevens and Strong double team Go.  Edwards fights off a double team and Strong kicks Stevens.  Go and Eddie charge Stevens in the corner, then double team him for two.  Stevens gets a couple chops in, but Go blocks a third and takes him to the mat.

Go dumps Stevens from the ring and lets Edwards get some shots in.  Go covers for two.  Go charges with a knee in the corner to Stevens, then tags Edwards in.  Edwards works Stevens' arm and keeps him on the mat.  Tag to Go and Go pounds on Stevens on the apron.  Go continues the assault with chomps and chokes before bringing Edwards back in.  Stevens briefly fights back, but Edwards keeps him down by going after the arm.  Go back in and he keeps zeroing in on the arm.  Stevens tries to top back, but Go takes him to the mat and wrenches back on the arm.  Go slams the arm on the mat a couple times, then hits a knee drop on it.  Go misses a knee drop out of the corner and Stevens goes to tag in Strong, but Edwards interferes.  Stevens still fights back and lifts Go up before clotheslining him to the mat.

Stevens reaches Strong, who comes off the middle with a cross body to Edwards.  Chops and a dropkick to Edwards, leg lariat to Go.  Stevens and Strong team up on Edwards with charges in the corner for two.  Edwards blocks a backbreaker and slams Strong to the mat for two.  Go takes his kneepad down, but Stevens takes him out of the ring.  Gutbuster/lariat combo by Strong and Stevens for two.

Go knees Stevens in the face, then hits a running knee strike.  Strong knocks Go down with a forearm.  Go and Strong exchange chops, and Go gets two with a Go Flasher when Stevens breaks the pin up.  Stevens and Go exchange shots.  Samoan Drop by Stevens.  Clothesline by Stevens to Edwards.  Stevens with a Doctor Bomb to Edwards, but he immediately eats a Superkick from Go.  Strong with a big boot to Go, followed by a Stronghold on Edwards, who taps.

Your winners, Erick Stevens & Roderick Strong!

Dog Collar Match:  Jimmy Jacobs vs. Austin Aries

Jacobs jumps Aries before the ref has a chance to put the chain on Jimmy.  Jacobs punches Aries in the head and chokes Aries, also using the chain as a whip.  Aries blocks a punch and trips Jacobs to the mat.  Elbow drop and brief choke with the chain.  Jacobs runs out, then chokes Aries some more.  Jacobs whips Aries with the chain, then clotheslines him for two.  Aries gets up and knocks Jacobs to the floor.  Jacobs avoids the dive and then kicks Aries on the floor.

More whipping to Aries.  Aries punches back in the ring.  Jacobs stops ten punches in the corner with a low blow.  He chokes Aries again.  Jimmy stops the ref from putting the collar on him.  Jacobs ties up Aries in the corner with the chain.  Jacobs uses the dog collar to trap Aries' arms in the corner.  Aries is hit in the back with a chair.  Jimmy gets a mic and says this is the game he wanted to play.  Another chair shot to Aries, and he knocks the ref to the floor.  Jacobs asks Aries if it was worth it.  Aries with a low blow and he gets free of the corner.  Aries with a chair shot to Jacobs head.  Aries punches and spikes Jacobs with the dog collar.  Aries locks the dog collar on Jacobs and punches him in the face.  He wraps the chain around a cut on Jacobs head as the blood flows.

Jacobs fights off a brainbuster and bails from the ring.  He tries to walk away through the crowd, but Aries pulls back on the chain.  Jacobs tries to walk through the curtain and they go to the back, where Tyler Black interferes and attacks Aries.  Aries is put back into the ring and kicked in the face by Black with a superkick.  Jacobs tells Black to go to the back.  Jacobs gets two with the Contra Code.

Jacobs gets a chair, but Aries whips the chain at the chair to knock Jimmy in the head.  After a brief tug of war, Aries hits a suicide dive on Jacobs.  Aries wraps the chain around the top turnbuckle, then cracks Jacobs head on it several times.  Aries goes to the top, but Jacobs yanks on the chain to pull him down.  Aries slips under Jacobs legs and yanks on the chain for a low blow.  Jacobs blocks a brainbuster again and chokes Aries with the chain.  Jacobs applies the End Time.  Aries gets up and drives Jacobs into the corner.  Running dropkick in the corner to Jacobs.  Aries drags in Jacobs and hits knee strikes to the head.  The chain is wrapped around the throat and Jacobs taps to Last Chancery.

Your winner, Austin Aries!

Alex Payne vs. Grizzly Redwood

Payne with a side headlock, but Redwood back with various chops (get it?).  Chops to the legs by Redwood to knock Payne down.  Redwood goes to the middle rope, but Payne catches him with a dropkick for two.  Elbow by Payne to knock down Redwood.  Redwood avoids a charge and rolls up Payne for two.  Scoop slam by Payne, followed by an elbow drop for two.  Hot shot by Payne for two.  Chinlock to Redwood.  Grizzly goes back to chopping Payne and rolls him up for two.  Redwood pulls down the suspenders and gets ten punches in the corner for two.  Chinbreaker by Payne.  More chops to the knee.  Double axe handle to the chest for the win by Grizzly.

Your winner, Grizzly Redwood!

Bryan Danielson vs. Tyler Black vs. Kenny Omega

Dragon lets Omega apply a wristlock, then reverses with a suplex.  Black tries to attack, but Danielson fights him off.  Omega interferes, but takes a knee to the gut.  Running knee strike to Black.  Danielson somehow applies Cattle Mutilation to both men at once.  Black is able to make the ropes.  Very cool spot.

Omega and Black double team to suplex Dragon.  Omega gloats, but he is kicked in the gut by Black.  Spin kick by Omega to Black for two.  Danielson back in the mix with a European Uppercut to Omega and Black.  European sends Omega to the corner.  Danielson puts him on the mat and goes for the surfboard, then changes his mind and drives Omega's knees to the mat.  Leg Lock by Dragon.  Black comes back in the ring to break it up.

Black charges in the corner, but Dragon trips him into the turnbuckle.  Kicks to Omega.  Omega tries to fight back, but he eats a European.  Dragon flips to avoids Black.  Omega does the same to avoid Dragon.  He whips Dragon into Black, then hits an enziguri on Danielson.  Omega dives over the top rope to the floor on Danielson and Black.

He puts Black in the ring and dropkicks him for two.  Black takes Omega to the mat and stomps him for two when Danielson comes back in the ring.  Dragon with kicks that send Black to the floor.  Dragon works on Omega's arm for two.  Omega and Dragon exchange slaps.  Snapmare and kick by Danielson.  Black suplexes Danielson.  Scoop slam and knee to the face by Black on Omega for two.  Black keeps Danielson out of the ring by kicking him through the ropes.  Snapmare and stomp to Omega's face.

Omega punches back and hammers Black to the mat.  Omega leaps up and drives Black to the mat, only to turn around into a missile dropkick from Dragon.  Danielson clotheslines Black from the ring.  Europeans to Omega.  Danielson blocks an enziguri, then takes him to the ring with a butterfly and controls the arms.  Omega with a couple of two counts.  Lionsault by Black to Omega and Danielson for two.  Danielson bridges up with both men on top of him.  He goes for a back slide, but Black kicks him in the head.  Black kicks Omega in the head, then powerbombs Dragon in the corner followed by a big boot for two.

Danielson blocks God's Last Gift, but succumbs to an enziguri and superkick for two.  Black goes to the top rope, but Omega gets up and suplexes Black off the top.  Omega avoids a Tiger Suplex, but he eats a big elbow, then Danielson is able to lock in Cattle Mutilation for the win.

Your winner, Bryan Danielson!

Promo in the back by Aries about his war with Jacobs.  It all comes to a head in Chicago with an I Quit match.

ROH World Title Match:  Nigel McGuinness (c) vs. Necro Butcher

Nigel graciously offers not to kick Necro in the leg so he doesn't ruin Necro's future career prospects as a janitor.  The kick is that Necro can't punch Nigel in the face.  Nigel eases in and applies a wristlock.  Necro gets up and limps a bit.  Weak snapmare by Dragon.  Headlock by Nigel.  Necro flips him off.  Hip tosses and leg sweep by Necro.  Nigel with a cheap kick to Necro's knee.  Necro punches back and repeatedly drives Nigel into the top turnbuckle.  Nigel bails and Necro gives chase.  Necro grabs the ring bell and goes after McGuinness with it.

Back in the ring, Nigel resumes his attack of Necro's knee.  Necro punches Nigel off and headbutts him.  Nigel goes to the floor again.  Nigel grabs the belt.  The ref takes it away and Nigel takes advantage with a low blow for two.  He throws Necro out of the ring.  Necro whips Nigel into the barricade.  He sets two chairs back to back on the floor.  His leg buckles and he can't do anything to Nigel.  Nigel gets the ring bell and hits Necro with it.  Necro gets back in the ring before the count out can be called.  Nigel covers for two.

Nigel gets a chair, but the ref takes it away.  Nigel instead does the Tower of London on the chairs that had been set up for two.  Ankle Lock by McGuinness.  Small package by Necro for two.  Lariat by Nigel for his own two count.  Necro blocks a Jawbreaker with a punch, then hits a Tiger Driver.  At this time, Brodie Lee and Delirious come out to attack Necro, to cause the DQ.

Your winner, via disqualification, Necro Butcher!

Steen and Generico come out to help Necro Butcher by running off Delirious and Lee.  Steen puts over Necro on the mic.

ROH World Tag Team Championship Match:  Kevin Steen & El Generico (c) vs. The Briscoes

Generico and Mark begin with a lockup.  They take turns driving each other in to the corner for clean breaks.  Arm drags by Generico.  Jay tags in and kicks him.  Steen tags in and tackles Jay.  The two trade punches on the mat.  Front flip leg drop by Steen for two.

Generico tags back in and chops Jay.  Generico covers for two after a leg lariat.  Steen back in and he gives Jay a scoop slam.  Double team backpack senton by Steen and Generico.  Steen knocks Mark to the floor when he throws Jay into him.  Jay back with some punches.  Steen nocks him to the floor, but he is tripped by Mark.  Generico steps off Steen and leaps over the top onto Mark.  Powerbomb by Steen to Jay.

Generico tags in and chops Jay.  Forearms by Generico.  Generico charges, Jay, but Mark runs in and suplexes him.  On the floor, Mark slaps and punches Generico.  Generico goes into the barricade face first.  Suplex on the floor by Mark.  Generico is thrown into the ringpost before going back in the ring.  Mark officially tags in with a slingshot double stomp for two.  Suplex by Mark for another two count.

Mark with some knees to Generico's head in the corner.  Jay in with a back elbow to Generico for two.  Camel clutch by Jay.  The Briscoes fire away on Generico in the corner.  Double team chops before they toss Generico out of the corner.  Mark covers for two.  Mark applies headscissors on the mat.

Generico is able to make the ropes for the break.  Mark with a suplex for two.  Mark gets on Generico and applies bodyscissors to keep his opponent down.  Jay tags in and the Briscoes with a double team shoulder tackle.  Jay stomps and punches Generico.  Scoop slam and leg drop for two by Jay.

Generico blocks a couple of charges, then sends Mark over the top.  He goes for the tag, but Mark pulls Steen off the apron.  Generico fights off Jay and hits a headscissors takedown.  Steen tags in and suplexes Mark into the corner.  Cannonball splashes in the corner to Jay then Mark.  Steen hits a moonsault on Mark for two when Jay interferes.

Generico back in the mix to go after Jay.  Generico clotheslines Jay to the floor.  Mark dumps Generico, but Steen blocks a Cutthroat Driver.  Pumphandle neckbreaker by Steen for two.  Generico tags in and climbs to the top rope.  Mark counters the crossbody by hitting a dropkick on Generico.  Jay tags in with a Military Press into a DVD for two when Steen interferes and Jay gets up to avoid him.  Falcon Arrow by Jay to Generico for two.  Jay stretches Generico on the mat.  Jay with a superkick to Steen and a lariat to Generico for two.  Jay goes to the top, but misses the leg drop.

Steen tags in, but Jay gets the knees up on the Swanton.  Jay can't get the Jay Driller and Steen applies the Sharpshooter in the middle of the ring.  Mark sends Generico to the floor and attacks Steen, who refuses to let go, even after a couple of boots.  Yakuza Kick in the corner by Generico to Mark.  Mark springboards over Generico and kicks Steen in the head.  Mark kicks Generico down.  Mark climbs to the top, but Steen tags in Generico.  Generico goes to the top, but Jay comes in and puts Generico on his shoulders.  Generico avoids the Doomsday Device with a Victory Roll for the win.

Your winners, Kevin Steen & El Generico!

The Briscoes aren't happy about the result and they get into a shoving match with their opponents.

Ernie Osiris puts over his new broke, panhandler gimmick after the main event.  This is followed by some brawling, and finally, a promo by Jimmy Jacobs with blood all over his face and chest.

Match thoughts:

Opener was a good curtain jerk type of match, but it is hurt by a pretty poor crowd to start the show.  This seems like a bad venue.

The crowd seemed to hate the finish of the early tag match, but I like that they used the count out early on in the show to establish it.  The finisher also keeps the Delirious-Titus story going.  As for the match itself, it was good undercard tag, helped by some fresh faces in King and Lee.

The crowd finally came alive when the action picked up at the end of the match.  I don't buy Stevens as the partner getting beaten down, and he's a lot better utilized as someone who gets the hot tag and comes in to clean house.  Still, Strong and Stevens make an entertaining team, so the match is good.

Aries and Jacobs had a very entertaining gimmick match.  They both did a good job of not letting the dog collar get in the way, as it can sometimes do in this type of match.  Lots of violence, and Jacobs bleeds a ton.

Payne-Redwood is strictly filler.  Not much needs to be said about it.

Very fun three way, with all three wrestlers getting big spots in.  Better than most three ways at getting everyone involved.  During the match, one idiot called Danielson overrated several times.  I wish they'd throw people like that out.

The title match was not very good considering what we usually get from Nigel.  Necro was hampered by a bad leg and it showed.  Curious that Delirious and Lee, booked as faces in their match, interfere as heels.  Whatever.

We've seen both teams in better tag matches, and this match doesn't come close to the wars they had with each other about a year before this match took place.  It's entertaining, but ultimately, nothing memorable sticks out.

Overall, even though this show lacks a really great, blowaway match, I enjoyed watching it.  The new format works a little better for me, and the pacing is good.  As a standalone buy, I wouldn't recommend it, but as part of a sale, it's a good buy, and a great introduction to the new era of Ring of Honor.  It felt slicker than shows past.  MOTN and Angle of the Night honors go to the Dog Collar Match.  Another good chapter in the Jacobs and Aries feud.

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