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By Ed Shirreffs on 5/4/2009 10:15 AM

On January 17, 2009 in Edison, New Jersey, Ring of Honor held Injustice II.  The show opens with Rhett Titus, Grizzly Redwood, and Sugarfoot in the locker room.  Titus makes fun of Brent Albright, calling him a big gorilla, who is predictably standing behind him.  Titus has talked his way into a match against Brent Albright.

Next up is a promo from Larry Sweeney putting over the American Wolves.  The tee off on Bobby Dempsey

Rhett Titus vs. "The Big Gorilla" Brent Albright

Albright scares Titus into the corner and Titus begs off.  Titus slaps Albright in the chest then runs around on the floor.  Titus stomps Albright when he tries to get back in the ring, then shows off.  Albright with some chops.  Military Press slam by Albright.  Delayed vertical suplex to Titus gets two.  Titus is dumped to the apron, but he snaps Albright's neck on the top rope for two.  Titus slingshots Albright's neck into the bottom rope for two.  Albright back with forearms.  Titus blocks a charge for two.

Titus works on Albright's neck.  Albright gets to his feet and fires back.  Eye rake by Titus.  He bits Albright in the head.  Snapmare and leg drop to Albright for two.  Albright with a reverse elbow.  Back body drop to Titus.  Dropkick by Albright, followed by an Exploder Suplex.  Titus kicks Albright in the head and blocks a Half Nelson with a low blow, followed by a dropkick for two.  Albright comes back and hits the half nelson suplex, giving the Big Gorilla a win.

Your winner, Brent Albright!

Four Corner Survival:  Necro Butcher vs. Damien Wayne vs. Sean Denny vs. Delirious

Necro and Delirious waste no time in fighting on the floor.  Delirious goes crotch first into the ring post.  Denny and Wayne are fighting in the ring, but no one is watching them.  Necro with a chair slam on the floor to Delirious.  In the ring, Wayne with a dropkick on Sean Denny.  At this point, Nigel joins the team on commentary, which is always a highlight for me.

Wayne and Denny to at it on the floor.  Necro hits them with a chair.  Delirious back and he attacks Necro from behind.  In the ring, Necro comes back with punches and chops.  Delirious with a leaping lariat.  Denny finally comes in after making a blind tag.  He goes to kick Necro, but is caught and punched in the face.  Big Foot by Necro.  Delirious back in the mix with a tag and he snaps Necro's neck on the top rope.  Side Russian into the guardrail on the floor.

In the ring, Denny and Delirious go at it.  Delirious ducks a kick and gives Denny a neckbreaker.  Wayne makes the tag and covers Denny for one.  Scoop slam by Wayne and an elbow drop for two.  Wayne puts Denny on the top and goes for a superplex.  Denny switches it up and gives Wayne a release German off the top.  Necro breaks up the pin attempt and stomps Denny.

Necro punches Delirious as the latter prepares to get in the ring.  Necro with a rana off the top rope.  Wayne sends Necro to the floor and hits a slingshot leg drop over the top to the floor on Necro.  Cool move, but stupid.  Delirious with a cobra clutch suplex, followed by Panic Attack.  Delirious to the top and he connects with Shadows Over Hell for the win.

Your winner, Delirious!

Lumberjack sign ups in the back.  One guess as to who is excited about it.

In ring interview between Kyle Durden and Austin Aries.  I love Aries new porn star look, though he might want to give Joey Ryan some royalties.  Aries is told he owes everyone an explanation, but he thinks maybe they owe him one.  He explains that the fans reveled in the pain of Aries and Jimmy Jacobs as they fought for nearly a year.  They only care about their own self gratification.  He is done wrestling for the fans, the company, DVD sales, and snowflakes (star ratings).  He is wrestling for himself now.  He didn't feel satisfaction when Jacobs finally said I Quit.  He found satisfaction when he bashed Tyler Black in the head.  The fans chant Nigel, so Aries explains he doesn't want to beat Nigel, and he doesn't want to use his number one contendership at a B Show in Edison, NJ.  Can't argue with that.  He knocks Durden down.

Tyler Black, mic in hand, comes out.  Black thinks Aries is wrong and the fans in Edison deserve a title match.  Black wants to take Aries' place.  He gets ready to go after Aries in the ring, but Jimmy Jacobs jumps him from behind.  Jacobs and Aries get on the same page and start to attack Black.  Jay Briscoe makes the save.

Jay is tired of all the little bitches in ROH.  Jay wants to know what is going on with Aries.  He tells him he looks like a prevert.  He offers to fight Jacobs and Aries.  They accept.

Three Way Match:  Jay Briscoe vs. Jimmy Jacobs vs. Austin Aries

Austin and Jimmy try to figure out how to best attack Jay.  They finally get in and double team Briscoe.  Aries dumps Jay to the floor.  Jimmy off the apron with a double axe handle.  Austin Aries dives out of the ring, but Briscoe moves and Jacobs gets wiped out.  In the ring, Jay chops Aries.  He punches Aries and kicks him in the face for two.  Scoop slam to Aries and a leg drop.  Jacobs trips Hay and Aries applies Last Chancery.  Jacobs with a dropkick to Aries face.  Aries and Jacobs are face to face.  Jay drives Aries into the turnbuckle  Jay blocks a charge from Jimmy.

Blockbuster out of the corner to Jacobs for two.  Jacobs chokes Jay in the corner.  The double team continues, but there is dissension between Aries and Jacobs.  Jay takes advantage and tees off on both.  He drives both to the canvas at the same time.  Dropkick to Jimmy, clothesline to Aries.  Jacobs blocks the Jay Driller on Aries with the End Time.  Jay drives Jimmy into the corner.  Aries with a back rake.  Jimmy hits the Contra Code for two.  Jay prevents a double team and hits a double DVD for two.  Aries saves Jimmy from a Jay Driller but misses a corner dropkick.  He sends Jacobs into Aries with a spear, then rolls up Jacobs for the win.

Your winner, Jay Briscoe!

It is announced that Tyler Black will face Nigel for the title.  But you knew that if you read the back of the DVD.

Lumberjack Strap Match:  The American Wolves (Eddie Edwards & Davey Richards) vs. Roderick Strong & Erick Stevens

The two teams go right at it, wasting no times on pleasantries.  Strong and Stevens pound on Edwards.  Strong dumps him from the ring, but Edwards quickly gets back in before he can be whipped.  Strong dropkicks Edwards to the floor, but he again makes it back in.  Richards in and he gets suplexed by Stevens.  Edwards and Richards work on Stevens in their corner.  Strong in and he kicks Richards to the floor, where he is whipped.  Strong and Richards briefly trade shots.  Stevens tags in and gets suplexed by Strong and Stevens for two.  Richards knocks Strong to the floor, where he gets whipped.

In the ring, Richards and Edwards take turns working on Strong's knee.  Stevens makes a save, but the Wolves continue to hurt the leg.  Chinlock on the mat by Richards.  The Wolves send Strong out of the ring, where he is whipped again.  Edwards covers for two.

Oklahoma Slam by Edwards and Davey tags in.  He goes to the top, but is met by Strong.  Strong off the top with a superplex.  Both teams make the tag.  Stevens comes in and takes Edwards down.  Edwards avoids the Choo Choo, but he is slammed to the mat for two.  The Wolves are dumped to the floor and whipped.  Strong and Stevens double team Edwards in the ring for two when Richards breaks the pin up.  Richards and Stevens go at it.  Stevens catches Richards on a handspring and hits a German Suplex, then knocks him to the ring.  Strong dives over the top onto the lumberjacks.  Sweeney tries to interfere, but Edwards is still able to waffle Stevens with the chair for the win.

Your winners, The American Wolves!

Chris Escobar vs. Grizzly Redwood

Escobar with a side headlock and a takedown.  Redwood reverses, then he chops Escobar in the legs.  Fist drop gets two.  Low dropkick by Redwood, and he gives Escobar some axe handles to the back.  Chinbreaker by Escobar.  Kick to Redwood, boot to the face, and some kind of guillotine takedown.  Bison Smith saves us from this travesty and takes both wrestlers out.  Smith delivers a Styles Clash to Redwood right on top of Escobar.

Highlights from Lynn and Danielson's encounter at All Star Extravaganza VI.  It was good, not great, so let's see if they can top it.

Jerry Lynn vs. Bryan Danielson

They come out even after a collar and elbow.  Lynn pushes Dragon to the canvas, but Dragon maintains a bridge.  They trade pinning combos early.  Leg lock by Danielson.  He goes for a surfboard, but Lynn makes the ropes.  Snapmare by Lynn to escape a waistlock.  The two trade snapmares.  Tornado snapmare by Lynn if that makes sense.  Lynn maintains an armbar.  Suplex by Dragon and he keeps Lynn on the mat.

Danielson goes for a surfboard again and this time he gets it.  Headbutt by Dragon.  Snapmare and a knee on Dragon's throat.  Dragon catches Lynn in the ropes and kicks him, followed by a guillotine knee drop to the back of Lynn's head.  Dragon dives off the apron onto the floor on Lynn.  Missile dropkick off the top, followed by a running knee strike for two by Danielson.

Lynn blocks some suplexes.  Lynn with a leg drop that sends Dragon to the floor.  Lynn with a senton off the apron to Dragon.  Lynn goes to the top and hits a cross body for two.  Lynn gets tossed off on a DDT attempt, but counters a running knee into a half crab.  Dragon is able to reach out and get the ropes.

Danielson catches Lynn in a Triangle Choke and hits some elbows.  Lynn gets his foot on the bottom rope.  Lynn gets two with a powerbomb.  Dragon blocks a couple powerbomb attempts and hits a running knee strike.  Dragon gets two with a Tiger Suplex, then hits some elbows to the head before applying Cattle Mutilation.  Lynn struggles in the hold.  Dragon goes back to the elbows and Lynn is able to make the ropes.

Lynn is put on the top turnbuckle.  Danielson puts him in the Tree of Woe and hits a dropkick in the face.  Dragon blocks a sunset bomb and applies another Triangle Choke.  Lynn gets out and hits a DDT.  Clothesline and Cradle Piledriver and Lynn snatches the victory from Danielson.

Your winner, Jerry Lynn!

Recap of Nigel struggling to win against Tyler Black, and losing to him, in several previous encounters.

ROH World TItle Match:  Nigel McGuinness (c) vs. Tyler Black

Nigel attacks Tyler from behind and throws Black from the ring.  He chokes him on the floor.  Black slaps Nigel.  Nigel with a kick to the gut and he throws him into the barricade.  Black is thrown into the ringpost.  Black with a springboard dropkick that sends Nigel to the floor.  Nigel's shoulder is driven into the barricade.  Black chokes Nigel with his boot on the floor, then punches him in the head.  Scoop slam to the champion on the floor.

Nigel's shoulder is driven into the ringpost.  A forearm from Black puts McGuinness in the front row.  Black gets in the crowd and punches Nigel.  Springboard clothesline off the guardrail into the crowd.  Nigel takes the mic and says he's had enough.  He takes the belt and starts to walk to the back, but Danielson comes out says he defended the belt with a separated shoulder.  He threatens Nigel and forces him to face Black.

Black takes Nigel back in the ring and punches him, getting a two count.  Nigel with a boot to Black's gut, but the challenger keeps stalking him.  Necksnap off the second rope by Black for two.  Nigel is put in the Tree of Woe.  Black with a charging dropkick.  Nigel pokes Black in the eye and dumps him to the floor again.  Black blocks a charge on the floor when he gets the boot up.

Black slingshots over the top with a spinning heel kick.  Side headlock on the mat.  Nigel counters with headscissors.  Black gets out and dropkicks Nigel for two.  Nigel drives Black to the mat by the arm.  Black acts like an MMA fighter lying on the mat to protect himself.  Nigel with a dragon kick.  Nigel wraps up Black's arm with his leg.  Nigel pulls the hair to prevent Black from making the ropes.  The two trade forearms, but Nigel gets the best of it.

Nigel basically toys with Black.  Nigel applies a chinlock and keeps Black on the mat.  Black with a hammerlock to counter, but Nigel is at the ropes right away.  Nigel puts more pressure on Black's arm.  Nigel gets two with a forearm.  Nigel keeps on the arm.  Black fights back.  Snapmare and dragon kick to Nigel.  He steps on Nigel's jaw.

Nigel goes to the floor and Black follows.  Nigel with a kick, then he sends Black into the ringpost again.  Nigel throws Black over the top rope onto the timekeepers table.  Black is attended to by the referees and Nigel demands to be called the winner since Black can't continue.  Why hasn't Nigel won via count out yet?  Nigel says he will kill Black if he gets back in the ring.

Nigel covers, but Black kicks out.  Big lariat by Nigel for another two.  Black avoids a charge and hits a running big boot.  Back suplex by Black for two.  Black lands on his feet on the Lionsault attempt, then gets two with a standing SSP.  Black climbs to the top, but Nigel meets him and connects with a superplex for two.

Black counters a lariat with a neckbreaker for two.  Nigel with a Tower of London off the apron to the floor.  Black barely makes it back in the ring.  He hits a kick to stop a lariat, then climbs to the top rope.  Jacobs gets on the apron to distract Black, then Aries comes from behind to knock Black to the floor.  Aries hits a Brainbuster on the floor.  Lynn evens the odds by hitting a cradle piledriver on Nigel.  Aries and Jacobs attack Lynn, so Jay Briscoe makes the save.  The American Wolves, Roderick Strong, and Erick Stevens are the next ones who come out to interfere and the main event has broken down.  Danielson comes out and demands that all the wrestlers go to the back since this is an ROH Title match.  Jacobs doesn't listen and he attacks Dragon.  Lynn dives over the top rope onto the pile of wrestlers.  Brent Albright somersaults off the top onto the pile.  Dragon dives from the ring and into the crowd on the wrestlers.  The wrestlers fight all over the crowd.

We are told the title match will continue.  Black fires himself up and charges in the corner.  Nigel with a low blow, but Tower of London is reversed into Paroxysm for two.  Both men are on the mat.  Nigel ducks a springboard lariat, but gets kicked.  Black hits the springboard lariat for two.  Both men are down again.

Nigel with a lariat for two.  Nigel sits Black on the top rope, but misses the lariat.  Nigel hits a Tower of London onto the apron instead.  Both men are down on the floor.  They both make it inside the ring.  Nigel with kicks to the back, and he cinches in London Dungeon.  Black gets his foot on the ropes.  Nigel puts Black on the top again and connects with another Tower of London.  London Dungeon is reapplied.  Kick to the head by Black, but Nigel with a Jawbreaker Lariat.  Black gets his foot on the ropes.

Nigel mouths off to Black and slaps him.  Black comes back with his own slaps and we have a slap exchange.  Black rolls Nigel up for two.  Kick to the head and he gets another two count on the champion.  Black hits God's Last Gift, but Nigel kicks out for two.  Small package by Black gets another two.  Nigel avoids the Phoenix Splash and covers for two.

Nigel to the top, but Black meets him and throws him off.  Black with a Frog Splash for two.  Nigel blocks God's Last Gift.  Black counters a Lariat with the powerbomb into the corner.  Superkick by Black, but he is too slow to cover McGuinness.  The bell rings as Black goes to cover.  It is a time limit draw.

The result is a time limit draw.

Black is desperate for five more minutes, but Nigel tells him to kiss his ass after teasing he might allow the fight to continue.

Match thoughts:

Titus-Albright was standard opening fare.  It was nice to see something backstage lead to an opening match instead of two guys just going out there for no reason....

Four corner survival was interesting when Necro and Delirious went at it, but Necro was a little too happy go lucky for my tastes.  Wayne had a cool move to stand out, but Denny, with his gym shorts, looked too indy for a company like ROH.

I liked the promo segment and wouldn't mind seeing more of them on shows.  It has to be a good segment, and this one was.  I thought Black was a little pandering towards the crowd, but they like him.

The three way was a little bit contrived and predictable, so I didn't enjoy it as much as I might have otherwise.  Jacobs and Aries would make an interesting Odd Couple tag team, though.

The Tag Team Lumberjack was too much, and a little bit sloppy at times.  I also hate when matches are decided by wrestlers doing something completely illogical, like diving onto an opponent who is already being whipped.  No consistent action.

The Redwood-Escobar match didn't have any time for someone to really form an opinion, but I will anyways...I'm glad it was cut short.  It wasn't going anywhere, and Redwood's offense is too one note.  Smith interrupting to squash them reminds me of how WWE used to effectively bring in new monsters.

I don't know how to feel about Lynn-Dragon.  It was good, not as good as the last match, but I felt like it should have gone longer with more near misses for Jerry before he took a win from the much younger Danielson.  This match made it feel more like Lynn was on Dragon's level, which isn't the case in the story at this point.

The main event was another match that was entertaining, but it's something we've seen before, and it has a non finish.  I didn't like that they establish a twenty count, but Black was on the floor for over a minute, assisted to the back by multiple referees, but he can continue.  I think this is the infamous match where some intrepid fans had their stopwatches handy and it turns out that it didn't really go an hour.  There's no excuse for that if you want to do this finish.  They try to cover for this on commentary by saying something fishy was going on.  Nigel was funny in leaving though.

Overall, it's not good enough to recommend a buy.  The top two matches are fine wrestling wise, but we've seen them before, and on better shows.  This would make a really good two hour television show if it were edited down, but as a full length DVD, it's merely average compared to what they had been putting out.  I liked the show, but I didn't like it enough to tell you to spend twenty dollars.  If you would like to purchase, however, visit

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