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By ROH Wrestling on 3/13/2006 9:27 AM
March 13th: There will be lots of ramifications coming out of last Saturday's debut at the ECW Arena. The CZW locker room, armed with weapons like a weedwacker and barbed wire baseball bat, stormed the ring in great numbers and basically made BJ Whitmer their sacrificial lamb. The CZW wrestlers also spray painted over the ROH logo on the canvas and banners, doing about $3000 worth of damage. We have one message for you. The gloves are off now. Yeah we were having some fun with you before, but now that's all over and we are deadly serious. ROH returns to Philadelphia on April 22nd back in our Philadelphia home of the National Guard Armory. We challenge a CZW team to show up. This war is far from over.

March 13th: To entice CZW to bring a team to 4/22 we will even make the CZW fans feel like they are at home. Bleachers on both sides of the ring will be opened up. The side that is normally open will be the ROH side. The side on the other side of the ring will be for CZW fans. CZW will even have its own section on 4/22 and you can get your tickets now at, by calling 215-781-2500 and at Ticketmaster outlets. ROH won't even have the homefield advantage on 4/22. We've made the playing field level. Now lets see if CZW has the guts to send a team.

March 13th: We will have the reaction of Commissioner Jim Cornette later in the week right here in the Newswire. Cornette is scheduled to be in Philadelphia on 4/22.

March 13th: Two huge tag matches are already signed for the big 4/22 event when ROH presents its 100th show. ROH Tag Team Champions Austin Aries & Roderick Strong will defend the belts against The Rottweilers of Homicide & Ricky Reyes with Julius Smokes. As a result of last Saturday, AJ Styles & Matt Sydal will be faced with Jay & Mark Briscoe!!! We'll have much more on these matches in the upcoming weeks.

March 13th: There is now a huge sale on EVERY ITEM at If you spend over $50 on ANYTHING at you will get 20% off your order!!! This is a chance for huge savings and includes new items like Straight Shootin' With Lance Storm, clearance items like the $6 VHS ROH shows from 2005 and everything in between such as DVDs and more from TNA, WWE, FIP, SHIMMER, OVW, 1PW, IWC, BCW and more. Get authentic shirts from Japan, figures from lots of different promotions, books, ROH live event tickets and everything else at for 20% off, but act now because this sale ends on Wednesday.

March 13th: Just in case you missed it on the main page of, NWA World Heavyweight Champion Christian Cage will be competing in ROH for one night only. Christian will be wrestling at ROH's 5/12 show in Long Island at Sports Plus Entertainment. This will be your only chance to see Christian in a ROH ring and you can get your tickets now at as part of the 20% off sale. Christian will be faced with a main event caliber opponent that will be announced after the Wrestlemania weekend triple shot.

March 13th: A big one fall to a finish three-way has been added to 3/31 in Chicago. It will be Samoa Joe vs. Christopher Daniels vs. BJ Whitmer!!! All three of these athletes have issues with each other and this one will be intense.

March 13th: Irish Airborne of Dave & Jake Crist have earned more bookings in ROH as a result of upsetting former ROH Tag Team Champions Tony Mamaluke & Sal Rinauro last Saturday. They have now been signed to 4/1 in Chicago, 4/28 in Dayton and 4/29 in Cleveland.

March 13th: Full Impact Pro will be promoting one of its biggest shows ever this Friday when it runs in the wrestling hotbed of Orlando with a loaded card. The main event will see Bryan Danielson defend the FIP Heavyweight Title vs. Roderick Strong. Check for more info.

March 13th: The Newswire will be back tomorrow with new matches for 3/25 in Manhattan as "The Best In The World" converge for the huge tag team main event pitting Bryan Danielson & Samoa Joe vs. KENTA & Naomichi Marufuji