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By Thomas Clemens on 5/21/2009 9:29 PM

DVD Review: Jeff Jarrett - King of the Mountain
By Thomas Clemens

Jeff Jarrett. The founder of TNA Wrestling. He is a man who has been crowned a champion in every organization that he has been a part of. He is a man who was destined for greatness both inside and outside of the ring.  Jeff Jarrett is many things to many people. He is a wrestler, a promoter, a businessman, a caring and loving father, as well as -The King of the Mountain. His storied career and ascension to excellence is the focus of one TNA Wrestling’s latest and greatest DVD releases.

I recently had the pleasure of viewing this  home video release and have to admit that this DVD greatly exceeded all of my already high expectations. Having previously viewed and been pleased with such releases as “Kurt Angle: Champion,” “TNA Ultimate Matches,” and “The History of TNA: Year 1,” I did not know how the folks at TNA Wrestling could top themselves, but they certainly have.

Hosted by the King of the Mountain himself, Jeff Jarrett, this DVD release is broken down into two categories for easy browsing; Play, and Chapters. The story of Jeff Jarrett begins with his younger years and his family life, breaking into the business with his father, and his undying passion for the business that is professional wrestling. During the course of the DVD as Jeff Jarrett gives his point of view on various topics, there are several interviews with many other talents that have been in and around the career of Jeff Jarrett over the years. Insightful interviews are given by the likes of Dutch Mantel, Jim Cornette, Kurt Angle, Booker T, Vince Russo, Jeremy Borash and many more. Even TNA President Dixie Carter is prominently featured in this historic DVD, speaking about her memories of Jeff Jarrett and the creation of TNA. The stories that each of these individuals tell make this DVD a must have on its own.

Throughout these interviews, there are numerous flashbacks to many milestone moments and matches in TNA history. These matches are effectively placed and lend added emotion to the stories that are being told by some of those involved. All told, there are 29 matches included in this four disc DVD set. Among some of the matches are:

- Jeff Jarrett vs. Scott Hall
- Jeff Jarrett, Dusty Rhodes and the Road Warriors vs. Vince Russo, Low Ki, Chris Daniels and Elix Skipper
- Jeff Jarrett vs. AJ Styles
- Jeff Jarrett vs. Raven
- Jeff Jarrett vs. Kevin Nash
- Jeff Jarrett vs. Sting
- Jeff Jarrett vs. Samoa Joe
- Jeff Jarrett vs. Kurt Angle
and so much more, including title matches, Lethal Lockdown and the King of the Ring.

There are simply too many legends involved in these classic bouts to fully mention and give proper credit to. As a bonus, there is also classic footage from the Memphis days of Jeff Jarrett, showcasing his blossoming talent with his first television appearance, as a referee, as well as bouts against the likes of Hector Guerrero, Jerry Lawler and Cactus Jack, to name a few.

If history, real history, is interesting to you, then this certainly is release that merits watching again and again. The stories that are told through the 12 hours and 4 discs include Jeff’s debut in WWE, his time in WCW, the Monday Night Wars, his last night in WWE, the last days of WCW, life after WCW, the creation of TNA Wrestling, etc. And as noted previously,  no topic goes by without being discussed. Such great care and special attention is paid to the tragedy involving Owen Hart as well as Jeff’s personal life with his wife, Jill, and her courageous battle against cancer, that viewers cannot help but develop an emotional connection with a man so humble, loyal, and dedicated as Jeff Jarrett.

While this DVD provides twelve hours of Total Nonstop Action Wrestling entertainment, no doubt if you watch it as I did, the time will fly by as you will become immersed in the life story of man who is so much more than a wrestler. He is a man who has taken great steps to alter the course of professional wrestling for the good of the fans, forever. He has given so much of himself for so many people for so many years, his legacy, TNA Wrestling, will certainly live on forever. And as we, the wrestling community, sit back and watch these great things continue to unfold for TNA Wrestling and Jeff Jarrett, it comes with the highest recommendation that you make it a point to grab your own copy of “Jeff Jarrett - King of the Mountain,” to not only relive the great moments of TNA Wrestling and Jeff Jarrett, but to learn, realize and appreciate where this company and this man have been and where they are going.

Jeff Jarrett - King of the Mountain is available now in the PWInsider Superstore.