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By Wild Bill Brown on 6/25/2009 1:09 AM

DVD REVIEW:   YouShoot with SABU by Kayfabe Commentaries

    Nearly two hours of total honesty by one of the most hardcore wrestlers ever in the world, this latest edition of Kayfabe Commentaries YouShoot series is perhaps the best yet.  Although at the beginning you would think this would not be good due to the shyness and brief answers, Sabu eventually gets more comfortable and elaborates on more stories than he ever has in the past.  And don’t think that Sean Oliver is going to be easy on Sabu just because he is shy or will the fans who chimed in with dozens of questions.  Everything will be answered, nervously at first and more confidently later.  Sabu’s silence is never broken but today he will let you inside his world.


What's On The DVD’s?
     Listen to Sabu tell stories about breaking into the business under the training of the legendary Sheik.  From starting in Detroit and getting involved in FMW, Sabu then will share ECW, WCW, WWE and TNA stories of all sorts with you.  Listen to some great comedic as well as unfortunate stories such as the time he was about to sign a WCW contract but his mom has a heart attack before he could tell her.    Why is Kurt Angle a stooge? You want to know if those Tammy Sytch stories are true or not?  Why did he hate Chris Benoit?  How crazy glue for wounds was invented, sex, drugs, pills and weed rolling, this shoot has some crazy stuff that only the bravest can answer to.  Sabu breaks his silence and does it well.

The Verdict:
    Perhaps the best interview yet in the Kayfabe Commentaries series.  Sabu never has opened up like this before and due to the comfortable style of the interviewer here, Sabu treats us to some unbelievable stories that you will never hear from anyone else.


Overall Recommendation:
   If you like shoot interviews, buy this DVD.  Better than most out there And Sabu is a great and funny guest.

Final Thoughts:
    Sean Oliver continues to take this concept and still create more and more ideas within.  We’ve seen Sean pull out the bag of gimmicks before to get names in the past or use his bulletin board to associate names with things but now the latest creation is the YouShoot Roll-A-Joint Championship.  There is always something crazy and fun going on when Kayfabe Commentaries has a new video release.
Overall Rating: 9.4


DVD Reviewed By "Wild" Bill Brown