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By Ed Shirreffs on 7/6/2009 8:07 PM

It's been a little while, but the LSATs were calling me once again, but we're back with an ROH DVD review.  The show is Motor City Madness 2009.  The date is January 30, 2009.  The location is obvious.

Jay Briscoe opens the DVD by saying he is a good singles wrestler.  Mark Briscoe was out at the time.  He's upset at the lack of a title shot.

Bryan Danielson vs. Rhett Titus

A bit rare to see Dragon jerking the curtain.  Titus stalls for a bit.  Danielson takes him down, but Titus stalls some more.  Dragon imitates him.  Dragon reverses a waistlock and ties up Titus' legs.  Titus makes the ropes.  Wristlock by Titus.  Danielson with a dropkick and Titus bails.

Dragon invites Titus back in the ring.  Dragon with his own wristlock and he taunts Titus some more.  Titus applies another wristlock.  Dragon regains the advantage, but gets warned about his kicks getting too low when Titus makes like his groin is hurt.  Dragon pushes Titus to the mat and applies a surfboard into bodyscissors.  Titus makes the ropes.

German suplex by Danielson for two.  Danielson with a knee to the gut, but Titus makes like it was another low blow.  Danielson protests and Titus attacks from behind.  Titus gets two with a dropkick.  He chokes Dragon in the ropes, and he has until 5.  Elbow drop by Titus gets two.  Swinging neckbreaker by Titus and he tries to make Danielson submit.

Danielson escapes and throws some Europeans.  Flying clothesline to Titus.  Titus acts like he got caught with another low blow.  The ref has none of it.  Dragon kicks TItus into the ref, who accidentally gets hit with a low blow.  Dragon dives to the floor, then hits a missile dropkick off the top.  Titus blocks a charge and gets two with a Rocker Dropper.  Dragon blocks a Rude Awakening, hits a running knee strike, some elbows, then locks in Cattle Mutilation for the win.

Your winner, Bryan Danielson!

Austin Aries vs. Silas Young

Aries berates Young on the mic before the match, asking Young why he is doing this for the fans when he has a new baby.  If anything happens to him tonight, Aries promises to take care of Young's wife and baby.  Heh.  This sets Young off and he attacks Aries.  Aries bails and Young gives chase.  Aries avoids a dropkick.  Aries chops Young in the corner.  Young with a suplex for two.

Elbow to Aries gets another two.  Young with a somersault to Aries, but Aries takes him to the floor and pounces.  Aries covers in the ring for two, then steps on Young's face.  Aries slingshots Young into the bottom rope, then rakes his face across the top rope.  Young is choked in the ropes.

Young tries to fight back, but he is caught with an STO and elbow drop for two.  Young avoids a brainbuster and begins a comeback.  Young with a crossbody from the middle rope for two.  Young blocks another brainbuster, but Aries drives him into the corner and hits a splash to the back, followed by the corner dropkick for two.

Young back with a backbreaker and clothesline for two.  Young with a Finlay Roll, but he is caught with Aries knees.  Aries with a Hot Shot, Brainbuster, and Last Chancery for the win.

Your winner, Austin Aries!

Claudio is interviewed in the back.  He brags about going all over the world and says Albright doesn't intimidate him.

Necro Butcher vs. Brodie Lee w/ Jimmy Jacobs

Lee attacks before Necro can get all the way in the ring.  Necro back with punches and kicks.  Lee takes the punishment, but doesn't fall down.  Necro with some shots to the gut.  Necro dodges a big boot in the corner, then dumps Lee to the floor.  Necro somersaults off the apron onto Lee.  Necro attacks on the floor with a chair and one of the ROH signs on the guardrail.  Lee back with some punches.

Necro blocks a whip into the barricade and dumps Lee into the crowd.  Necro hits Lee with one of the section signs.  Necro throws a chair at Lee, then blocks Lee's tosses.  The two eventually get counted out, but continue fighting.  Jacobs joins in on the attack.  Necro throws a bunch of chairs at Lee.  Lee rolls Necro into the ring.  Necro punches him and Jacobs down.  Lee is set up on a table on the floor, but Delirious comes out to help make the save.  Age of the Fall beat Necro down.  Necro wants to fight back and punches some refs.  They brawl behind the curtain.

Jacobs talks about the chaos going on and invites Strong and Stevens to take part in some themselves.

Roderick Strong & Erick Stevens vs. Age of the Fall (Jimmy Jacobs & Delirious)

Strong and Delirious start.  Jacobs and Delirious stall on the floor.  In the ring, they avoid each other's moves for a bit.  Strong gets two with a leg lariat.  Chop to Delirious and Stevens tags in.  Stevens with some shoulderblocks in the corner and a suplex for two.  Stevens with a backbreaker and elbow drop for two.

Strong back in and he knocks Delirious down with a big boot, then whips Delirious into a diving Shoulder Tackle for two.  Stevens back in and he gets two with a Side Russian.  Delirious goes for the eyes and tags Jacobs in.  Snapmare by Delirious and Jacobs goes to the top, but Stevens tosses him off.  Stevens and Strong punch Jacobs.  Jacobs back with a thumb to the eye.  Stevens no sells Jacobs chops and hits his own, followed by a Tilt a Whirl for two.

Delirious distracts Stevens and Jimmy sends Stevens from the ring, then dives over the top rope onto him.  Delirious takes out Strong on the floor.  Delirious and Jacobs keep Stevens from tagging Strong in and work Stevens over for some two counts.

Stevens finally makes the hot tag and Strong comes in on fire against Delirious.  He avoids an AOTF double team and throws Jacobs on Delirious' knee, followed by a two on Delirious.  Jacobs pulls Stevens out and Delirious gets two with a Cobra Clutch Suplex on Strong.  Jacobs with a spear to Strong for two.  Strong gets out of the End Time when Stevens makes a blind tag.  Choo Choo and Samoan Drop to Jacobs for two.  Delirious hits Shadows Over Hell on Stevens for two.  Strong recovers and prevents another AOTF double team, then assists Stevens with a spinebuster on Delirious for the win.

Your winners, Erick Stevens and Roderick Strong!

After the match, Jacobs berates Delirious, but they leave together.

Claudio Castagnoli vs. Brent Albright

They trade holds and various locks to start, neither man getting a long advantage.  Claudio shoves Albright into the corner and tries to maintain a headlock.  Albright gets a quick one count.  Shoulderblock by Albright and he gets another one count.  Albright gets two with a crucifix pin, then controls the arm with an arm lock.  Albright gets two with a school boy and goes back to Claudio's arm.

Monkey Flip out of the corner by Albright.  Claudio shoves Albright off the turnbuckle and to the floor, where he takes over the match.  In the ring, Albright tries to fight back, but Claudio hits a gutwrench suplex as Sweet and Sour, Inc. look on.  Claudio whips Albright into the turnbuckle.  Albright gets caught in a back body drop for two.  Albright back with a cross body for two, but he is knocked down with a clothesline.

Claudio with a chinlock.  Albright escapes and hits a dropkick, but Claudio ducks a cross body and Albright takes a nasty spill to the floor.  Claudio gets a two count out of it and reapplies a chinlock.  Albright fights out again, but Claudio is able to toss him to the floor.  Castagnoli DDTs Albright on the floor and lets the referee count away.

Albright barely makes it back in and Claudio slams him to the mat for two.  Claudio toys with Albright, who gets back to his feet.  Albright with a powerslam and both men are down.  Albright with some chops and a back elbow.  Back body drop by Albright and he charges in the corner.  Release belly to belly followed by a backbreaker to Claudio.  Castagnoli hits a bicycle kick after reversing a whip in the corner.

Claudio slingshots Albright into the corner, but Albright catches himself and dives onto Claudio, then hits a Big Swing.  Sweeney comes down to distract Albright.  Albright locks in the Crowbar anyways, but he fails to break the hold at five when Claudio gets his foot under the rope.

Your winner by disqualification, Claudio Castagnoli!

Jacobs is in the back complaining about all the things that have gone with AOTF.  He tells Daizee Haze to get his message.  She claims she isn't scared of him.

Tyler Black vs. Jerry Lynn

The crowd is split on who they support.  Lynn gets the early advantage with a side headlock, but Black applies headscissors.  Lynn back to a headlock.  Black gets a side headlock of his own.  Back elbow and another headlock from Lynn.  Black tries to get some pins out of it to no avail.

Black escapes and applies his own side headlock.  More reversals by both men, with Black applying the side headlock this time.  Another headscissors by Black.  Suplex by Lynn for two, then a chinlock into a headlock.  Lynn with a headscissors takedown and he goes back to the headlock on the mat.  Cross body from Lynn, but he is hit with a dropkick by Black for one.

The two begin to exchange chops.  Black drops his knee on Lynn's head for one.  Back suplex by Black for two.  Black puts Lynn in the Tree of Woe and dropkicks him in the face for two.  Lynn tries to maintain a hammerlock on the mat.  Black puts Lynn on the top turnbuckle and tosses him off on a DDT attempt.  Lynn avoids a superkick, but is stomped in the chest by Lynn.

Lynn kicks Black in the head in the corner, then chokes him.  Black with a scoop slam and he starts to go to the top, but Lynn meets him and hits a rana off the top followed by a clothesline for two.  Lynn avoids a dropkick, then hits a guillotine leg drop in the ropes.  Black blocks a suplex and hits a DDT on the apron as both men go down on the floor.

Lynn whips Black into the barricade, but Black blocks a charge.  Lynn avoids a moonsault from the barricade as the count continues.  Both men barely beat the count.  Black and Lynn trade two counts in the ring.  Kick to the head by Black.  He misses a Lionsault, but hits a Standing SSP for two.  Lynn rolls Black up for two.  Lynn avoids the corner powerbomb with a two count and they trade more two counts.  Paroxysm by Black for two.

Black tunes the band up, but Lynn avoids his charge.  Black kicks Lynn in the back and gets two with a springboard lariat.  Lynn with a small package for two.  Pele Kick by Black, Air Raid Crash by Lynn for two.  Black catches Lynn on his shoulders and drops him, then hits a superkick for two when Lynn gets his foot on the rope.  One minute to go.

Black goes to the top, but is crotched by Lynn.  30 seconds to go.  Lynn gets two with a DDT when Black gets his foot on the bottom rope.  The bell rings and time has expired.

The result is a time limit draw.

Jay Briscoe vs. Nigel McGuinness.

This is a non-title match.  Nigel does shake Jay's hand.  Nigel works the wrist and Jay goes to the mat to try and escape.  Jay escapes with a headlock, but Nigel gets to the ropes.  Jay forces Nigel into the corner.  Nigel goes back to control the wrist.  Jay is able to avoid it.

Nigel pushes Jay to the ropes, but doesn't break clean.  Jay with a forearm to Nigel.  They trade forearms.  Leg lariat by Jay.  Nigel bails and Jay follows, sending Nigel into the guardrail.  Jay rolls Nigel back in and keeps the advantage by choking Nigel in the corner.  Nigel comes back and tosses Jay into the ringpost a couple of times.

Nigel sits Jay in the corner on the floor and attacks some more.  He kicks Briscoe as he tries to get back in the ropes.  Nigel stomps down on Jay's wrist and kicks him in the shoulders.  Nigel kneels on the arm he is targeting for two.  McGuinness bridges back on Jay's right arm.  Jay tries to fight back, but Nigel maintains control in the corner.  Jay with an Ace Crusher, but NIgel is able to go back to work on the shoulder.

Nigel slaps Jay a couple of times.  Jay slaps back.  Jay blocks a headstand in the corner and drives Nigel into the turnbuckle.  Clothesline in the corner and a big boot to Nigel.  Jay goes to the top rope, but he is crotched by Nigel.  Jay avoids the Tower of London and hits a DVD for two.  Kick to the back and clothesline in the corner by Nigel.  Jay blocks a charge and hits a blockbuster for two.

Nigel blocks the Jay Driller and nails a clothesline for two.  The two fight on the ropes in the corner.  Jay shoves Nigel down and hits a leg drop for two.  Nigel avoids a Jay Driller once, but Jay hits it on the third attempt for two when Nigel gets his foot on the ropes.  Nigel snaps the rope into Jay's face and hits the Jawbreaker Lariat for the win.

Your winner, Nigel McGuinness!

ROH World Tag Team Title Match:  American Wolves (Eddie Edwards & Davey Richards) vs. Kevin Steen & El Generico(c)

Steen wants to go right away, but calm ensues.  Steen and Davey start.  Davey goes to the floor early.  Side headlock, but Steen easily gets out and reverses.  Davey reverses again.  Steen and Richards meet for the usual spot both do where neither budges on shoulderblocks.  They trade shots and Steen bulldozes Richards.  Steen and Generico double team Richards and keep Edwards out of the mix and the Wolves regroup on the floor.

Edwards and Generico in next.  Generico blocks a back body drop with a kick and takes Edwards down with headscissors, then sends Richards out of the ring.  Generico teases a dive to the floor as the Wolves regroup again.  Steen comes in and the Wolves get him in their corner to double team him.  Edwards with a back body drop and he knocks Generico to the floor.  Weak cover on Steen gets one.

Steen back with a back body drop and he double teams Edwards with Generico.  The ref misses a cover.  Generico with a slam and standing moonsault for two.  Steen tags back in and teases the same move to Edwards, but he hits a senton for two instead.  Quick tag and Generico is back in.  Edwards with a shot to Generico's throat and Richards tags in.  Generico is too quick for Davey, who tries to call time out, and then spits in Generico's face.  Generico chases Richards and ends up getting sideswiped by Edwards.

In the ring, snap suplex by Richards for two.  Edwards tags back in and repeatedly charges Generico in the corner.  Gutbuster to Generico gets two.  Davey back in and he clotheslines Generico for two.  Chinlock applied by Richards.  Back kick by Richards knocks Generico down.  Davey tosses Generico to the floor, where Edwards attacks.

In the ring, Davey covers for two.  The Wolves double team Generico, including a diving headbutt by Richards, which only gets one.  Chinlock to Generico.  He is tossed to the floor, but is able to avoid the Wolves and tag in Steen.  Steen dives over the top onto the Wolves.  He powerbombs Edwards against the apron on the floor, then hits a cannonball splash in the corner on Richards for two.

Steen goes to the top rope, but misses a moonsault attempt.  Edwards, who has recovered a little too quickly, tags in, but Steen applies a Sharpshooter.  He resists Richards' attempts to break it up.  Davey breaks free of Generico and breaks the submission hold.  Edwards recovers to strike Steen.  Richards in, but his clotheslines have no effect.  Richards avoids the package piledriver with a back slide for two.  Wolves score two with another double team.

Wolves try to suplex Steen, but he fights them off.  Superkick by Generico.  Steen and Generico fly off the top onto Edwards for two when Richards breaks the pin up.  Superkick/German Suplex combo by the Wolves but Generico breaks the pin up.  Sweeney tries to interfere, but Albright runs him off.  Richards accidentally hits Edwards with a loaded boot and Steen covers for the win.

Your winners, Kevin Steen and El Generico!

Match thoughts:

Danielson can't main event every show, so I have no problem with him opening.  Titus has potential, however, so it doesn't make a lot of sense to feed him to Danielson, who will obviously win.  Decent match.

Aries in the lower card, too?  It's entertaining since Aries new character is so great, from his pre match promo, to all his new mannerisms in the ring, and especially to the porn star mustache.

The Lee-Necro match wasn't very good.  You get no finish, and it's nothing you haven't seen in numerous matches before.

Stevens and Strong make for a fun team, but Stevens is so much better when he is running around wreaking havoc.  He isn't believable as the babyface that needs to make the hot tag.  The match started slow, but built towards the end.

Castagnoli-Albright was starting to heat up, and Albright took a few cool spills to the floor, but it was marred by an awful finish.

Lynn-Black finished strong, but the beginning minutes are so boring with the rest holds and reversals.  It's just a sequence we see over and over again on every card.  The ending was predictable when they announced that the time was running out, but I give them credit for not going to the cliched "5 more minutes".

The McGuinness match isn't as good as Nigel is capable of, mainly because it didn't get enough time.  Both looked to be going through the motions a bit and it wasn't going to be special since the belt wasn't on the line.

Tag match was okay, but Steen and Generico's matches are pretty paint by numbers at this point.  They get the early advantage, Generico gets beaten down, makes the hot tag, double teams, pinfall.  This was no more special than your average tag match.

Overall, it's a middle of the road show.  Nothing is bad, but nothing sticks out as good or particularly memorable, which is normal.  It's probably a show you can pass on, but if it's in a sale, you wouldn't be disappointed.  Detroit shows, aside from the Wrestlemania ones, seem to have the bad luck of falling before PPVs, so nothing important happens since it's all saved for the next day, and that was the case here.

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