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By Ed Shirreffs on 7/19/2009 6:03 PM

On February 27, 2009, Ring of Honor held Eliminating the Competition in Danbury, CT.

Nigel opens the DVD smiling since he is still ROH champion.  He claims they've run out of challengers, so they are throwing three at him at once, but is confident no one is taking the belt from his waist.

Papadon vs. Bobby Fish

Papadon grabs the early advantage, but Fish reverses and suplexes his opponent to the mat.  Clean break in the corner.  The two trade more reversals as Fish gets Papadon to the mat with a side headlock takedown.  Papadon with his own side headlock takedown.  Fish applies headscissors, but Papadon gets out and they go with more reversals.  Dropkick by Fish followed by a Suplex for two.  Papadon begs off, then throws Fish into the corner.  Papadon runs into a kick for one.  More kicks from Fish.

Fish blocks a charge, but he is tripped off the middle turnbuckle and Papadon jumps on the opportunity.  Snapmare and Dragon Kick.  Fish no sells, but a shot to the eye gives Papadon the advantage again.  He gets two with a clothesline.  Fish no sells again, but misses an elbow drop.  Papadon gets two with a backbreaker.  Fish gets back up, but is put down again with a knee to the gut.  The two trade forearms.  Snapmare and chinlock by Papadon.  Fish gets out of it, but is pulled into a back suplex.  Papadon misses a top rope headbutt.  Fish back on the offensive with some kicks, but his back gives on a suplex.  It doesn't on the second attempt and he hits a Falcon Arrow.  Backbreaker by Fish.  He sees Papadon move on his moonsault attempt and lands on his feet, then hits a knee to Papadon's head for the win.

Your winner, Bobby Fish!

Kenny King & Rhett Titus vs. Erick Stevens & Bobby Dempsey

Stevens and King are the first to go at it and he maintains a side headlock.  King gets him off, but Stevens knocks him right back down and reapplies the side headlock.  King is able to power Stevens to the mat a couple times.  King bails to the floor before Stevens can knock him down.  In the ring, Stevens slams King to the mat for two and chops him.

Stevens tags in Dempsey.  King immediately comes back, but he falls to Dempsey's elbows.  Stevens tags back in, but he is pushed into the wrong corner and Titus tags in.  Stevens quickly takes advantage and tags Dempsey back in.  Titus headbutts Dempsey and applies a side headlock.  Titus runs into Dempsey's butt, then is hit with a couple of elbows and King tags back in.  THey lock up and break in the corner, where Stevens tags in.  They double team King for two.

King tags Titus in, but he is knocked to the mat and Dempsey comes back in.  They team to drop Titus to the mat and Dempsey covers for two.  Titus and King double team Stevens for two.  King kicks away and chokes Stevens in the corner.  Scoop slam and springboard leg drop get two.  Titus tags in and dropkicks Stevens for two.  Quick tag to King, but Stevens avoids the double team and takes them both down with a Samoan Drop/DDT combo.  Dempsey tags in and clotheslines Titus.  Suplex by Dempsey, but King breaks it up.  Dempsey takes Titus to his corner and continues to dominate.  Dempsey hits a charge in the corner and tags Stevens in.  Stevens misses the Choo choo when King interferes.  Titus covers for two. 

King and Titus with a really cool sequence of double teams on Stevens.  King covers for two after a backbreaker.  Titus avoids another double team and tags Dempsey in.  Dempsey cannonballs both his opponents in the corner and clotheslines Titus out of the ring.  Stevens goes for the Doctor Bomb, but King comes back with a surprise cover for the win.

Your winners, Kenny King & Rhett Titus!

Tyler Black is in the back talking about his goal to become Champion.  Tonight, however, he wants to eliminate Jimmy Jacobs and break him.

Replays of a pretty good match between Castagnoli and Albright ruined by an awful finish.

Claudio Castagnoli vs. Brent Albright

Albright tosses Claudio out of a lock up.  Test of strength, but Albright takes Claudio to the mat.  Claudio reverses.  Albright reverses and works Claudio's arm.  They break in the corner, but it isn't clean on Claudio's part.  Albright comes back and gets Castagnoli to bail.

Claudio applies a side headlock, then knocks Albright down.  Monkey flip by Albright.  He follows Claudio to the floor.  Claudio dropkicks Albright as he gets back into the ring.  Suplex by Albright, followed by a clothesline.  Claudio catches Albright and delivers a Hot Shot onto the top rope.  Europeans from Claudio.  Gutwrench suplex by Claudio.  Back body drop to Albright.  Claudio stomps at Albright.  Albright tries to come back, but Claudio stomps and pushes him out of the ring.

On the floor, Claudio blocks an Albright suplex and throws him into the guardrail.  Claudio continues his domination in the ring, but Albright fires back.  Claudio blocks a charge in the corner and knocks Albright down, but can only get one after an elbow drop.  Neckbreaker by Albright for two.  Claudio fires away with elbows and Europeans in the corner.  Albright catches him with a powerslam for two.  Albright slaps Claudio to the mat.  Leg lariat to Claudio.  Kryptonite Krunch by Albright, but Claudio ducks the crossbody and slingshots Albright into the corner for two.  Claudio jumps him, but then bails when Albright starts to come back.

Albright blocks a Ricola Bomb and drives Claudio into the corner.  Claudio blocks the Half Nelson and hits the Alpamare Waterslide for two.  Claudio catches Albright on a springboard with the Crowbar.  Claudio escapes, but Albright reapplies it, then turns it into a Crossface.  Albright rolls over while maintaining the hold and Claudio gets the pin, but at the same time, he taps.  The referee calls it a draw.  Albright wants five more minutes, but Claudio isn't interested.

Chris Hero & Eddie Edwards vs. Kevin Steen & Jay Briscoe

As soon as Briscoe comes out, Steen and Jay run in the ring to fight their opponents, then chase them to the floor when they bail.  Edwards is thrown into the guardrail by Steen.  Jay does the same to Hero.  Jay continues to pound Hero on the floor and he is thrown into the guardrail again.  Jay and Steen team to whip Edwards into the guardrail, which breaks it apart.

In the ring, Jay gets to go after Edwards.  He works on him in the corner, then tags Steen in.  Jay with a back elbow to Edwards and Steen covers for two.  Snapmare and forearm to the back for two.  Edwards tags in Hero, but Steen meets him.  Hero is tossed into Jay's boot, then Briscoe tags in.  Drop toe hold/flip leg drop combo by Steeniscoe.  Leg drop from Briscoe only gets one.  Edwards tags in, but he fares no better and Steeniscoe trade shots on him.

Steen tags back in and pounds Edwards in the corner.  High angle back suplex to Edwards for two.  Jay back in and he continues his team's dominance until Edwards blocks a charge and clotheslines Jay for two when Hero tags in and covers.  Hero with some boots.  He tosses Jay to the floor, where Edwards delivers a suplex.

Hero picks Jay up and drops him across the apron.  Edwards and Hero continue to attack Jay on the floor.  Briscoe blocks a charge from Edwards in the ring and makes the tag to Steen, who cleans house.  Belly to belly to Edwards, followed by a cannonball splash for two.  Hero attacks Steen from behind.  Steen blocks his opponents charges, but Edwards from behind grabs Steen's leg and drops it on the middle rope.

Hero takes advantage and begins to target Steen's left leg, then covers for two.  Steen kicks Edwards out of the ring, but Hero and Edwards prevent the tag.  Low dropkick to Steen's leg by Edwards and Hero tags in, then hits a senton for two.  Hero gets caught in a small package for two, then goes back after Steen's leg.

Steen finally makes the tag and Jay cleans house.  He charges Hero with some clotheslines, then punches Edwards.  Sit out gordbuster to Hero, then Jay suplexes Edwards onto Hero for two.  He goes for a Jay Driller, but Hero blocks.  Hero blocks a DVD, then hits a running kick on Jay.  Edwards off the top with a lungblower.  Hero gets two after a forearm to the back of the head.

Jay gets two with a Victory Roll and fights off his opponents.  He avoids a suicide dive from Edwards, who hits Hero instead.  Steen dives over the top to the floor.  In the ring, hero blocks a Jay Driller, but Jay hits a superkick.  Mark comes out to give Steen encouragement.  Hero gets his loaded elbow pad.  He doesn't get a chance to use it as Steen hits the Doomsday Device for the win.

Your winners, Kevin Steen & Jay Briscoe!

Sweet n' Sour attack after the match until Mark runs them off with a chair.

Sami Callahan is interviewed in the back.  He's enthusiastic about being there.

Delirious vs. Bryan Danielson

Delirious does a fair amount of stalling before locking up, then forces Danielson into the corner.  Delirious applies a straitjacket to Danielson, who escapes and grounds Delirious, grabbing hold of his arm.  Danielson stomps Delirious in the head, and Delirious bails.

Waistlock by Delirious.  Danielson takes him back to the mat and tries to lock in an armbar, but Delirious makes the ropes.  Delirious with a shoulderblock and he starts to pound Danielson, but Dragon is able to get in position to apply a Surfboard.  Delirious gets to the ropes, then goes to the floor again.  Dragon gives chase.  When he isn't looking, Delirious slides through the ropes and kicks him.

Delirious pounds Danielson on the mat and keeps him there.  Danielson gets back to his feet, but Delirious knocks hum right back down.  Snapmare by Delirious, and he goes back to stretching Danielson's back.  Delirious kicks Danielson into the corner and headbutts his back, then steps on it.  Danielson and Delirious exchange shots and Danielson hits a running knee to the gut, followed by a clothesline.  He works on Delirious' arm again, but Delirious is able to make the ropes.

Danielson puts Delirious on the top rope, but he is pushed off.  Delirious with a side slam for two.  He avoids a back body drop, but Danielson dropkicks him from the ring, then hits a suicide dive.  Missile dropkick from Danielson, then a knee to the head for two.  Danielson fires away in the corner, but Delirious blocks a charge and dropkicks Danielson into the corner, where he hits Panic Attack.  Delirious covers, but Dragon's too close to the ropes.  Jacobs barks out orders, but Delirious misses Shadows Over Hell.  Running Knee Strike by Danielson for two, followed by Cattle Mutilation.  Delirious reverses into the Cobra Stretch.  Danielson escapes and gets the win with a small package.

Your winner, Bryan Danielson!

Afterwards, Jacobs berates Delirious, who begins to stand up for himself and shoves Jimmy down.  Jacobs gives him a hug and they make up.

In the back, Jacobs cuts a promo about his title shot tonight.

Austin Aries vs. Sami Callahan

Before the match, Aries runs down his trip to the "B Show" in Danbury.  He shows some appreciation for Sami Callahan and makes a hilarious joke related to the movie Tommy Boy, then takes a shot at Callahan's mother.  Aries calls himself the greatest man that ever lived.

Reversals to start the match.  Callahan is the first to get his opponent to the mat.  Aries with a Fireman's Carry.  Callahan shoves Aries.  Callahan acts like he is going to play games with Aries, but he aggressively takes him to the mat.  Callahan rolls Aries around on the mat for a bit before Aries can finally make the ropes.  Aries bails, then gets the advantage when he stomps Sami as Callahan gets back in the ring.  Callahan forces Aries to bail again.

Aries blocks a suplex back into the ring and knocks Callahan to the floor with a knee to his back.  Aries off the ring apron with a double axe handle.  He chokes Callahan with his boot on the floor.  Aries knocks Callahan down with an elbow, then gets two with an elbow drop.

Aries ties up Callahan in the middle of the ring . Sami tries to fight back, but Aries drives him to the mat and hits his twisting elbow drop for two.  He drives Callahan to the mat again with a forward leg sweep and pulls back on the hair before covering for two.  Aries chokes Callahan in the ropes, but misses a charge.  Callahan kicks back and hits a Cutter on Aries.

The two get up and trade shots.  Callahan drops Aries to the mat for two.  Sami drives Aries into the corner, but his charge attempt is blocked.  Sami catches Aries off the top and suplexes him for two.  Aries holds onto the ropes to block another suplex and punches Sami in the head.  Sami clotheslines Aries in the back of the head.  Callahan drives Aries back to the mat, but Aries grabs the bottom rope.  Callahan charges in the corner, but runs into a Rolling Elbow.  Shinbuster into a back suplex for Aries, followed by a running dropkick.  Brainbuster by Aries for the win.

Your winner, Austin Aries!

It's Jerry Lynn's turn to talk about tonight's title bout.

Anything Goes Street Fight:  Necro Butcher vs. Brodie Lee

Obviously those two waste no time.  Lee kicks Necro as soon as he gets in the ring.  Necro fights back, then avoids a big boot from Lee, who spills to the floor.  Necro dives off the apron onto Lee.  Necro grabs a chair and hits Lee with it.  Necro grabs one of the guardrail sections and charges into Lee.  Brodie is shoved into the guardrail.  With the help of the referee, Necro puts the guardrail in the ring.

Back in the ring, Necro punches Lee and puts the ROH sign from the guardrail into the corner.  He sets the guardrail up, then sets the sign back on top of it.  Necro throws Lee into the sign several times and punches him.  Lee fights back and suplexes Necro onto the guardrail.  Brodie teases that he will agree to trading punches with Necro on the chairs, but he kicks Necro instead.  Necro gets his foot up to block a charge, but Lee gets Necro to punch a chair, then hits a big boot.  A clothesline from Lee gets two.

Necro and Lee block each other's moves before Lee slams Necro down for two.  Lee to the top rope, but Necro hits him with a chair and tosses him off.  Necro fires away in the corner with punches and chops, then delivers a bulldog onto a chair.  Necro with a chair slam for two.  Necro lays Lee on the guardrail and hits him with a chair.  Lee dodges a senton and Necro lands on the guardrail.  Lee and Necro exchange punches.  Big Boot from Lee, right hand from Necro. 

Jimmy Jacobs runs out with Delirious to attack Necro.  Daizee Haze tries to stop Delirious, but he shoves her down on the apron.  Delirious gets in the ring, but he is accidentally speared by Jacobs.  Necro punches Jacobs out of the ring, then hits Lee over the head hard with a steel chair.

Your winner, Necro Butcher!

ROH World Title Four Way Elimination Match:  Nigel McGuinness (c) vs. Jimmy Jacobs vs. Tyler Black vs. Jerry Lynn

Nigel shakes hands with Tylenol Black, and teases he will be the first to get in the ring, but he gets on the apron.  Jacobs teases the same.  Black gets out of the rung so Lynn can get in and Nigel tags Jacobs in.  Jacobs taunts and spits at Black, allowing Black to get in.

Finally, Black and Lynn lock up and trade reversals.  The two trade arm drags.  Lynn with a drop toe hold, followed by a Bow and Arrow.  Black falls onto to cover, then hits a side slam.  Black misses the Lionsault and Standing SSP, allowing Lynn to cover for two.  Another lock up and Lynn gets the advantage.  Lynn with a headscissors takedown.  Black with a dropkick and Nigel tags in.

Nigel whips Lynn into the corner hard a couple times.  Lynn reverses an Irish Whip and gets Nigel to bail.  Nigel gets back in the ring, then tags in Jacobs.  Jacobs and Lynn battle in the corner.  Lynn with a roll up for two.  Another roll up from Lynn for two.  He shoves Jacobs to the mat for two.  Black tags in and Jacobs runs to tag Nigel in.

Black with a scoop slam, but Nigel maintains his hold on the arm.  Black reverses and goes to tag Lynn in, but Nigel makes the tag to Lynn instead.  Lynn avoids a springboard dropkick, but Nigel low bridges the ropes and Lynn spills to the floor.  Nigel throws Lynn shoulder first into the guardrail.  He slams Lynn's arm onto the apron.

In the ring, Nigel suplexes Lynn onto the arm.  They battle for the advantage in the corner.  Lynn blocks the Tower of London and a charge from Nigel, then hits a dropkick out of the corner.  Lynn with a crossbody, then a DDT out of the corner.  Lynn catches Nigel with a powerbomb for two.  Lynn avoids the rebound lariat and Jimmy Jacobs trying to interfere.  Lynn tries to suplex Nigel into the ring, but Jacobs grabs his foot and Nigel falls on top for three.

Jerry Lynn is eliminated from the match.

Lynn with Kryptonite Krunch on Nigel, then he dives over the top rope onto Jacobs before leaving.  Black goes to the top and hits a splash on Nigel for two.  Paroxysm by Black for two when Jacobs breaks the pin up.  Jacobs tags Nigel out and steps on Black's groin.  Standing double stomp to Black's chest.  Black avoids a charge, but Jacobs clotheslines him to the mat and covers for two.  Elbow to Black's head. 

Nigel tags in and drives Black to the mat.  Nigel with a short arm clothesline for two.  Pele Kick by Black.  Jacobs back in and he hits some elbow drops on Tylenol.  Jacobs with double stomps and sentons in the corner for two.  Black tackles Jacobs and punches him.  Military Press by Black to Jacobs, and he hits a charge in the corner, then gives Nigel a back body drop.  Kick to the back of Jacobs' head and a Springboard Clothesline to Nigel.  Inverted Suplex to Jacobs gets two.  Nigel and Black dump Jacobs from the ring.  Black blocks some lariats and powerbombs Nigel in the corner.

Jacobs runs in and spears Black for two.  Black and Jacobs go punch for punch.  Jacobs goes to the apron.  Nigel returns the favor and holds onto Black's leg on a suplex attempt, but the referee sees it and stops the pinfall.  Jacobs gets distracted and Black rolls him up.  Nigel with a Tower of London to Black on the floor through the ropes.  Jacobs dives onto Nigel and locks in the End Time as the referee counts Black on the floor.  Jacobs releases the End Time to kick Black to the floor and secure the count out.

Tyler Black is eliminated from the match. 

Nigel with a chinbreaker, followed by the Jawbreaker Lariat, and he retains the belt.

Your winner, Nigel McGuinness!

Black tries to attack Jacobs afterwards, but Delirious runs out.  Jerry Lynn makes the save.

Match thoughts:

The opener had a lot of stuff I hate from opening matches in it.  Two extremely lower card wrestlers exchanging forearms when that should be left to the top of the card matches that are always going to have it and no selling.  It was a decent enough match, but who really cares about these guys?

The first tag match was a lot better than I expected it to be.  I don't really buy Dempsey as being competitive with anybody, but King and Titus are a nice match and they came up with some very interesting double team attacks.

Claudio and Albright are capable of doing better.  The match never heated up, and another non finish keeps the feud going, but it doesn't make what's on this DVD very interesting.

If you can get over the fact that Steen and Briscoe shouldn't be teaming given their history (I hate when people ally just because they both happen to be faces), it's a damn good tag match, all the more impressive because no one has their usual partner.  In the El Generico's absence, Steen takes the role of getting beaten up before making a hot tag and he does a good job.

Danielson and Delirious had a fun, competitive match.  Delirious came out of it looking a lot better, and his matches aren't nearly as stale as they had been before his heel turn.

Aries did a big time carry job on Callahan, making his opponent look very good to bring some drama into an otherwise predictable match.  Aries act right now is the best thing in ROH, from his pre match promos, to his look, to how he works in the ring.  Callahan shows some potential, but he still has a long way to go.

Butcher and Lee had a brutal, entertaining match.  I was happy it didn't spill into the crowd, because that is so tired in Necro matches.  Lee is a great opponent for Necro, and totally believable in brawling with him.  It's nice to have new faces around to take him on.

The main event was another good match at the top of the card.  Everyone got their spots in, and Black/Lynn had some good, if brief, segments together.  Nigel shines in these matches, as he takes advantage of the rules to make sure he hangs on to his belt.

Overall, this is a surprisingly good show, and I'd recommend it for purchase at  The first match and Albright/Claudio were the only ones I didn't really care for.  Everything else is at the very least watchable.  Aries calls it a "B Show", but it comes across as anything but.  Necro-Lee is probably Match of the Night because it was brutal, and more importantly, fresh.  Good booking on this show, and it is close to three hours, so you get your money's worth.  The backstage stuff is kept to a minimum, as it should be on DVD now that ROH has television.

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