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By Steven Wilson on 8/13/2009 8:13 AM

DVD Review : Women’s Extreme Wrestling – Good Girls Need Not Apply

Reviewed by Steven Wilson of

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If there was ever a time where women’s wrestling was at a all time high it would have to be now. Numerous all women’s federations have been popping up around North America. One of those that has been around for a few years now is the W.E.W. (Women’s Extreme Wrestling) and on August 25th, the extremely sexy wrestling women of the WEW will hit national DVD shelves with “Good Girls need not apply”

Featuring 3 one hour episodes, this DVD is able to offer something that will appeal to every type of female wrestling fan. If you like the stereotypical evening gown matches, over the top locker room drama or stripping wrestling divas you get it. If you like actual female wrestling action you get it. And if you like to seem some well known names from the world of professional wrestling interacting with these hardcore girls you ge that too.

Episode 1 is entitled Nude Booty Kick and begins with famous ECW manager/referee Bill “Fonzie” Alfonzo utilizing his commissioner powers to extract revenge on the “queen of extreme” Francine by setting up  3 way bridesmaid match where the loser will be stripped naked. Francine is to serve as the special guest referee and the participants are the 3 maids of honor from Francine’s recent wedding (Lucy Furr, Prime Tyme Amy Lee and Bobcat) The source of Fonzie’s anger you may wonder? Well apparently Fonzie wasn’t invited to Francine’s wedding. (Which makes one wonder would you really want Fonzie blowing his whistle and going nuts at your wedding?)

From there you get former TNA knockout Jamie D who looks much like a man, and uses the name Klondyke who hails from the canadian rockies in the WEW, apparently those in the WEW are not fully convinced that Klondyke is a woman, so they asked her to submit to a physical, she refuses and this leads to the beginning of a feud between the US and Canada.

Despite being beat down in a earlier segment Nurse T then entertains us with a pole dance, which is followed up by a match between Simply Luscious and Christie Ricci which is reffed by a Stevie Wonder lookalike, you could probably guess how he gets involved.

Next up is a tag bout between Hells Belle’s and The Madisons. This features some decent wrestling action as well as a superb wardrobe malfunction from Annie Social.

Action from episode 1 wraps up with what is by far the best actual wrestling match and is a number 1 contender match between Mercedes Martinez and Blonde Mafya.

Commentary is done by former WCW announcer Scott Hudson and all entrance music is replaced in post with whatever rock songs they could get the rights to.

Episode 2 and 3 (Nude Ring Heat & Bad Girl Ring Lust) features much more of the same, and while I could explain the contents of it I'm sure you get the jest of what to expect from this DVD.

As I mentioned the WEW is able to deliver an all around product, The $9.98 suggested retail price makes this well worth the price and all things considered I don’t think there is a way in hell you would regret the purchase at that price. Women’s wrestling has come a long way in the past decade and I for one am certainly enjoying what is being offered.

Women's Extreme Wrestling DVDs can be ordered in the PWInsider Superstore at this link.