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By Bill Brown on 8/26/2009 10:01 AM

DVD Review: "Guest Booker With Jim Cornette: Re-Booking The Invasion"

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Written By: "Wild" Bill Brown


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Kayfabe Commentaries once again is providing us with another great topic that anyone with half a brain could easily make interest with, as opposed to what we witnessed back in 2001 from the WWE. The man this time in the "Guest Booker" seat is one of the most outspoken & cleverly-minded individuals that has lived through decades of wrestling history from all over the United States & has worked in some of the biggest companies all in behind the scenes roles. Jim Cornette’s opinions being shared come from millions of experiences in all facets of the wrestling world & from a guy that totally understands "Booking 101." Jim will talk about his background, his past bookers, & understandings of their various styles, guide you through the changeovers in the business that have happened in the last thirty years, as well as how to apply them into his booking of the biggest wrestling opportunity of all time. It's WCW vs WWE in 2001. How can it be done to draw the most money & build the best fan base ever? Let Jim talk for almost three hours about this & fascinate the listener. 

Audio/Video: 9.0

Clear & crisp commentary during the entire discussion between Sean Oliver & Jim Cornette. Dolby Surround in two channels. Basic setup with both men sitting down in front of the camera. The graphics & chapters are once again displayed, in addition to what is being booked is shown on the screen. KFC makes this topic completely understandable & easy to follow along.

What's On The DVD?

For almost three hours, listen to Sean Oliver introduce Jim Cornette to the scenario. Jim will give a pretty-detailed discussion about his background in the business & all the things he found out as he began going from promoter-to-promoter & every wrestling company. Jim shares the comparisons from all the leading bookers from across the country & the changeover as to what we have now in script writers.  He also will note that the main thing back in the day that bookers were striving for was to draw money, to get people to buy tickets, & fill up buildings, where as now it is how many dolls you have for sale or how big the quarter hour rating can be. Realizing the mentality that the average wrestling fan in the year 2001 realizes the insides of the business, Jim cleverly shares booking ideas & the swerves that created believability & excitement to hook the fans, plus sell the most tickets. We all remember how screwed up the entire "Invasion" angle was, some terming it the biggest & most-wasted opportunity of all time. Jim easily takes the simple idea & builds it for one solid year culminating at WrestleMania X-8, where the biggest epic battles for the wrestlers jobs are all on the line. Through serious build-up & easy logic, unplanned title changes, & "screwjob" endings as well as the utilization of the best wrestling stars in dream match situations, the results of this wrestling angle should no doubt be a thriving hot year for business, as well as a solid foundation when building up the future years with the new talent coming through. Listen to Jim as he tells us how it all can be done.


Overall Recommendation:

Get this DVD. This is the best ever KFC production yet, and they didn't even have to do any research. The topic is so simple, and with Jim Cornette handling the discussion there is never going to be a dull moment. As a matter of fact, some stuff said was so interesting that I actually would back up my DVD just to hear if what I just heard was indeed what he said. Jim is fantastic in his role.


Final Thoughts:

Sometimes it's always good to suspend disbelief, which for the most part today is virtually impossible. This production produced by Kayfabe Commentaries can bring that great feeling within you. 

As always, anytime KFC provides us with a topic like this, the results are always very interesting to the listener. In this case, Jim is great, sharing all the experiences he has had everywhere in his wrestling career, and melding it together into the biggest wrestling time period of all-time...or what it should have been. To put it in the words of Jim Cornette when asked about the WWE & their WCW Invasion angle, he could answer it in three very easy words, "They Blew It."

This outstanding DVD, "Guest Booker With Jim Cornette: Rebooking The Invasion" is currently available via

Overall Rating: 9.5


This DVD was reviewed By "Wild" Bill Brown. This DVD was reviewed By "Wild" Bill Brown. Visit the official website,,, &