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By Bill Brown on 10/12/2009 7:31 AM
DVD Review: "YouShoot: New Jack"

Produced By Kayfabe Commentaries

Written By: "Wild" Bill Brown


Content: 8.5

The latest in the crazy career of one half of The Gangstas, New Jack, once again lets loose with hundreds of candid statements. As a perfect candidate for a No Holds Barred series, Sean Oliver hosts one of the wildest interviews yet -- with a man that drags controversy with him, no matter what he has done. From USWA, SMW, ECW, & all kinds of memorable independent moments across the country, this is the chance for you the wrestling fan to ask New Jack anything you want about anything he has done, seen or just plain feels like talking about. Not your classic wrestling talk, but a behind-the-scenes "tell me the dirt" type of interview with a man that is always brutally honest & holds no shame to it at all. New Jack will share many wrestling stories that are interesting, such as drawing heat in Smoky Mountain, drugs, Racism, War, President Barack Obama, & even plays the customary Kayfabe Commentaries games such as: "The Ho Bag" (on valets/managers), "What's In The Bag," & "Name Association." New Jack will even share his only WWE tryout experience & what went wrong. Much like the subject here, the interview is crazy...and the answers are stunning. Listen to it all with Sean Oliver & his special guest New Jack.


Audio/Video: 9.0

Great picture quality, along with clear & crisp commentary during the shoot, with everything understood, which is a huge plus. Dolby Surround in two channels. Very accurate sound & fun to listen to. The question segments from the fans borderline on the verge stupidity at times, but they are a great laugh, and their video & sound quality are very good as well.


Special Features: 10.0

Sometimes things just fall into place, and that is the case here. As a DVD Bonus, New Jack & his former tag team partner, Mustafa Saed, were in town apparently at the same time Jim Cornette was filming his "Guest Booker" series with Kayfabe Commentaries, and decided to knock on the door & interrupt the interview. What ended up was a lot of discussion about their times in Smoky Mountain, and them sharing all the emotion & heat that made them at times often resent each other.  Well the hatchet was totally buried this time, as they agreed that everything happened for a reason...and that was to draw heat, sell tickets, & make money. Jim tells us about his ideas & how The Gangstas followed through with them. In the end of their fifteen-minute meeting, the viewer sees a very polite & respectful New Jack talk highly of his former wrestling promoter, and also sees Jim apologize for any heat that he built up with the crazed Gangstas. Many fans never thought we'd ever see this happen, let alone caught on film, which shows the true emotions of this special meeting to the viewers of this DVD.


Overall Recommendation:

Yet another great listen & brutally honest interview by Kayfabe Commentaries. New Jack is a unique guest, and will still to this day tell you so much more that you still haven't heard from his crazy life that never makes for a dull moment of video. Don't pass this one up. "YouShoot" from Kayfabe Commentaries with special guest New Jack is a great job. Sean Oliver & his group continue to produce exactly what the fan wants to see, and in this case, it is the fans asking any question to New Jack about anything at all...and getting every single question answered, which makes this interview very satisfying.

Overall Rating: 9.2


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