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By David Tees on 10/27/2009 11:03 PM
Unlike most autobiographies about pro wrestling personalities, Gary Michael Cappetta wastes little time on his pre-wrestling existence and moves right into his start as a professional wrestling ring announcer, for the WWF (now WWE) events in the Northeastern United States. Gary Michael Cappetta talks in great length about how hard it was to break through the barricade and become accepted by people in the locker room.

Gary Michael Cappetta also talks about his times interacting with George “The Animal” Steel and Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka, both whom he had physical altercations with in the ring. Gary Michael Cappetta also discusses his fond memories of the late Gorilla Monsoon, who was responsible for Gary Michael Cappetta’s bookings in the WWE.

Gary Michael Cappetta also delves into great detail about his strained relationship with Vince McMahon Jr., who was just getting ready to take over the WWE from his father. Gary Michael Cappetta talks about how he felt about the way Vince McMahon treated him during his WWE tenure, plus the circumstances that would lead to his exit from the WWE.

Following his demise in the WWE, Gary Michael Cappetta then discusses working the independent promotions around the United States. Gary Michael Cappetta discusses working the AWA Superclash III PPV featuring Kerry Von Erich vs. Jerry Lawler, which Gary Michael Cappetta says was the single worst pay-per-view he announced during his career.

The book then delves in the long run Gary Michael Cappetta had in the now defunct World Championship Wrestling (WCW) promotion. Gary Michael Cappetta tells a great story about a road trip he took with Abdullah The Butcher, plus another great road trip story is told about Ric Flair, which really reflects the status of the person Ric Flair has become today.

Gary Michael Cappetta also talks about witnessing the infamous Sid Viscous/Arn Anderson hotel brawl from England, which resulted in the wrestlers being stabbed with a pair of scissors. Gary Michael Cappetta then dives into his final run with WCW and how the lack of respect from Eric Bischoff and others from WCW lead to him leaving the promotion.

The benefit of getting the “new and expanded edition” version of this book is the extra chapter written by Gary Michael Cappetta. In the bonus chapter, Gary Michael Cappetta discusses the trials and tribulations of getting the book published, as well as he promotional tour for the book. Gary Michael Cappetta even tells a quirky story about the one fan who showed up for his Q&A prior to an independent wrestling event.

Also in the bonus chapter, Gary Michael Cappetta also states the practices that he believes could be used to save the professional wrestling industry. Gary Michael Cappetta also conducts an interview with George “The Animal” Steel, discussing their history together and various disagreements they have had since the original publishing of the book.

Overall, if you are looking for a unique insight into the world of professional wrestling, this book is definitely one to pick up. Don’t lead the fact that this book was written by a professional wrestling ring announcer scare you from reading it, as it is a fine piece of literary material.

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