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By Bill Brown on 11/29/2009 11:18 PM
DVD Review: "Ring Roasts II: All Funked Up! -- A Comedic Tribute To Terry Funk"

Produced By Kayfabe Commentaries

Written By: "Wild" Bill Brown




Kayfabe Commentaries strikes back with their second installment of "Ring Roasts," this time roasting a true Hall Of Famer in the sport of professional wrestling...none other than "The Hardcore Legend," Terry Funk. For nearly three hours, you will be entertained by the humor, as well as emotion of a great panel of wrestling legends & professional comedians, as they pitch in their stories in regards to the man from "The Double Cross Ranch." Sit back and enjoy the love, the humor, the rudeness, & the raunchiness from a slew of panelists, as they make this tribute to Terry Funk a night to remember.


This two-disc set is very easy to follow, as everything is heard & understood clearly, which is important for the viewer. There are multiple camera shots with the hard cam, close-up cam, & stationary cameras that try to bring to you as much of this event & the circumstances throughout as best they can. At no point should you the viewer ever get lost as to what is happening. The work put together is done very well.  

What's On the DVD's?

Sean Oliver introduces a panel consisting of the ring roasters & comedians as they take to their seats. Roasters ranged from comedians Matt Bridgestone, Ryan Mahr, & Sean Morton to Terry's wrestling allies (in the form of King Kong Bundy, Mike Graham, New Jack, Kevin Von Erich, Dennis Stamp, Kevin Sullivan, JJ Dillon, Missy Hyatt, "Superstar" Billy Graham, & Mick Foley). Bill Apter hosed the event, and although there were some uneasy interruptions by a drunken New Jack, everything went great & exactly as a roast should. This strong dias group here no doubt had some controversial & hilarious stories about the other members of the panel and seemed to only show true love & praise to the man they all admired in Terry Funk. Even New Jack, who was simply obnoxious at many instances of the event, showed Terry high praise & respect...despite being a terror to almost anyone else in the room. Some great moments you will see contained in the DVD include: a rare appearance from Kevin Von Erich (with some great stories about how Terry taught everyone so much that they know in professional wrestling), Dennis Stamp telling us all touching Terry Funk moments with unfortunate children, J.J. Dillon sharing his initiations in Amarillo, TX while breaking into the business, & "Superstar" Billy Graham with touching stories & giving Terry a beautiful painting as a gift. The dias came out in strength this year (as opposed to last year), and one of the strongest, most prepared ones on the panel was the one who got ripped to shreds the most throughout the evening. When Missy Hyatt took the stage, she tore it up & delivered the most unexpected, well-prepared comedic rips into everyone that will have you all in stitches. And the final dias was Mick Foley, and he indeed paid tribute just so perfectly to one of his most loving mentors & let Terry end the evening fully appreciative of the evening's festivities.


The Verdict:

Unique & unordinary, if you like wrestling & comedy and have a very open mind to accept foul & insulting language, then "Ring Roasts" is an absolute must. See a different side & fascinating presentation to a true wrestling legend in a great event.


Overall Recommendation:

Buy this. This is another great concept done well & given to you the viewer in a true atmospheric setting as if you are sitting in the audience. Even if you don't like it when it is done, you will still want to show someone else what the hell you just saw. Sit back & watch with laughter, as you will see some of the most hilarious moments at this unique event.


Final Thoughts:

Sean Oliver & Kayfabe Commentaries continue to push their own innovations for the real wrestling fans, and they should be commended for plenty of the fine work that they have done. Not many other people out there have come up with successful settings in creating unique events when it comes to organizing events within professional wrestling, yet Kayfabe Commentaries & their group continue to plan out and produce some incredible events & great DVD's for the wrestling community. To purchase "Ring Roasts II: All Funked Up -- A Comedic Tribute To Terry Funk," head on over to

Overall Rating: 9.0


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