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By David Tees on 1/17/2010 12:32 PM
While not a perfect book, Rey Mysterio: Behind The Mask tells a pretty good story about Rey Mysterio’s rise from a teenager who wants to become a professional wrestler to his ascension to the top of the wrestling industry by winning the WWE Title at WWE Wrestlemania 22. The book kicks off with Rey Mysterio talking about his time growing up and wanting to become a professional wrestler.

Rey Mysterio’s uncle is Rey Misterio, who was a famous luchadore wrestler who had his biggest run in the Tijuana territory. Rey Mysterio notes how he went to his uncle with aspirations to become a pro wrestler and how they convinced his parents to let him try. Rey Mysterio then talks about training to become a pro wrestler and how he got his wrestling license at the age of fourteen.

During this time, Rey Mysterio had been trained by top luchadore wrestlers like Cavellero 2000, Super Astro and La Gacela, along with his uncle. Rey Mysterio then discusses how his size, which is considerably less than it is now, was a huge obstacle he had to overcome early in his career and how his uncle assisted him getting booked.

Rey Mysterio then talks about how he gained footing competing in Mexico and how he started rising higher in the cards. Rey Mysterio then gives details on his first two personas in professional wrestling, before being named Rey Mysterio Jr., which was done by his uncle during a mask switching ceremony prior to a tag team match in Mexico.

The book then takes a turn to ECW, which Rey Mysterio joins after a recommendation from longtime friend, Konnan. Rey Mysterio discusses cutting his first ever promo while in the promotion and working with Juventud Guerrera and Psicosis in the promotion. The only complaint I have about this portion of the book is Rey Mysterio claimed he was on ECW pay-per-view at the time, but ECW wasn’t on pay-per-view until a few years after Rey Mysterio left the promotion.

After leaving ECW after a good run in the promotion, Rey Mysterio would join World Championship Wrestling, where he would reach new heights as a professional wrestler. Rey Mysterio goes into great detail about the issues he had with Eric Bischoff over the removal of his mask, particularly with his WCW Halloween Havoc match with the late Eddie Guerrero.

Rey Mysterio then discusses finally losing his mask in a match involving Konnan, Scott Hall and Kevin Nash at a future WCW pay-per-view. The book then talks about how Rey Mysterio dealt with losing the mask and his transition into the Filthy Animals faction in WCW. The WCW portion of the book finishes with Rey Mysterio discussing his feelings on WCW closing down and not wrestling for awhile.

Rey Mysterio then briefly discusses his tenure wrestling again in Mexico in between his time with WCW and the WWE. Rey Mysterio then goes into detail about his signing with the WWE and his early feud with current TNA star, Kurt Angle. Rey Mysterio then discusses his long feud with Eddie Guerrero, which also included Rey Mysterio’s son, Dominick, in the angle.

The book then dives into the death of Eddie Guerrero and how Rey Mysterio heard about the passing from a WWE truck driver before seeing Eddie Guerrero’s body in the hotel room. Rey Mysterio also talks about his lone reign as WWE Champion and how Pat Patterson pushed for it to happen. Also, I must note that throughout the book, Rey Mysterio shows great love and appreciation for his entire family, which is brought up many times by the WWE star.

So, if you are a big fan of Rey Mysterio or want to learn about the inner workings of the Mexican wrestling scene, this book is a must read. Despite the occasional typo’s and other odd facts (ECW pay-per-view for example), this book is still a good read for any wrestling fan out there.

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