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By Bill Brown on 2/8/2010 10:24 AM

DVD Review: "YouShoot With Bob Holly"

Produced By Kayfabe Commentaries

Written By "Wild" Bill Brown


Content: 9.0

Once again Kayfabe Commentaries Strikes back with another hot installment of "YouShoot," this time putting former WWE personality Bob Holly in the passenger seat. Intended once again for mature audiences, Sean Oliver takes Bob for a no holds barred ride through his years in the business, and discusses everything from starting out in the business, his favorite wrestler, Jim Cornette & Smokey Mountain Wrestling, car racing, WWF & becoming Sparky Plugg, Bombastic Bob, earning respect from "The Kliq," Hardcore & the 24/7 years, the brand split, being labeled as "Bully Bob," Matt Cappotelli & Tough Enough, Brock Lesnar & shooting, sex & drugs, and much more. Bob is dished out everything from both Sean & the wrestling community that participated in this and gives straight up reasoning behind the topics discussed.   

Audio/Video : 9.0

Once again, a very impressive release with clarity & perfect sound. Everything is easy to follow, with questions displayed on the screen keeping you perfectly focused, and making any viewer stay glued to the set with the ease of this smooth production.


Special Features: 9.5

Sean Oliver has developed during the course of past interviews some fun games such as "What's in the bag?" & others, but this time, in addition to that game, we get a bunch of new ones that apply to Bob much better. Get ready for "How Bob Holly would beat their ass?," "More Hated Than Bob Holly," & "Tougher Than Bob Holly." 



The Verdict:

A man like Bob with all the news that has swirled around him over the years in a big wrestling organization like the WWE has garnered up plenty to talk about & deserves a listen to in the process. All questions brought up are answered by Bob, and any viewer can finally understand more of the truth behind most of the statements. Whether you like Bob Holly or not, you will probably have more respect for him once you learn the individual he is & the reasons behind his stories from his own point of view.    


Overall Recommendation:

Anyone who likes to hear the stars defend themselves when they have had a storied & controversial career should definitely pick this up. Bob allows the wrestling world to try & pin him down, but he kicks out of every tough question with a vengeance. You be the judge. Very highly recommended.


Overall Rating: 9.2

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