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By David Tees on 3/2/2010 9:43 PM
Whether he appears in the WWE, TNA, Australia, the front of the TMZ website or has a headline on any of the PWInsider sites, Hulk Hogan usually bring waves of fans and waves of controversy wherever he applies his trade at. In his second book, Hulk Hogan brings us readers outside of the squared circle and into his personal life, where love, anger, hated, confusion and redemption reign.

Hulk Hogan opens the book talking about his early life with his family, which consisted of his mother, father and two brothers. Hulk Hogan discusses how his brothers both abandoned him throughout his life and how one brother died, shortly after seeing Hulk Hogan compete at a wrestling event. It doesn’t take long for Hulk Hogan to talk about his love for pro wrestling and how his father initially took him to his first wrestling events.

Hulk Hogan then discusses meeting various pro wrestlers and eventually talking to Mike Graham, son of promoter Eddie Graham, about becoming a pro wrestler. Hulk Hogan was then trained by the legendary Hiro Matsuda, who broke his leg during Hulk Hogan’s first day of training. Hulk Hogan then talks about recovering from the leg injury and how he came back to Hiro Matsuda and completed his wrestling training.

While Hulk Hogan does take time in this book to discuss pivotal points in his wrestling career, the book primarily focuses on the outside of the ring aspect of his life. Hulk Hogan talks about meeting his future wife Linda, who would obviously go onto become Linda Bollea (but I’ll use Linda Hogan for the remainder of this review).

The majority of the book from that point on completely focuses on his rocky relationship with Linda Hogan, along with the effect it had on their kids, Brooke and Nick Hogan. Hulk Hogan discusses how many times throughout their marriage that Linda Hogan would want to move around and buy houses in both the states of Florida and California.

Hulk Hogan eventually gets into the subject of his marriage with Linda Hogan falling apart and how he felt that divorce was never an option with her. Hulk Hogan then discusses how his divorce from Linda Hogan ended up making his relationships with both his children strained for a long time. Hulk Hogan would later rebuild his relationship with both of his kids, it would take some time to do so.

Hulk Hogan also goes to great length to discuss his feelings surrounding the whole situation with the car accident involving Nick Hogan and John Graziano. Hulk Hogan discusses how he initially worked with the Graziano Family to provide care for John Graziano, but then things went sour once the lawsuit against the Hogan Family began.

Hulk Hogan then talks about how he felt that the justice system mistreated his son after the criminal case closed, which lead to his son being imprisoned. Hulk Hogan also goes into detail about how he never left his house in anticipation of phone calls from his imprisoned son and how it effected his relationship with those around him.

Hulk Hogan then goes into great detail about how all of the obstacles in his life lead to him suffering from severe depression. Hulk Hogan then goes into how a phone call from female boxer Layla Ali wound up saving his life, from a possible suicide attempt. The book then focuses on how Hulk Hogan would turn his life around and would find a new love in his life as he rebuilds from his past life.

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