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By Bill Brown on 5/14/2010 12:35 PM
DVD Review: "Timeline: The History Of WWE 1977/78 As Told By Superstar Graham"
Produced By Kayfabe Commentaries
Written By "Wild" Bill Brown

Content: 9.4
There now have been thousands of videos distributed out in the wrestling marketplace that have been titled in one form or another as "Shoot Interviews." If these particular interviews aren't branded with the word "shoot," there still have been plenty of other versions with a particular subject chosen to speak to the camera for the wrestling audience. But the crew over at Kayfabe Commentaries by far has come up with the most unique concepts with their chosen personalities, and once again, we are given another segment of "TimeLine" with former WWWF Heavyweight Champion "Superstar" Billy Graham. Billy was a charismatic pioneer, who was inadvertently paving the way far into the future with his style & confidence that made Vincent J. McMahon, then president of the World Wide Wrestling Federation, hand select him as the flag bearer for his company in 1977. With a long researched plan formulated, Billy Graham will guide you through the days, months, & years from almost anything that stuck out in history that Sean Oliver will throw at him to answer. This is without a doubt the most timelined interview compiled from Kayfabe Commentaries that has ever been produced, with so much research & data going through, and a great guest that lived through it all that you will definitely feel as if you are involved very deeply within the wrestling world of the past, with the WWE Hall of Famer right by your side telling you about his rise & fall in this incredible journey.
Audio/Video: 9.2
Every question is displayed on the video screen prior to the answers from Billy Graham. Many footnotes are included, and video crawls will support said facts throughout the shoot. The video quality & clarity is top notch as usual, and the feeling of watching this production from Kayfabe Commentaries makes any audience watching have the gripping feeling of being in the story the entire time. This is a perfect flow right on subject throughout the entire presentation.
What's On The DVD's?
Sean Oliver & his staff prepare the most unbelievable research of data for Billy to comment about throughout the DVD. We are guided through the time era of the country & how the wrestling world fit into it. You will understand the working relationships between the wrestling promoters, their territories, & the agreements they made towards future planning, and in this case, being Billy Graham chosen from Florida & Eddie Graham selected as the man to defeat Bruno Sammartino. Billy will tell you about his debut on WWWF television, being paired up with The Grand Wizard of Wrestling, and how he continued to work Florida & St. Louis territories, building up to his WWWF Title victory. Once getting the strap, you will be provided a continuous lineage of timeline dates, and Billy will take you through all of them, such as the first meeting with Bob Backlund in St. Louis, blading up his finger good in a match with well-known shooter Billy Robinson, dropping the Florida Tag Titles while WWWF Champion, as well as matches & feuds with the challengers throughout his reign with the belt. Billy will also talk about the rare unification battle with NWA World Heavyweight Champion Harley Race as his time winded down as WWWF Champion. And would "Superstar" Graham & Bruno Sammartino possibly double cross future champion Bob Backlund out of his championship title victory a night prior to the long-planned title change on February 20, 1978? Billy Graham will let you know all about it. 
The Verdict:
There is so much here to even try discussing. Two hours of your time is about to fly by once you pop in a DVD of Kayfabe Commentaries' "Timeline: The History of WWE 1977/78 As told by Superstar Graham." One of the better DVD's out there thus far, Billy Graham tells all.
Final Thoughts:
Sean Oliver & Kayfabe Commentaries provide the most well thought-out & researched interviews out there. Some interview companies might tap a wrestler on the shoulder in a hotel lobby on a night that some of the boys are in town, and hand them X amount of dollars to talk to a video camera for a few hours, but Kayfabe Commentaries no doubt plans out every detail with their subjects to provide the viewers with the best possible, fully researched wrestling interviews that are second to none in this business.
Overall Rating: 9.3
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