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By David Tees on 7/20/2010 10:49 PM
Very few things that have happened throughout the tumultuous history of professional wrestling will have the impact that the Chris Benoit murder-suicide will have. For those who may have been living under a rock in recent years, former WWE Champion Chris Benoit was found to have murdered his wife Nancy Benoit and son Daniel Benoit, then Chris Benoit himself committed suicide.

In his book, Chris & Nancy (which instead of using the full title, is now how I will refer to the book), Irvin Muchnick goes into great lengths to show how the professional wrestling lifestyle could have lead to the double murder-suicide and also takes a look at how pathetically the state of Georgia law enforcement, and later the US government, handled the case.

Irvin Muchnick first takes a very hard look into the ineptitude of the Fayette County (Georgia) authorities, who he believes, made a slue of mistakes in the handling of the case as a whole. Most notably, the author looks into a gap in records that show text messages from both Chris and Nancy Benoit to both WWE personalities and close family acquaintances.

One thing that is done throughout the book by Irvin Muchnick, is that he shares his experiences dealing with the various authorities in Fayette County and beyond while researching this book, which in the end, only adds to the ineptitude of those authorities. Irvin Muchnick uses the first few chapters of this book to pick apart various officials who were overseeing the case from the beginning.

Also interesting to note is a chapter Irvin Muchnick put together on the former WWE and WCW Star Dave Taylor, who was seen near the Benoit Family Estate after the bodies were discovered by the next door neighbor of the Benoit Family. The chapter looks at the possibility that the WWE may have sent Dave Taylor to the household to possibly destroy any evidence of steroids on the property.

In my opinion, the best chapters of the book feature author Irvin Muchnick dissecting the timeline released by the WWE showing their involvement and growing knowledge of the Benoit double murder-suicide. The most important thing to note in these chapters is how Irvin Muchnick argues that the WWE may have known that Chris Benoit was a murderer many hours before the WWE Raw episode aired that paid tribute to Chris Benoit.

Irvin Muchnick also dedicates a chapter of the book to the media dubbed “Wikipedia Hacker”, who had (in his words) coincidentally posted that Chris Benoit had murdered Nancy Benoit prior to the information being revealed to the general public. Irvin Muchnick does a good job of again showing the ineptitude of the authorities after they had interrogated the “Wikipedia Hacker.”

WWE Wellness Policy, which was created following the tragic death of former WWE Champion Eddie Guerrero, is picked apart as well by Irvin Muchnick. Irvin Muchnick looks at the two other known time periods that the WWE performed drug testing, in the 80’s and 90’s, while showing the major inadequacies in each policy.

The book ends with an almost laughable (which is sad in a way, considering the books subject matter) look at Vince McMahon’s meetings with members of congress. Author Irvin Muchnick portrays multiple times how Vince McMahon and attorney Jerry McDevitt simply took apart the politicians with a nearly lackadaisical attitude and a nearly non-concern over being questioned about steroids in pro wrestling.

After reading this book, I’ve learned two important thing, with the first being that the books author Irvin Muchnick has a true hatred for the WWE. The second, is no matter how deep the subject is researched, no one, other than Chris Benoit, will ever know why he murdered his wife and son, and that secret is forever buried six feet under with his remains.

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