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By Steven Wilson on 8/12/2010 12:32 AM

DVD Review : You Shoot Live with Dixie Carter

Any fan past or present of Total Nonstop Action has probably at one time or another been so frustrated with something they saw on Impact or PPV that they just wanted to call Dixie Carter up and ask WHY!?! Realizing this Kayfabe Commentaries rolled out the You Shoot red carpet to the TNA president, and surprisingly she not only accepted but also accepted to do it live, and thus we now get the newly released DVD “You Shoot Live with Dixie Carter”

When I first heard about this DVD release I wondered to myself just how badly certain fans would take it to Dixie, After all 2010 has been the biggest roller coaster year in TNA’s history and never before has there been so much difference of opinion, I also wondered if Dixie would truly “shoot” or be a pro at dancing around the questions, ultimately what we get from her is a mix of both.

The DVD begins with some of the typical questions such as were you a wrestling fan growing up, how and why did you get into the business, etc.  Besides that, as you would expect there is plenty of questions about Vince McMahon, WWE, Vince Russo, Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff, and WCW comparisons. Some topics Dixie does well at avoiding while others she gets into.

For example, when asked which 1 WWE star she would want should they ever become available, Dixie basically responds that she is happy with her roster and wouldn’t really want any specific star from the WWE roster, and while I understand she wouldn’t want to put over a WWE talent and make it seem like she would desperately want a bigger star, we all know that if a Cena, Orton,  or whoever were available Dixie would be on the horn immediately trying to sign them up, and for that matter they don’t even need to be that big of a name as we’ve seen in 2010 with the likes of Orlando Jordan.

While on the topic of Vince Russo, Hogan and Bischoff, this DVD does become more insightful.  Former TNA employee and Professional Vince Russo hater, Jim Cornette submits a video question asking Dixie about why Vince Russo continues to be employed, to no surprise Carter defends Russo and explains that many times where a Fire Russo chant rang out, whatever was going on in the ring wasn’t even written or booked by him, sometimes they were instead booked by Cornette’s good friend Dutch Mantell.  Dixie reveals that one day she flipped on the creative staff and told them if there is another fire russo chant for something he had nothing to do with someone will lose their job.

The live aspect was a interesting idea, while it could have been epic, it did not necessarily make this edition of You Shoot any better than previous editions. Had their been more knowledgeable fans who were not nervous to ask Dixie questions to her face, it could have been a barn burner of a interview . Nonetheless another solid installment of the you shoot series, and you have to give some props to Dixie for having the sack to sit down and do this with seemingly no pre screening of the questions. Dixie Carter often reminds me of Sarah Palin, you never know what is gonna come out of her mouth, for that reason alone, check out this DVD release.

You Shoot Live with Dixie Carter is now available on DVD from Kayfabe Commentaries. For more info on this and their other DVD releases, check out