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By Wild Bill Brown on 8/20/2010 9:20 AM

DVD Review: "YouShoot LIVE: Dixie Carter"

Produced By Kayfabe Commentaries & Legends of the Ring

Written By: "Wild" Bill Brown



Content: 8.8

This one of a kind exclusive comes at you this time from Kayfabe Commentaries, as Sean Oliver & his camera crew set up a studio shoot interview with none other than the President of TNA Wrestling, Dixie Carter. Not only is this a monumental occasion to witness the most powerful person running Total Nonstop Action get sizzled in the hot seat with the most challenging questions, but once again a one of a kind first takes place. A live audience not only are viewers, but are allowed to take to the podium and ask their very own questions live & in person straight to the boss. A unique concept, one that has the ability to get a little crazy: see for yourself when Dixie Carter allows the wrestling fans, the media, & Sean Oliver put her through the wringer.

Audio/Video: 9.0

Shot with at least three cameras, once again a fantastic job by the crew here. Clear Dolby Surround in two channels and fantastic video shooting, all that needs to be shown to a viewer at home is emphasized & displayed nicely.


Special Features

As is customary with some other "YouShoot" victims, this time around due to the nature of this presentation & the live audience, as well as the type of person that is being interviewed, Sean & the crew didn't try for fun & games with the TNA President. No "Ho-Bag" or "F*ck, Mary, Kill" type of games here. While always fun to watch, it is certainly understandable to focus on questions pertaining to the wrestling business in a very serious manner to get honest & understanding answers.


What's On The DVD?

For over an hour & a half, Dixie will answer any question thrown at her in a live setting. While some topics are certainly tiptoed around nicely, such as the constant criticism to producer Vince Russo or the answers to the Wellness Policy of TNA, she does indeed offer some form of answers to anything thrown at her.  Not only that, but some questions brought her way were answered more strongly than expected and should satisfy the viewing audience. And as is customary with "YouShoot," some of the personalities in the business will have questions, and a very close former backstage producer and now company enemy has a serious video question that will get answered from his former boss. The audience will speak, Dixie will tell, and the questions will be constant. Dixie's past will be shared, the involvement of Panda Energy & Spike TV, as well as the talent both with or not with TNA will be mentioned here. Are the newsletters & reporters too hard on TNA? What are Dixie's responses to all of this, along with the rumbles that have gone on in the company? Additional topics covered in the DVD include: Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, Kurt Angle (then & now), the six-sided ring, Bubba the Love Sponge, Vince McMahon, mistakes of WCW, the independent contractors argument, & the booking of TNA. So much more is asked, and Dixie now has to answer to all of us.


Overall Recommendation:

As nervous as Dixie Carter looked in the beginning and the fact that she made mention that she does not care for the video cameras, by the end of what she called privately as an "interrogation process," she comes off looking very professional & openly honest about the matters at hand in the world of professional wrestling, as well as her own company. You will not by referring to anything on here as "tawdry," and quite honestly should be pretty satisfied by how everything went down. This fine video production by Kayfabe Commentaries is definitely worth checking out.


Final Thoughts:

One thing about this live "YouShoot" interview session is the fact that there are no edits & no softballs thrown out. If there is something sizzling in your own mind that you always wanted to ask, chances are those questions will be taken to task here with some form of an answer. The wrestling fans have asked the questions...It's up to Dixie to tell us the answers.

Overall Rating: 8.9


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