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By David Tees on 10/8/2010 10:29 PM
There is no doubt in my mind that the majority of the folks reading this right now have been on some sort of road trip in their lives. The superstars of the WWE are no different, which is the point that this book makes from the first chapter to the final page. Author Robert Caprio does an excellent job of gathering stories from various WWE personalities and putting the spoken word into the written word.

In this book alone, author Robert Caprio gets great traveling stories from WWE superstars John Cena, Mark Henry, Theodore Long, Shannon Moore, Matt Hardy, The Hurricane, Tom Pritchard, Molly Holly, Rico, The Brooklyn Brawler, Kane, Jim Ross, Ivory, Victoria, Goldberg, John “Bradshaw” Layfield, Stacy Keibler, Lita, Trish Stratus, Booker T, The Undertaker, Triple H, Torrie Wilson, Michael Cole, Paul Heyman, Jazz, Al Snow, Stevie Richards, Ric Flair, A-Train, Dave Hebner, Dean Malenko, Sgt. Slaughter, Chris Jericho, Edge, Chavo Guerrero, Jonathan Coachman, Rey Mysterio, D-Von Dudley, Jackie Gayda and Big Show.

There are easily over a hundred stories in this book, ranging from a few short sentences to several pages in length. The stories are broken up into several sections in the book, including crazy travel stories, old school territory travel stories, celebrity travel stories, food stories and a section dedicated to the Big Show and his bathroom issues.

There are a ton of poignant stories in this book, such as the Victoria/Gail Kim/Jackie Gayda “lesbian” story, a young Paul Heyman riding in a car with “Classy” Freddie Blassie, Big Show making room for himself in a Japanese hotel bathroom, a post 9/11 terror attack story with Ivory/Molly Holly/Lillian Garcia, Dr. Tom Pritchards wacky trips during the territorial days and Sgt. Slaughter meeting Richard Nixon.

Just when you thought I was done giving you some of the many fascinating stories, there is more like Trish Stratus being mistaken for Brittney Spears, Chris Jericho’s overseas trip to Germany and his dislike of Tennessee, Matt Hardy battling illness and traffic to watch then girlfriend Lita’s return to in ring competition, Goldberg’s argument with a hotel desk clerk, Rico’s traveling with WWE Divas and Molly Holly’s trip through a safari.

There is also a touching portion of the book where various wrestlers talk about how much a toll being away from their families has on them. Author Robert Caprio also writes a humorous piece in the acknowledgment section of the book, discussing how much intimate research he did on the lesbian story and how he knows more about the Big Show’s bathroom habits than any other man.

If there was a downside to this book though, it is something that could be a potentially huge turn off for those who are skeptical about reading the book in the first place. That issue is that in between all the good stories told in this book, there are a ton of stories that really have no point and could’ve been left out of the book in the long run.

Also, if you are a fan of the ultra-private man known as The Undertaker, he does share a brief story in the book about relationships between pro wrestlers on the road.

Overall, this book is a good read for any professional wrestling fan out there, as long as you can get past some of the nonsensical stories in the book.

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