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By Alan Wojick on 10/15/2010 11:40 AM

1988 was a great time to be a wrestling fan. Jim Crockett Promotions was still part of the NWA. The Von Erich run World Class still existed in Texas. Verne Gagne’s AWA was still alive. Hulk Hogan didn’t need crutches to get to a ring. Jeff Jarrett & Jerry Lawler were still working in Memphis. The only Dixie Carter the world knew of was a Nielsen ratings darling as a member of Designing Women on CBS. The WWF was coming off their Thanksgiving Survivor Series PPV event in 1987 that financially crippled the Crockett’s who ran their traditional Starrcade the same day. 1988 would bring a temporary exit from Hulk Hogan, the emergence of Randy Savage as a champion and the continuing of great tag team wrestling.

Former Mid-South star “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan was coming off his own personal and legal issues stemming from a still infamous trip on the roadways of New Jersey with an unlikely passenger. Mr. Duggan is the newest person to join Sean Oliver on the set of Timeline: History of the WWE 1988.

If you missed the other DVD’s in this series I will wait here for you to see who else has done the series and what years were covered. Seriously I will wait go to Great welcome back and now we’re back to the regular DVD review already in progress. Yes Duggan backtracks and covers his 1987 arrest in NJ with the Iron Sheik which cost both men their jobs (temporarily) and exposed the business like never before.

Duggan is a gifted talker and he is honest in his own in-ring abilities while giving some great stories about traveling with Jake “the Snake” Roberts, witnessing backstage politics by Ultimate Warrior & Honky Tonk Man, the ribs on the road, his former co-workers who have passed away, his wife wrestling Sensational Sherri, fighting between the Rougeau Brothers and the British Bulldogs, his feelings on TV wrestling writers, winning the initial Royal Rumble, the Main Event TV show where Andre/Hogan set up WrestleMania IV in Atlantic City, his feuds with Andre the Giant & Dino Bravo, the initial Summerslam in NYC with Mega Powers vs. Mega Bucks plus the talent who joined and left WWF during the year.