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By Joshua Higham on 3/18/2011 12:41 PM

Caught in a Cauldron of Hate DVD Report

We are on DVD from Reading, PA, February 19, 2011, and we start off with Dasher Hatfield cutting a promo, saying to get repsect and to show he’s championship material, he knows he has to beat Claudio Castagnoli.

Jakob Hammermeier, the BDK announcer, comes to the ring without his neck brace and knee splint, sporting only the sling on his right arm.

Dasher Hatfield vs. Claudio Castagnoli
Referee: Nick Papagiorgio
Commentary: Bryce Remsburg and Tim Donst
Hatfield starts hot, so Castagnoli heads to the floor to stall locking up again, prompting the crowd to chant “coward” at him. Claudio gets the advantage sidestepping Dasher’s charge. Dasher gets a headlock, but Claudio shoots him off. Two shoulderblocks and Dasher’s doesn’t get go down either time. Dasher gets an armbar. Claudio shoots him off again, and Dasher hits an underhand pitch. Claudio grabs the mask and hot shots Dasher on the top rope. Dasher rolls Claudio in a sunset flip, but Claudio responds with a lariat. Claudio snaps on a Swiss sleeper, with the crowd fully behind Dasher. Dasher is able to shoot him off and get a sleeper of his own, but Claudio gets a back suplex out of it. Claudio goes for the sleeper again, but Dasher doesn’t let his arm drop a third time. Dasher gets a chinbreaker to break the sleeper, but Castagnoli falls on Dasher on the rebound. Dasher charges the corner, Castagnoli tries to block, but gets caught in a Northern Lights suplex. Dasher tries several rollups and pinning combinations, but Castagnoli spins Dasher’s mask around and hits a huge European uppercut to get the win.

After the match, Claudio returns to the ring, stomping down Dasher. Claudio calls out for   Eddie Kingston, wanting his respect. He gives Dasher a Ricola bomb, saying that was all Kingston’s fault.

3.0 tries to cut a promo on their match with the Unstable, but they find it hard to do since they just find the Unstable too boring. So 3.0 promised to show the Unstable a good time during the match.

3.0 vs. The Unstable
Referee: Jonathan Barber
Commentary: Bryce Remsburg and Johnny Gargano
3.0 spends the entire match getting under the skin of both members of the Unstable: telling them to smile, calling them boring, doing cartwheels, getting the fans to chant random things, calling them by their former personas, calling Gerard pretty, and so far. The match started with multiple sequences of Shane Matthews dropping Stigma then Matthews hitting an elbow instead of cris-crossing. Remsburg comments that the Unstable seems to have lost its swagger since Colin Delaney left the group. Scott Parker took three attempts to nip up, saying he learned it from Equinox, Vin Gerard’s former persona. Stigma and Gerard take the advantage on Scott Parker while Shane Matthews yelled at the Unstable. While Matthews was napping on the apron distracting Gerard, Parker was able to catch Gerard with an inside cradle for the win. A lot of comedy, not too much action, but I find 3.0 fun.

Greg Iron vs. Icarus
Referee: Nick Papagiorgio
Commentary: Bryce Remsburg and Johnny Gargano
Icarus, feeling magnanimous, takes the mic before the match and tells Iron (who has cerebral palsy) to forfeit since he’s clearly hurt and unable to wrestle, referring of course to his palsy. Iron refuses, and Icarus says he’ll send him back to the Special Olympics. Iron gets the early advantage with arm drags, headscissors, and a senton. Gargano comments that while Iron may only have one good, he does have two good legs and a strong back. Icarus regained the advantage with a stunner over the ropes. Icarus with a pair of bodyslams and a leg drop. Iron is able to counter a bodyslam attempt but gets met with a boot to the face. Iron counters with a forearm and a back elbow while Icarus is on the apron, and Iron gets a springboard senton to the floor. Icarus scoots under the ring, but gets hit with Handicapped Parking (reverse STO) and a gimp slap (chop with his disabled hand) by Iron. Icarus fights back and hits the pedigree. Iron kicks out and gets Icarus in the Crippled Crossface (crippler crossface). Icarus actually bites his way out of the crossface and hits the blu-ray (death valley driver into the bottom turnbuckle) to get the win. Greg Iron gets an ovation when he leaves the ring.

We get a video package of the events leading up to the Brodie Lee/Sugar Dunkerton match, mostly from the January event in Philadelphia where Brodie powerbombed Sugar on the ring steps, which knocked Sugar out of the match.

Brodie Lee vs. Sugar Dunkerton
Referee: Jonathan Barber
Commentary: Gavin Loudspeaker
Brodie Lee appreciates the “You’re a Redneck” chant the fans started. Sugar starts with punches and chops, but Brodie gets the advantage with a knee to the ribs. Sugar drops his straps to show off his taped up midsection. Brodie continues his assault with chops, kicks, and uppercuts, focusing on that taped-up target. Brodie Lee throws Sugar to the floor and hits a bodyslam to the floor. Back in the ring, Lee hits a running chop and Sugar responds with one of his own. Sugar avoids a big boot and crotches Brodie on the ringpost and locking in a cloverleaf around the ringpost. Sugar locks on a figure four variant, but Brodie fights out. Running charge from Sugar gets countered into a black hole slam. Sugar kicks out at two, and locks in another leg vine. Lee gets to the ropes and is able to hit a superkick and half nelson suplex. Sugar kicks out at 2. Brodie goes for the powerbomb, but Sugar escapes, hitting chops to the chest and knee of Brodie Lee. Sugar goes for the senton from the top rope, but gets met with Brodie’s knees to the back. They roll to the floor, and Brodie positions chairs. Sugar escapes another powerbomb attempt, but not a big boot. Brodie rolls back in at 12, and Sugar is out on the floor. Sugar is grabbing the apron to get up, but cannot. Brodie Lee wins by countout.  Chikara security helps Sugar to his feet and assist him to the back.

We see a video highlighting Jonathan Gresham’s transformation into Hieracon and the formation of the new Osirian Portal trio.

The Colony vs. The Osirian Portal
Referee: Bryce Remsburg
Commentary: Gavin Loudspeaker and Leonard F. Chikarason
We have a Welcome Back chant for Green Ant, in his first match since his arm injury last August. Handshake by Green Ant and Ophidian followed by mat wrestling and counters. Fire Ant tags in and Ophidian gets a double suplex. Ophidian rolls out and Fire Ant and Amasis turn up the speed. Soldier Ant tags in, and the Colony triple teams Amasis. Fire Ant with a pair of back sentons, before tagging in Soldier again. Amasis finally rolls out, and Hieracon gets a sunset flip on Fire Ant. Hieracon and Ophidian double team on Soldier Ant. Ophidian attempts to hypnotize Fire Ant, but actually gets Bryce Remsburg under the spell. The Portal break the spell with Amasis and Ophidian hitting drives to the floor. Hieracon and Soldier in the ring. Ophidian and Soldier slow it down and trade submission and pinfall attempts. Soldier Ant rolls to the floor and Ophidian bridges to avoids a crossbody from Fire Ant. Hieracon tags in and works on the legs of Fire Ant. Fire Ant tries to chop his way out. Ophidian slingshot senton on Fire Ant. Green Ant finally tags in and clears the ring of the Portal. Soldier and Fire get involved and all six are down. Amasis breaks up a pin attempt on Ophidian, and the Portal triple team Soldier Ant with an array of quick moves. Fire Ant and Soldier Ant get Amasis in the Ants go Marching powerbomb. Soldier Ant gets a dive on Hieracon as Green Ant locks Ophidian in the cloverleaf. Amasis and Soldier Ant are in the ring, trading shots. Soldier gets Amasis locked into the Chikara special. Amasis holds on long enough for Hieracon to break it up. Hieracon tries to moonsault onto the pile on the floor, but the Portal takes the brunt of it. Fire Ant gets Antapaulted out onto the Portal. Two count on Amasis. Fire Ant gets Amasis in a Beach Break. Green Ant with an elbow to Hieracon and Ophidian. Green Ant gets Ophidian up for the Torture Rack, but Amasis flies over and gets a sunset flip and jackknife pin on Green Ant for the win.

Green Ant, following his arm surgery, has developed some traits similar to Lex Luger, after his surgery: looking in the mirror during his entrance, going for elbow smashes, similar taunts and mannerisms, and the Torture Rack.

Young Lions Cup: Rich Swann vs. Frightmare
Referee: Nick Papagiorgio
Commentary: Bryce Remsburg and Steven “The Turtle” Weiner
Rich Swann returns to Chikara for the first time since last April. Swann and Frightmare are pretty equally matched in size, speed, and power. They start off with a handshake, then trade headlocks and headscissors. Swann powers out of the headlock with an armbar and Frightmare rolls through for one of his own. They both block hip tosses until Frightmare gets a crucifix for a two. A Swann dropkick sends Frightmare to the floor. Frightmare blocks Swann’s dive attempt and hits a somersault plancha of his own. As Frightmare celebrates with the fans, Swann sneak attacks and grabs a child’s Frightmare mask and taunts the fans. Swann hits a forearm and connects with a standing moonsault off the apron, rolls him back in for a two. Swann in the Pondwater only gets another two count. Swann with a seated abdominal stretch until Frightmare fights out. Frightmare gets separation with an enziguri but Swann returns with a belly to belly toss for 2. Swann tries to wear him down with a cobra clutch before trying to grab for the mask. Swann then connects with a few kicks to the downed Frightmare and taunts the fans again. Swann with a couple running forearms, but Frightmare gets his catapult clothesline. Swann rolls out of the way of the kneecoplepsy attempt. Frightmare tries for a neckbreaker. Swann counters. Frightmare nips up and hits the neckbreaker on the second attempt. Swann kicks out at 2. Swann fights out of the here it is driver, but gets caught with a reverse rana. Frightmare goes to the top but Swann hits the enziguri, leap of faith rana, running shooting star in succession.  Frightmare gets the here it is driver but only a two count. They trade strikes in the middle of the ring until Swann gets an eye poke. Frightmare fights back with forearms but is met with a superkick. Swann spikes Frightmare with a tilt-a-whirl headscissors, but Frightmare gets the knees up for Swann’s trampolining 450 and hits the kneecolepsy and gets the pinfall. With this win, Frightmare ties the record for most successful defenses of the Young Lions Cup.

Tim Donst vs. Max Boyer
Referee: Jonathan Barber
Commentary: Bryce Remsburg and Leonard F. Chikarason
We go to the back to hear Tim Donst talk about his scrapbook, showing us crude drawings of his debut, his match with Eddie Kingston in his rookie year, his YLC win, his defeats of former Young Lions Cupholders, and his Hallowicked page. Hallowicked comes out of nowhere and attacks Donst and takes him to the ring as Max Boyer waits in the ring. Hallowicked hits Donst with the scrapbook, sends him into the ringpost and rolls him in the ring. The bell rings, Boyer gets the cover, 1-2-3. Your winner by lateral press at 4 seconds, Max Boyer.

Eddie Kingston vs. Johnny Gargano
Referee: Derek Sabato
Commentary: Leonard F. Chikarason and Gavin Loudspeaker
We have a guest ring announcer, who won the raffle at the show that day. The match begins, and Gargano stalls hooking up with Kingston. Gargano goes to the floor, which gets a “You’re a Chicken” “Cluck cluck cluck cluck” chant. Collar and elbow, and Kingston gets a headlock while Gargano tries a waistlock. Gargano fights out and gets an armbar, but Kingston reverses off and gets a headlock. They trade headlocks and wristlocks. Kingston is so popular the crowd is chanting for his headlocks. Kingston starts the three amigos suplexes but hits a falcon arrow for the third. Gargano rolls to the apron and gets chopped for his troubles. Gargano gets the slingshot spear and starts working on the left arm of Kingston. The match goes to the floor, and Gargano ducks a chop, Kingston hitting the ringpost. Gargano walks around the ring, slamming King’s hand into the ring steps and ring frame. They get back in the ring and Kingston’s chop to Gargano chest hurts him just as much. Kingston counters a Gargano aerial attack with a cutter. Kingston attacks with elbows, a big boot, and a lariat and gets a slow two from Sabato. Gargano fights back and hits a standing shiranui, but Kingston hits a Saito suplex for another slow two. Gargano avoids the Sliding D and hits a pump kick, enziguri, dive to the floor, and somersault senton. Gargano hits two superkicks and gets a two count. Gargano goes for the Hurts Donut, and Kingston hits a backfist to the future. Gargano is out of his feet. Kingston shouts out, “Claudio!” and hits a second backfist, which gets a slow three count for the win. Gargano is out.

We see a video showing the Batiri’s road to their title challenge as they defeated the Super Smash Brothers, Osirian Portal, and Incoherence.

Campeonatos de Parejas: Mike Quackenbush and Jigsaw vs. The Batiri (Obariyon and Kodama, accompanied by Kobald)
Referee: Bryce Remsburg
Commentary: Gavin Loudspeaker and Leonard F. Chikarason
This is Quack and Jigsaw’s first defense as campeones. Obariyon and Quackenbush start it off. Obariyon gets the upper hand on Quackenbush at the bell. Quackenbush gets a hip toss and a dropkick, and both partners tag in. Kodama and Jigsaw trade chops until Jig hits his kick sequence in the corner. The Batiri try to huddle on the floor but Quack hits from with the noggin knocker. Quack and Jig double team Kodama. Kobald grabs Jigsaw and gets him tied up in the ropes, wrenching Jig’s injured knee. The Batiri start to focus on Jig’s knee. Jigsaw kicks off a figure four attempt, but can’t get a head of steam. Obariyon sneaks a leaping DDT and get the pin for the first fall.

Jigsaw is selling the knee as Quackenbush starts the second fall with Obariyon. Obariyon throws Quackenbush out of the ring and pulls Jigsaw to make him the legal one, hitting a KneeDT. Jigsaw is able to roll out but Quackenbush isn’t in the ring for long before being thrown out again. Jigsaw gets pulled back out, and Kodama continues to work on the knee. Quackenbush gets greeted by a kneebreaker for Obariyon and hit by a leg lariat/Russian legsweep combo. Jigsaw is back in and gets caught with a dragon screw. The Batiri whips Jigsaw into the corner, but Jig crumbles before he gets there. The Batiri hits a series of dropkicks to the prone Jigsaw. Jigsaw and Obariyon trade elbows and chops before Jigsaw rolls Obariyon into a tornado clutch to get a three count to win the second fall.

Quackenbush and Obariyon start the third fall with Quack getting the quick advantage until Obariyon gets a chinbreaker. Quack hits the BTS and a crucifix for a two count. Kodama hits a bulldog into his knee on Quack, which causes Quack to roll him. Jigsaw comes in and hits a brainbuster for a two count. Jigsaw attempts a springboard elbow but gets caught with a lungblower instead. Quack monkey flips Obariyon out of the corner, but Quack can’tfollow up. Quack blocks the Flying DDT and connects with a superkick. Jigsaw with a superkick to Kodama before hitting a plancha on Obariyon on the floor. Jigsaw is greeted with a speak from Kobald. Kodama gets a two with a small package on Quack in the ring. Kobald has Jigsaw tied up on the floor, but Quack hits Kodama with Super Quackendriver 1 to get the third fall and retain the Campeonatos de Parejas.