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By Joshua Higham on 4/5/2011 9:11 AM

Chikara “Clutch of Doom” DVD Report

We are on DVD from Easton, PA, February 20, 2011, and per Easton tradition, we begin with Gavin Loudspeaker singing a song to the crowd.

Mike Quackenbush vs. Green Ant
Referee: Jonathan Barber
Commentary: None
Green Ant starts with a arm bar and works it down to a waist lock. Quack grabs hold of Green’s arm, but relinquishes it out of sportsmanship. They lock up with a Greco-Roman knuckle lock and roll through a few times until Green drops Quack into a front chancery. Quack fights out and works on the legs. They trade headlocks and pinning combinations. Quack grapevines the legs and butterflies the arms in a submission attempt. Green works in a standing keylock and gets a bodyscissors when Quack tries to counter. Green then attempts a triangle choke but Quack grabs a legbar. Green kicks him off and attempts a cloverleaf. Quack fights out but Green gets an ankle lock. Quack gets Green into the ropes to break and hooks in a sharpshooter and sat down on it deep, and Green Ant has no choice but to tap.

Ophidian is in the back and says if Icarus is mad at losing to the new version of the Osirian Portal that today he would have no problem putting in some work.

Ophidian vs. Icarus
Referee: Derek Sabato
Commentary: Bryce Remsburg and Steven “The Turtle” Weiner
Icarus jumps onto Derek Sabato’s waist and attempts to hypnotize Ophidian. Ophidian attempts his own hypnosis, but Sabato blocks it and Icarus attacks with several body slams. Icarus drops a leg for a 2. They trade chops, but Ophidian blocks the right hand. Ophidian butterflies Icarus’s arms with his legs. Icarus fights out and hooks O[hidian into the Tree of Woe and hits the dropkick. Ophidian tries to fight Icarus off, but gets knees to the head. Ophidian gets a crucifix out of a bodyslam attempt, then Ophidian locks in a submission. Icarus goes to the mask to break out. Icarus hits a few chops in the corner. Icarus attempts to lock in a dragon sleeper. Ophidian sweeps the legs and hits a headstand headbutt for 2. Icarus hits a dropkick out of nowhere and rakes Ophidian across the top rope. Icarus hits a few kicks in the corner. Ophidian connects with a spin kick that sends Icarus to the floor and hits a corkscrew dive. Springboard splash gets 2. Icarus is able to drop Ophidian’s throat across the top rope and hits diamond dust for a 2 of his own. Icarus catches a spin kick attempt and hits EVO for 2. Icarus takes off the sash from around Ophidian’s waist and starts choking him with it, breaking at the 4 count. He gets Sabato to turn his back, wraps the sash tighter, and locks in a sleeper hold. Sabato determines that Ophidian is out and gives the match to Icarus.

The Unstable vs. The Throwbacks
Referee: Nick Papagiorgio
Commentary: Bryce Remsburg and Wink Vavasseur
Vin Gerard comes to the ring wearing one of Dasher Hatfield’s jerseys and attempts to buy Dasher Hatfield’s vote in exchange for giving it back. Dasher agrees to the terms, but reveals his fingers were crossed. The bell rings, and Vin and Dasher start it out. Dasher locks Vin in the tree of woe. Dasher runs the bases but Stigma runs in to the block the plate. Dasher and Sugar are able to shoulder tackle Stigma out of the way and they both slide into home. Stigma and Sugar trade chops, but Sugar dropkicks Stigma into Gerard in the corner. Sugar hooks in a surfboard and Dasher gets a dropkick into Vin’s face. Stigma returns to the ring, and the team of 3.0 appears in the entrance way with microphones. Vin and Stigma make quick tags working over Sugar until Stigma gets distracted by Scott Parker on the floor. Sugar is able to roll out and Dasher takes advantage. Dasher goes to the top and Stigma cuts him off. Gerard pulls Sugar back in the ring as 3.0 find their pillow from the night before. 3.0 fake nap by the merchandise which gets Stigma angry. Stigma starts to chase 3.0 to the back, leaving Vin alone. Dasher slingshots in and gets a crucifix rollup for the 3 count.

We go to the back with 3.0 cutting a promo in front of apparently really bright lights. They say they are a point away from getting a shot at the Campeonatos de Parejas again. They know they only need the last pinfall to take the fans on the “Canadian freight train to the promised land.”

Elimination Tag Match: 3.0 vs. The Osirian Portal (Hieracon and Amasis) vs. Los Ice Creams vs. BDK (Delirious and Daizee Haze)
Referee: Bryce Remsburg
Commentary: Leonard F. Chikarason and Gavin Loudspeaker
The match starts with Scott Parker and El Hijo del Ice Cream. El Hijo sweeps Parker’s legs and attempts a figure four. Parker kicks him off and out of the ring. El Hijo, apparently, gets startled by a young fan and takes a header into the ringpost and is out on the floor. Remsburg counts to twenty as Ice Cream Jr. attempts to revive his partner. Los Ice Creams are eliminated. 3.0 is credited with the win, and that is their third point.

Scott Parker and Amasis start the second fall as Ice Cream Jr. drags his partner to the back. Collar and elbow and Amasis grabs the arm. They trade wristlocks until Parker gets a drop toe hold. Amasis fights off and gets a headlock of his own. Matthews comes in on the tag and gets a headscissors on Amasis. Hieracon with one of his own to Matthews. Delirious comes and begins to pound down on Hieracon. Delirious whips Hieracon into the corner but gets a headscissors from Hieracon. Amasis tags in and get a 2 with the big splash. Amasis goes to the top and is met with a headbutt. 3.0 come in and double team Delirious with Parker gets a 2 count. Daizee distracts Parker which allows the BDK duo to hit a hot shot/cutter combo on the top rope. Daizee and Delirious continue to double team Parker. Parker fights off the suplex attempt and hits one of his own. Scott Parker reared up for a punch, but couldn’t bring himself to hit a woman. Parker blocks the heart punch and is finally able to make the tag. Matthews and Amasis now. Vin Gerard and Stigma come out. Matthews chases them to the back, but Daizee hits the German suplex on Parker for the 3 count. 3.0 have lost their points, and Daizee and Delirious duo get their first.

Hieracon in to start the third fall. Hieracon with two quick cradles for 2s. Amasis and Hieracon double teaming Delirious. Daizee pulls Amasis out and Delirous hits a choke bomb for 2. Cobra clutch from Delirious. Hieracon elbows his way out. Headbutts from Delirious and a short STO for a 2. Delirious hangs Hieracon in the tree of woe but Amasis gets a flying clothesline and Hieracon with a dropkick. Big spinebuster from Amasis for 2. Daizee makes the save. Hieracon elbows out of the German attempt. Daizee with a schoolgirl for 2. Portal double team and gets two after a standing shooting star. Delirious with the save. Delirious throws Hieracon out of the ring. Amasis hits a discus forearm out of nowhere and gets the 3. Hieracon and Amasis have one point, and Daizee and Delirious lose theirs.

Sara Del Rey vs. Madison Eagles
Referee: Bryce Remsburg
Commentary: Mike Quackenbush and Gavin Loudspeaker
Del Rey stalls locking up, and we finally get a collar and elbow. Del Rey with a waistlock and Eagles counters with an armbar. Del Rey to the ropes to break it. Eagles with an abdominal stretch but reverses it with one of her own. Eagles rolls out and gets an STF variation. Del Rey bites her way out of it. Del Rey with a waistlock, but Eagles counters with another submission attempt. Del Rey in the ropes to break. Eagles with a drop toe hold and a seated abdominal stretch. Eagles grapevines the leg and gets a surfboard variant. Del Rey fights out. Wristlock by Eagles, but Del Rey spins out and hits a Northern Lights suplex. Wristlock by Del Rey, but Eagles spins out and hits a Northern Lights suplex of her own for 2. Eagles grabs a front face lock and get a kneeling abdominal stretch. But Del Rey rolls out with her own submission attempt. Del Rey hooks a hammerlock and half nelson and begins driving Eagles’ head into the turnbuckle. Eagles out of the ring and attempts a sunset flip. Del Rey blocks the La Magistral cradle for a 2 of her own. Del Rey and Eagles trade kicks to thighs, but Del Rey grabs the hair. Knife edges chops from Eagles and a running clothesline but Del Rey returns with her somersault kick. Del Rey lifts her up for the Royal Butterfly, but Eagles floats into a small package and gets the three.

We see a video of the events from Chaos in the Sea of Lost Souls that led to the following match.

The Spectral Envoy vs. the Batiri
Referee: Nick Papagiorgio
Commentary: Leonard F Chikarson and Mike Quackenbush
All six start brawling, but Papagiorgio restores order, threatening to throw the match out. Ultramantis and Kodama lock up with a collar and elbow, and Ultramantis backs Kodama into the corner. They tie up against and Kodama back Mantis up. Kodama with a chop in the corner, but Mantis returns with a few of his own. Mantis with an arm drag and rakes Kodama down the chest. Mantis whips him in but Kodama gets the boots up and fails at a split legged moonsault. They face off again and Mantis with mongolian chops before tagging in Frightmare. Obariyon enters and absorbs a few dropkicks before getting hit with headscissors out to the ring and Frightmare with a tope. Kobald and Wicked are in the ring and Wicked drives him in the corner, but Kobald bites Wicked on the back of the neck. Wicked tries for the yakuza but is met with palm thrusts to the chest. Wicked whips him in and connects with the big kick. Wicked attempted Go to Sleepy Hollow but gets clipped by Obaryion and Kodama. Frightmare tags in and attacks all three. Kobald gets the ankle and the Batiri gain control.  Kodama with a delayed suplex. Frightmare goes to the apron but gets hits by Obariyon and Kodama hits a slingshot guillotine legdrop. Obariyon and Mantis enter the match, and Obariyon quickly gets the advantage with snapmare takeover and a knee to the back. Obariyon pulls Mantis back into the corner and tags Kodama in. Kodama hit a spinning heel kick to a kneeling Mantis. Obariyon tags back in and throws Mantis out. Hallowicked enters and Obariyon attacks the leg. Kobald tags in and just starts choking. Kobald drops a knee and gets a 2. Kodama tags in and begins working on the shoulder. Chikarason and Quackenbush begin speculating that the Batiri may not be worrying about winning, just hurting their opponents for when Bodhi returns. Obariyon hits an elbow drop for two and Kobald tags in. Another elbow, another two. Kodama tags in and locks in a modified corba stretch. Hallowicked knees his way out of it. Obariyon and Kodama hold Hallowicked setting up for a Kobald spear. But Hallowicked fights out and kicks the earring off Kobald’s mask. Frightmare tags in and hits a double crossbody on Obariyon and Kodama. Frightmare with a here it is driver for 2. Mantis and Hallowicked tag in and isolate Kobald. Hallowicked and Mantis hold up Kobald for a doomsday device from Frightmare. Two count when Obariyon breaks it up. Obariyon and Frightmare are now the legal men. Frightmare with chops in the corner. Frightmare whips Obariyon in, but Obariyon floats over and hits a lungblower. Ultramantis rolls in and hits Obariyon with Cosmic Doom. Kodama in and Ultramantis attempts a Praying Mantis Bomb. Kodama reverses and hits Impaler Bulldog. Hallowicked connected with Go to Sleepy Hollow and Kobald hits the spear. Hallowicked was prone in the corner and Obariyon and Kodama hit their successive dropkicks for 2. All 6 men back in the ring. Kobald gets thrown out and Hallowicked with a dive and Ultramantis with a baseball slide. Kodama hotsthots Frightmare on the top rope and Obariyon hits the leaping DDT for the 3 count as Kodama hits Ultramantis and Hallowicked with a dive of his own.

Tim Donst is in the back complaining that Jigsaw ruined the start of his 2011 when Jigsaw pinned him at Chaos in the Sea of Lost Souls. Then last night at Caught in the Cauldron of Hate, he lost to Max Boyer in 4 seconds. So tonight, he’ll defeated Jigsaw in 3.

Jigsaw vs. Tim Donst
Referee: Derek Sabato
Commentary: Eddie Kingston and Bryce Remsburg
Derek Sabato asks Donst if he anything on him. Donst says no, and Sabato thoroughly inspects Jigsaw, allowing Donst to attempt a schoolboy for 2. Donst with a small package for 2. Jigsaw gets a superkick and a brainbuster but Donst rolls to the floor. Jigsaw hits a tope on Donst and throws him into the post. Jig rolls him back in for the slowest 2 count possible. Jigsaw goes up top and gets the double stomp. Jigsaw says if Sabato won’t count, he’ll have to knock Donst out. Sabato stops Jigsaw’s superkick attempt, and Donst gets an STO and two swinging neck breakers and Donst gets the three count. It wasn’t 3 seconds, but it was about 2 minutes.

Claudio Castagnoli is in the back with Tursas, speaking in German. So I have no clue what he said.

The Colony (Fire Ant and Soldier Ant) vs. The BDK (Tursas and Claudio Castagnoli)
Referee: Bryce Remsburg
Commentary: Leonard F. Chikarason and Ultramantis Black
The Colony attack quickly and Fire Ant hits a dive to the floor on Claudio. Soldier tries to bodyslam Tursas but clearly can’t. Tursas gets a slam of his own. All 4 are on the floor. Fire and Soldier drive Tursas into the wall. Claudio and Fire get back in the ring. Fire ducks a clothesline, attempts the stunner and gets thrown into the corner. Fire eludes the running European uppercut, and Fire and Soldier both connect with shots and hits the double dropkick to Claudio in the corner. Double flapjack to Claudio for 2 count. Soldier attempts the Chikara Special as Fire dives onto Tursas. Tursas catches and slams Fire. Tursas breaks up the special and slams Soldier for 2. Claudio tags back in and connects with a running European uppercut. Soldier tries to fight back but Claudio gets the hiptoss. Claudio holds Soldier down for a headbutt from Tursas. Tursas with the bear hug and Claudio tags in stomping Soldier in the corner. Bryce Remsburg warns Claudio. Tursas tags in and hits a butt splash in the corner. Tursas steps on Soldier for a two count but misses the resulting cross body splash. Both crawl to their partners, but Tursas gets Soldier’s ankle. Castagnoli tags in and hits the pop European uppercut for 2. Tursas tags in again and hits a dropkick and locks in a full nelson to the seated Soldier. Remsburg asks Soldier if he wants to give it up, and we get a Sir No Sir. Soldier stomps on the feet to break the hold, but Tursas tags Claudio back in. Soldier fights back  with a few palm strikes, but Claudio gets the chokeslam for 2. Claudio locks in a full nelson of his own and starts swinging him around. Soldier doesnt let his arm drop the third time and finally get the tag to Fire. Fire with a kick to Claudio and forearm to Tursas. Firemen carry slam to Claudio. Armdrag to Claudio and Fire rolls out of the elbow attempt from Tursas. Fire steps up on Tursas, headscissors to Claudio connecting with a DDT to Tursas on the way through for 2 count. Big kick to Tursas from Fire. Fire somersault senton onto Claudio on the floor and Soldier with a diving headbutt on Tursas for 2. Soldier attempts the sunset flip and rolls out of the way of Tursas sitting on him. Soldier locks in the Chikara Special on Tursas but Claudio breaks it up. Fire and Claudio fight on the floor. Tursas drives Soldier into the corner and gets the avalanche. Nonchalant cover again for 2. Fire up top for another big kick. Both Ants with big boots sends Tursas to the floor. Soldier dives out onto Tursas. Fire turns right into a huge lariat but kicks up at 2. Crowd completely behind Fire. Ricola bomb attempt gets countered into a stunner. Fire goes up top. Claudio grabs Remsburg and Hammermeier crotches Fire. Eddie Kingston comes out to run off Hammermeier, and Fire hits the distracted Castagnoli with a big cross body splash for the 3 count.

Claudio is furious and tries going after Bryce. Eddie Kingston is clapping on the floor and Claudio goes after him. Claudio and Kingston are brawling in the ring, and the entire locker room comes out to break it up. The BDK is holding Castagnoli back and Chikara guys are holding Kingston back. Director of Fun Wink Vavasseur comes out with a mic and can’t figure out how to get in the ring. Kingston is screaming “coward!” at Claudio. Vavasseur asks, “What seems to be the problem?” Castagnoli says Kingston is the problem, referring back to the Respect Match from November 2009. Vavasseur asks Kingston to say he respects Claudio to end it, saying it’s a pretty easy fix to this problem. Castagnoli says he will start a riot on every Chikara show until he gets what he wants. Vavasseur offers a match at the next show, but Castagnoli doesn’t want it in Williamsport. he wants it in NYC. Claudio says he wants to face Kingston in NYC and embarrass him in front of his family. Kingston goes berserk at the word family, and the BDK let Claudio go to attack Kingston. The BDK pulls Claudio off and they finally go to the back. Kingston starts getting in faces of all of the Chikara roster and tells them to leave. Kingston gets in the ring with a mic and says he’s been with Chikara since day one and that it was built on the backs of guys like Jigsaw, Ultramantis Black, Hallowicked, and Mike Quackenbush. Kingston says that Castagnoli wasn’t here during the rough times, that Claudio didn’t build Chikara, but he wants all the glory. Kingston then says if Claudio wants respect, he’ll have to take it from his cold, dead hands, because Chikara means more to him that Claudio’s life means to Clauido. Kingston swears on his mother’s eyes that this will end one way or another in Brooklyn.