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By David Tees on 4/7/2011 9:09 PM
Much like what The Godfather II is to The Godfather, Chris Jericho’s second entry into the written word is somehow superior to his first offering. This book covers the first time Chris Jericho appeared on WWE television all the way until the beginning of his comeback to the WWE. While the majority of this book covers the wrestling career of Y2J, there are also plenty of sections about Fozzy, trying to become an actor and his personal life.

The book begins with Chris Jericho debuting in the WWE on an edition of WWE Raw, face to face with The Rock. Immediately, the multi-time WWE Champion talks about how his initial missteps in the promotion garnered him a lot of backstage heat with WWE personalities. The author also discusses how his relationship with wrestlers was initially sour because he didn’t adhere to the backstage tradition of introducing himself to other talents and participating in various WWE projects.

Chris Jericho also discusses how, in a short period of time, he went from feuding with The Rock to working the opening matches on the majority of WWE cards. The books author then goes into great detail about how he changed the other wrestler’s perception of him and how he started to work the WWE style. These moves and changes is what lead to Y2J to stop becoming a so called curtain jerker and into the main events of WWE events.

One of the more interesting portions of the book deals with then WWE Champion Chris Jericho working with Stephanie McMahon while feuding with Triple H. Chris Jericho talked about how the storyline was more about Stephanie McMahon and Triple H, with little or no focus on the champion. This all of course had led to their meeting at WWE Wrestlemania 18, which was won by the returning Triple H.

One of the more controversial aspects of the book is a lone chapter about the Chris Benoit murder/suicide and how it affected Chris Jericho. In an odd way, Chris Jericho kind of humanizes and then demonizes Chris Benoit in the several pages he focused on him. Also in an interesting twist of fate, dealing with the Chris Benoit situation and watch the John Cena/Shawn Michaels match from England is what lead Y2J to make a WWE return.

Outside of being a professional wrestler, the biggest passion of Chris Jericho’s professional life is the band known as Fozzy. In this book, Chris Jericho talks about all of trials and tribulations that the band went through to become a legitimate musical act. There are plenty of great stories that Chris Jericho tells, including several about the band touring internationally that are pretty good.

Another great section of the book is dedicated to the family life of Chris Jericho, who discusses his love of his wife and children. Easily the most emotional moments of the whole book is when Chris Jericho talks about his mother’s passing and then how he dealt with the emotions of presumably blaming her old boyfriend for the accident. Overall, this book finds itself in an excellent position as one of the greatest books about professional wrestling on the market today.

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