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By David Tees on 4/24/2011 12:00 AM
There are very few tag teams in the long history of professional wrestling that had made an impact like the Road Warriors, Hawk and Animal, have made. Sadly, Hawk has passed away and that leaves Joe “Animal” Laurinaitis to tell fans the history of the Legion Of Doom. The book does a pretty good job of telling the whole story of wrestling’s best tag team, but something felt left behind throughout the autobiography.

The book begins with Animal giving a brief history of his life before becoming a wrestler and Animal admits that most people want to hear about his career, so he purposely kept everything short. Animal then goes into detail about meeting Hawk and then there time being bouncers in many nightclubs. Animal then talks about working a club that was owned by a former wrestler named Eddie Sharkey, which led to his entrance into professional wrestling.

Animal talks about learning to wrestling with the likes of Hawk, Rick Rude and Barry Darsow, all future hall of fame wrestlers. Eddie Sharkey eventually gets information on Animal and Hawk to Ole Anderson, who brought them into Georgia Championship Wrestling. Animal then tells an excellent story about how the Road Warriors were awarded the GCW Tag Team Titles in a phantom title change.

Eventually, Georgia Championship Wrestling starts to crumble, but not before an important addition was made to the team. That addition was “Precious” Paul Ellering, who would become the tag teams manager both inside and outside of the ring. With the impending doom of Georgia Championship Wrestling, the trio would move onto the American Wrestling Association.

The Road Warriors would find instant success in the AWA, but would also make an important career move by starting to wrestle in Japan. This move would make the Legion Of Doom even bigger stars as they would capture numerous titles in the country. It would also be through the AWA that the Road Warriors would work dates for Jim Crockett promotions, which would eventually lead them to signing with the National Wrestling Alliance.

The time in the NWA would prove to be some of the highest in Road Warriors history, but also some of the lowest as well. Animal goes into great lengths discussing the feud with The Midnight Express and their scaffold matches with the team. Animal then talks about how the NWA and then WCW Would fall apart, leading the team to sign with the WWE.

It was during these chapters that Animal discusses how Hawk’s rowdy lifestyle and habits were catching up with him. Animal talks about how Hawk failed multiple drug tests and wound up quitting the WWE, which inadvertently lead to Animal getting released. Animal then talks about how he and Hawk became distant, with Hawk forming the Hell Raisers in Japan without Animal.

Eventually Hawk and Animal would reconcile and reform the tag team, but both Road Warriors would also find faith in God. Unfortunately, Hawk would pass away and Animal goes onto talking about wrestling with his tag team partner. Animal uses the final chapters to talk about his wife and kids, which goes onto show just how proud of them the man is.

Overall, this is definitely a wrestling book that many fans will want to check out; sadly Hawk is not here to share his portion of the story.

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