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By Mike Johnson on 7/11/2011 10:08 AM
Some reader feedback on last night's Destination X PPV: Patrick Ellison: "Great show overall but they desperately need 2 get out of Orlando!This crowd is spoiled and damn near killed the show."

Steve Wright: "I just would like you to know that I will never, Everrrrrrrrrr order another TNA ppv. There where only two matches that was good on the show. To pay $44 (HD) was a waste. I had a party of 6 people who I wanted to show what TNA/IMPACT Wresting can do. Everyone left feeing cheated but no more than me because of the money I wasted. I would say this in my opinion is what hurt the show:

1)Move the PPVs away from the Impact Zone. Too many spoiled people and they don't add to the enjoyment of those actually paying to watch the show.

2) Less is more, i.e Robbie E over freaking selling!!!!!

3) Screwy finishes.

Yes I'm pissed but I'll move on its always Netflix going forward."

Simon Anderson: "I really hope this gets a good buyrate cause I would like to see these guys get way more screen time and focus. Really good PPV and Im actually happy I stayed up until 5am to watch it. The TNAonDemand stream worked really well to with great quality and only 1 time I went down and you had to refresh it (for me). Well I'm going to bed, and I cant wait to hear your Post Game Show on it."