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By PWInsider Readers on 7/18/2011 6:47 PM

Agent D: "Way to go, WWE. That was incredible. Awesome, awesome AWESOME show. Fantastic ending - so glad that Punk gets to escape with the title! "


Erik Novak: "Oh. My. God. Oh my freakin' Lord.... they did it. I didn't think they would have the cajones to actually let Punk run off with the belt. I know I'm being unrealistic now, but I would KILL to see Vince work out a deal (in secret of course) with ROH... have Punk show up there as the REAL World's champion. This is one HELL of a night for wrestling fans. "

Bob Lancaster: "This ranks as one of the best PPV's I have seen EVER!!!! Just awesome awesome work tonight.. This is why I am a wrestling fan!!!!! "

Stephen in St. Louis: " I mean, holy ess... just wow, just wow wow wow. It is truly something when someone who knows the business like subscribers to this site know it has butterflies in his stomach watching a match, and I totally did. This was because I knew how amazingly they could do it and how badly it could be screwed up, and I was excited to see what happened.

Even considering this, they surpassed my wildest dreams. Does anyone question that this will win match of the year at this point? I just can't imagine even H-Taker could beat it. But the booking! Cena punching Johnny Ace and losing as an almost direct result? They better ACTUALLY keep him off tv for a while. And Punk stopping Del Rio without ruining his title chance. Just incredible. It's very telling that someone (sorry I can't check who at the moment) hasn't ordered a ppv since ONS1. That's what kind of importance this show had. Just incredible. And as much as I've glowed about the Punk match, the entire show was great. Even the divas seemed to get it tonight, comparatively. ROH's influence on the business has never been more apparent than tonight. I couldn't have imagined D. Bryan (as Booker so annoyingly called him) winning the MiB match. And the Henry angle was SO well done.

This is a very long-winded post, and I apologize to all, but as you can probably tell, I'm very excited."