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By PWInsider Readers on 7/18/2011 6:47 PM

Shawn Collier:

"I'm sure you guys have been inundated with thoughts, but at this point I just want to drive home the point that this PPV was 10 times better than this years Wrestlemania!

On behalf of all of us wrestling fans out here, could you PLEASE please please tell the right people at WWE that this PPV was better than Wrestlemania! Their biggest event and PPV of the year was such a disappointment this year. Get rid of the silly behind the scene sketches, and pointless promos. Bring back the Money In The Bank match at Wrestlemania. It's a great way to showcase both brands, and superstars that aren't in a main event, or a lame Rey Mysterio-Cody Rhodes esque feud. Having the MITB match in early April in NO way will diminish or take away from a MITB PPV in July."


Joe Bayala:

"My 10 year old son got me into wwe about 2 years ago. I was a fan as a kid when Hogan and Andre were around but just got back into it. This is the first ppv we have ever bought and we thought it was Awesome! All the matches were great and the ladder matches were real entertaining. I thought the Cena vs Punk match was the best I have ever seen. The crowd was loud and awesome in Chicago! We loved it, thanks"


Lee Morgan:

"This was far superior to this year's WrestleMania and one of the best pay-per-views I have ever seen. It actually reminded me of Canadian Stampede in terms of the remarkable, totally electric atmosphere, and in the way it delivered 100% in the ring. The main event was a classic, the ladder matches were excellent and - women's match aside - everything else was good.

The booking was both unpredictable and perfect, and not just in the phenomenal CM Punk cliffhanger, but in matches like Henry and Big Show, where the former finally cemented his position as the company's top monster by squashing the giant. Christian versus Orton too, where it might not have been their best match, but the title change freshened things up and was something both different and deserving.

Top to bottom, this was wrestling in its most current and essential form, the sort of show even a non-fan would be gripped by. It simply had to be seen. Also, as someone whose interest in wrestling was saved by Ring of Honor last decade, particularly from 2003-2007, to see Daniel Bryan take the world title shot in the opener and CM Punk take the WWE title in the main event was an absolute joy. Where they go now is anybody's guess, and I wonder if The Rock intervenes to stop John Cena being fired?"


Chris Cutrer:

"Awesome PPV and IMO maybe one of their 10 best PPV shows of all time.

I thought the main event was better than Triple H/Taker from Mania.

I like how they didn't beat Alberto and have him be the first to lose when cashing in. It would've really made him look like a geek so knocking him out and then Punk hauling ass was the right thing. You know sometimes when talking to people about what pro wrestling is I always make 2 points, when wrestling is done horribly it can look like the biggest bunch of BS you've ever seen but when done correctly it can be a really beautiful thing.

To me this entire match was a work of art. And maybe some may think I'm exaggerating which is fine but that's just how I see it. The whole match epitomizes what pro wrestling is all about and while many will knock WWE for wanting to be entertainment but in the end as long as you deliver great pro wrestling in doesn't matter what you call it.

Great thing about this match was it accomplished so much.

It got Punk over even more as a huge babyface and as a guy who deserves to be in the upper echelon.

Even in losing it got Cena over more as a guy who can go out there and perform and as a guy who truly deserves the spot he's in. He went out there and put on a great performance and had as much to do with that match being so great as Punk did. He went out there like a guy who knew he was in enemy territory and played everything spot on. Cena's a guy that really most aren't going to give props to regardless of what he does, like attention seeking gnats like Chavo who even though he delivered still have to run the guy down when he did exactly what he said Cena should do, but if he had not been in this match I don't think it would've been as important as it was. If fans didn't feel the way they do about a polarizing character like Cena I don't think moments like this would be so great. Actually I'd hate it if everyone accepted and cheered him because it would kill the best part of his whole character.

It also accomplished making the WWE title of major importance. The whole story wasn't about Punk or Cena, it was about the title which should be the most important thing

So yeah a huge thumbs up to everyone involved. Stoked to see where this goes."



"Holy $#%@ what a PPV...the 3rd wrestling PPV I watched in a row that actually delivered much better than expected and this is coming from someone that has nearly gave up on the business entirely. And wow was that crowd hot for Punk! And who is booking this Punk angle? The soap opera writer lol? What an unbelievable finish! I was in awe and still had goosebumps when the show went off the air.

One criticism though: I did not like the commentary. Those 3-man teams never work. And I know that horse has beaten so many times about Cole but the guy doesn't have a clue on how to call those moments like Jim Ross can."