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By David Tees on 7/22/2011 3:44 PM
There is only one individual who can lay claim to being the final American Wrestling Association (AWA) Champion and that person was Larry Zbyszko. The man simply known as the “Living Legend” spent his wrestling career in top promotions like the World Wide Wrestling Federation (now the WWE), National Wrestling Alliance (NWA), World Championship Wrestling (WCW), Total Non-Stop Action (now Impact Wrestling) and the aforementioned AWA.

The author does something not seen in many wrestling autobiographies, as Larry Zbyszko skips over his life before becoming a wrestler and immediately heads into the world of wrestling. While the average wrestling fan will probably enjoy this decision by the writer, hardcore fans could be turned off by not getting to known the man before he stepped into the squared circle.

One thing that Larry Zybszko truly has a great appreciation for was his rivalry with the man who got him into the business, Bruno Sammartino. The “Living Legend” goes into detail about walking up to his mentor at his home and wanting to get into the business. The book then immediately delves into Larry Zybszko’s early runs in pro wrestling before the legendary feud took shape.

The greatest part of this book is when the author discusses his feud with Bruno Sammartino, which featured a lot of great stories about the matches and behind the scenes activities. The writer discusses how he and Bruno worked out the feud and pitched it to the WWWF officials because Sammartino was retired at the time.

Larry Zybszko then talks about all the heat he got from the fans while the feud was taking place with the former WWWF Champion. The “Living Legend” then talks about how financial issues with the promotion nearly ended the feud before its planned culmination. The feud ended with a historic cage match at Shea Stadium and shortly after, Larry went to work with the AWA.

Larry Zybszko then talks about his first run in the AWA, where he portrayed a ninja-like character with his own ninja assailants. It does not take long for the wrestler to move onto the NWA, but a return to the AWA would happen rather quickly. The final AWA Champion then discusses how the promotion came to an end with his as their final champion.

The book concludes with the wrestler going into retirement and becoming a color commentator for the WCW promotion. There are plenty of funny stories from the author as he discusses the behind the scenes antics with the WCW production team. The book comes to a conclusion with the wrestler talking about his start with the Impact Wrestling (then TNA) promotion.

Overall, hardcore wrestling fans will definitely want to check out this book while the average fan will most likely be skipping it.

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