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By PWInsider Readers on 7/26/2011 1:45 AM
Joel Adcock:

I thought Raw was great. the returns of Jim Ross, Jim Morrison. oh and ZacK Ryder getting on Raw was awesome. They only thing that i wish they would have done is held off on CM Punk. I wish they would have played the whole thing up on the net but kept him off and TV. He could have showed up at more independent shows. I think they could have played it long enough and did the whole Shawn & Razor thing from Mania 10. I would have love to seen a ladder match at Mania between them for the tittles but I'm guessing WWE doesn't have the patience for that. I think they could have done it until at least the Rumble,

On a side note I'm so sick of seeing John Cena as champ. As a person, Iike him. As character he is played out beyond belief. If they keep the title on Cena, I will bust my head against the wall.

Marty Hawrysko:

I couldn't help but think during the Cena and Mysterio match that the longer CM Punk sits out, the more steam his storyline loses, especially with WWE the last two weeks going about that the WWE Title is something that can just be easily replaced.

After Cena pinned Mysterio, I was scared to death that we were back to the same old, same old, which would have royally sucked. At that point, despite the return of JR which was awesome, the showing of Zack Ryder, and a decent show overall, if the show would have ended with Cena walking out as champ, just like that, I would have been pissed and would have gone back to watching WWE casually.

The Punk return keeps me interested and excited. While I am used to watching WWE with my hand on my chin counting the seconds until the next predictable thing happens, I found myself jumping out of my seat and bowing to my television while Punk was walking down the ramp. Just an awesome, really special mark out moment.

Obviously, next week's Raw is now must-see!

Colin FST:

John Cena being champ again is the most boring route they could have taken. Having Punk back after a one-week absence just deflates it all the more. It's like Irish whip, big boot, leg drop all over again. Let's just skip to the part where CM Punk is back full time and John Cena is the unified title holder in his 85th reign as champ.


Tonight, WWE as usual took my interest away from a damn fine story line. As a 25 year old who watches Raw every week during Football off season, I haven't been this gripped to any WWE storyline since well it was WWF.

But tonight I've lost all interest and don't look forward to WWE Raww next week. In short they should of kept Punk off TV for a few more weeks. Kept the belt off Cena. You dropped the ball WWE. Back to predictable TV every week. All this for Cena vs. Punk at Summerslam just isn't worth it to me.