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By Mike Johnson on 7/26/2011 7:34 PM

So let me get this right, WWE actually came to an agreement with CM Punk over his contract and he was never really leaving WWE at the PPV, it was all an elaborate storyline building to a Champion vs Champion match at Summerslam between him and Cena? I have to admit my head was spinning after Raw this week as it was too much too soon and I think I have lost the plot totally now. I personally feel WWE should have held off a lot longer before bringing Punk back. In the space of a few weeks Punk left and Cena was fired yet surprise surprise they are both still here. I really wish they would stop playing the "you're fired" storyline with Cena as no one truly believes they will actually fire the guy.

Last week they had some awesome tournament matches to crown a new Champion, showcasing different content enders for the title and for once in a longtime I was actually interested in the Heavyweight Championship. This week was the final and Miz and Mysterio put on a great match but you know what I knew as soon as I saw that title belt, being the same tired old design, that John Cena would walk out of Raw the Champion - AGAIN! Which raises the question what was the point of the past few weeks?

We have come full circle and Cena is still the Champion. I admit I am not a fan of Cena anymore, I used to be, but I am tired of the same old character and really wish WWE would change him up a bit BUT I know they won't as it would upset all the little kiddies if their hero went bad. Yes, he can cut some serious, strong promos which showcases just how good he is on the mic BUT then WWE Creative go and ruin it and give him some goofy, over the top childish promo which negates the previous weeks. Its because of those sorts of promos that I can't take him seriously for long and lose interest.

I would have loved them to give Miz another run with the title, as much as I like Rey, the way he is booked when Champion is not good - case in point this week, BUT basically, the tournament to crown a NEW champion was just a smoke screen for the Cena/Punk storyline and one again the Champ is here. I guess I was hopeful that the title picture on Raw would change but hey at least we had some decent wrestling matches for a change on Raw instead of just promos/adverts/segments!

Andrew Brewster:

Was reading your column today from yesterday's Raw. While I agree with a lot of what you said, I do disagree about not seeing the writing on the wall of Rey winning the title. The started pushing his DVD the week before the PPV becauise of its release date, yes, but also it seemed like the push would happen. I believe that even had the Punk angle played that he resigned, Rey would have been one of the first challengers. When MITB happened and Punk left, then Rey was in the tourney, I saw it a mile away.

The title match being first made it pretty predictable that someone else, other than those 2, was leaving with the belt. Personally, I would have prefered that they make a final with Kofi and Truth, where Truth goes over and then HHH shows up and everything else plays out as it happened, with Truth dropping the belt to Cena, which would allow more conspiracy theory stuff from Truth.