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By David Tees on 8/3/2011 1:47 PM
Of all the WWE Diva’s on the WWE roster right now, none have been with the company longer than former WWE Women’s/Divas Champion Melina. This past Monday Night on WWE Raw, something that has been looming in the shadows with Melina has become very apparent. Looming in the shadows was the free fall of Melina, who at the moment, is so far down the rankings in the WWE hierarchy that even the best search and rescue team cannot locate her.

That point was proven in the WWE Diva’s Title #1 Contenders Battle Royal on WWE Raw this past Monday, because it took me longer to write this sentence than it took for Melina to get dumped out of the ring. There can be several reasons why the grappler is on the free fall, ranging from her long tenure with the company to mental instability.

If anybody were to look at all of the women who have come through the WWE since the WWE Women’s Title was re-instated in 2001, very few have lasted past the decade mark. So with Melina being in the company for just over eight years, she is inching ever so close to that heralded mark. The fact is, with a division that gets very little focus on it, a woman who has been there that long and has been involved in as many storylines as she has been in will eventually get very little to do after a while.

There is only so much that can be written storyline-wise for a performer and after eight years, it seems that the storyline well has dried for Melina. Look at all the women on the WWE roster right now, Melina has feuded at some point with all of them with the possible exceptions being A.J., Bella Twins, Eve, Kaitlyn, Kelly Kelly, Rosa Mendes and Tamina. If you look at all of the women who have been on the roster and released since Melina debuted, Melina has feuded with many more women.

Now I am not going to claim to be the most mentally stable person to ever comment on professional wrestling, but compared to Melina, I am as centered as can be. There was the war on Twitter and Melina’s own website blog with Gail Kim, which blurred the line between wrestling storyline and fantasy. To this day, Melina still has to warn readers ahead of time if what she is writing comes from Melina the person or Melina the performer.

The sad thing is that Melina’s terrible frame of mind has started affecting other talents as well, most notably boyfriend John Morrison. Rumors have been circulating for months that Melina’s attitude has been hurting the push of the former WWE Intercontinental Champion. The most notable incident with the two occurred after WWE Wrestlemania 28, where Melina and John Morrison bashed the returning Trish Stratus, who teamed with John Morrison & Snooki to defeat Dolph Ziggler & Laycool at the event.

It has been nearly a year since Melina held the WWE Diva’s Title and the way things are looking, she won’t be getting that title back for a very long time.

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