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By David Tees on 8/8/2011 3:29 PM
Outside of covering a lot of MMA for PWInsiderXtra, I am also an avid fan of professional wrestling and I thought I would bring something different on Xtra covering the women of wrestling in a weekly column, which you can expect every Monday.

One WWE Diva Is Released…

When I typed up my column last week called “The Fall Of Melina,” I had no clue that she would be released by the end of the week. Obviously the fall I wrote about came to fruition and she was promptly released from the WWE last week, along with another WWE Diva. The release of Melina can be credited to two things in my mind, which is that she seemingly isn’t mentally stable at times and she has had a long tenure in the WWE (8 Years). There is no doubt in my mind that she will be back at some point in wrestling, most likely with TNA or Shimmer.

And Another WWE Diva Quits

One could easily make the argument that Gail Kim was the most underutilized women’s wrestler in the WWE during her second run with the company. Her status with the company was so bad that when she purposely eliminated herself from the battle royal on WWE Raw, nobody noticed! Outside of making it to the finals of the WWE Women’s Title Tournament last year (Maryse won the title), Gail Kim really didn’t get much in her second WWE run. Like the aforementioned Melina, Gail Kim can go to TNA (where she was the first TNA Knockouts Champion) or compete along the independent scene.

The New TNA Knockouts Champion Is…

Winter, who with the help of Angelina Love and some red mist, defeated Mickie James at TNA Hardcore Justice to win the title. This is the first TNA Knockouts Title reign for Winter, who was a TNA Knockouts Champion with Angelina Love earlier in the year. The positive thing about Winter winning the belt is that there will be new potential feuds featuring Winter taking on the likes of Sarita, Rosita, Miss Tessmacher, Traci Brooks, ODB, Miss Jackie and more. If you also take into account that Winter holds a victory over TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champion Tara, a possible Winter & Angelina Love vs. Tara & Miss Tessmacher title match can take place soon as well.

The WWE Diva’s Title Top Contender Is…

Beth Phoenix, who outlasted all the other WWE Diva’s to win a battle royal and earn a shot at the WWE Diva’s Title held by Kelly Kelly. After the battle royal, Kelly Kelly embraced Beth Phoenix and was promptly beaten down by the top contender. Apparently, Natalya was inspired by the antics of Beth Phoenix, as she assaulted former friend AJ on WWE Smackdown. Also, the battle royal won by Beth Phoenix featured the final WWE appearances of Gail Kim and Melina, who were released from the company.

That Match Went How Long?

This past Saturday Night at the ACE Arena in Union City, NJ…a Women’s Superstars Uncensored Title Match between Champion Mercedes Martinez and challenger Lexxus went over seventy minutes. Now, I’m not going to sit there and say that because the match was so long, it means it was an instant classic, because that’s not the case. However, the fact the Mercedes Martinez (who is coming off of a tour of Japan) and Lexxus had the gas tanks to go that long is simply incredible. To put it in perspective, that match went the length of fifteen WWE women’s matches from bell to bell (average WWE Diva’s matches are 3-5 minutes).

Quick Notes: WWE Diva Maryse underwent abdominal hernia surgery and is out indefinitely…the Chikara “Chikarasorous Rex: King Of Sequels” DVD’s are out at and they features Sara Del Rey, Daizee Haze, Makoto, Portia Perez, Tsukasa Fujimoto and Mimi Shimoda…Izza Belle Smother (Mickie Knuckles/Moose from TNA) defeated Lady Jojo (Sojourner Bolt from TNA) to win the OVW Women’s Title on Saturday Night..

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