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By PWInsider Readers on 8/15/2011 12:32 PM

I almost ordered this PPV because of interest in the Cena-Punk match.  After reading the results, and seeing Kevin Nash return, I'm glad I didn't.  Thank you WWE for saving me $50.
Dave Whitaker


Hey.  Here's my take on SummerSlam!

So, SummerSlam is in the books.  A generally good show, with a few things that lead one to scratch one's head.

First, no Jim Ross.  "Because SmackDown had no representation?"  Right, I don't by that.  Incidentally, we had 3 COLOR GUYS on the same show.  I know Cole can cut it (sometimes) as a PBP guy, so why didn't he?  There was very little "calling" of the wrestling match, and looking back, this really irked me.

I was surprised at the outcome of the Divas match.  I thought for sure Beth Phoenix would win, but she didn't.  This was surprising.  I would  hope that, in this case, this means the continuation of a Phoenix/Kelly program.  It would be a good idea to use this program to establish Kelly as a main event player, rather than just the eye candy whose work ethic has been improving lately.  Perhaps WWE is trying to push her to the next level.  If this is the case, that is fine.  I just hope they don't do it at Beth's expense.  Time will tell, however.

The Barrett/Bryan match was solid, but I would have liked it to go a little longer. I don't know what Cole was thinking when he said that the match-up "could have gone 50/50 either way," because Bryan dominated up until the end.  I suppose this was the best Cole could to to give credit to Bryan, the "nerd" who always works hard in his matches.  Oh yeah, and about the "nerd" thing - it's been a year.  He needs to drop that angle already. The horse is dead.  Now go away.  In any case, I had the same sentiments with this match as the Divas match.  I have absolutely no idea why Barrett won here, unless they plan to continue their program, which is the only logical explanation here.  If this is the case, Barrett running a strong program with Bryan could be what Barrett needs to move up the card a little.  This might actually be a good move, in the long run, as long as Bryan finishes strong.  I hope they do intend to push him til Mania.  Done right, a continued program with Barrett and Bryan could help elevate both wrestlers.

Now, the Cena-HHH match.  This brings a whole new meaning to the term "mixed bag," doesn't it?  On one hand, we have what was in many ways a continuation or round two of their MITB classic. It was a back-and-forth match, and both guys looked strong.  The ending is what got me, of course.  Initially, I was furious.  I knew that Del Rio cashing in the brief case was a distinct possibility, but I hoped like hell they wouldn't do that spot.  Sadly, they did, and they did it in a far more unexpected way than I ever could have imagined.

Surprisingly, there wasn't really a screw job (at least not at first-glance) from HHH, though they could build on that finish and turn it into a screwjob in the future, should they desire.  That is, of course, if HHH intentionally counted to three despite seeing Cena's fut on the ropes.  Nonetheless, Punk goes over Cena in a less-than-clean fashion, but the ending wasn't screwy enough to be called a screw-job...yet.  Punk wins the hard-fought battle, and just as I began to breathe a sigh of relief, it all went to hell.  KEVIN NASH, of all people?  REALLY??  Punk eats a powerbomb, Del Rio cashes in and gets the easy three.  So, even though HHH was more than fair to Punk (possibly even favoring him), Punk still gets screwed.  The guy can't win.

Since I am ever the optimist, I can see a few different ways WWE could go to salvage the Punk/Cena program/WWE Title program.  First, we still do not have a n "undisputed" winner, since Cena ate a mini-screwjob in that match.  Now, where do Kevin Nash and Del Rio fit in? The best I can figure is that Kevin Nash will be Del Rio's "Diesel." Perhaps Del Rio paid Nash off to get him the gold.  If this is the case, we could see a relatively entertaining program with Cena, Punk, and Del Rio/Nash.  I hope WWE can pull it off.  Optimist though I am, I don't feel like this was the right way to go, by any stretch of the imagination.  The initial ending was PERFECT - Punk looks strong, goes over Cena and the program gets to continue, because the better man is still unknown.  The aftermath ruined it.

I was going to boycott of Del Rio cashed in.  I'm not going to boycott now, but I am extremely ticked off.  I guess we'll see what the next step is on RAW tomorrow!

Jonathan Beck


We got heavy rain during the show and it messed with the satellite, so I had to see Sheamus/Henry during the replay.

Christian/Orton was VERY GOOD. VERY VERY VERY GOOD. If it was the final match between them, then fine with me. Orton was truly into his character the entire match and Christian made him earn that win.

Kelly beating Beth was also a great story. Eve and Nattie stayed out of it, thankfully. I think Beth got that outfit from Farooq Asaad.

Not really into the six-man opener.

Barrett won a tough fight. I think they're smart to push Wade up the ladder...even at Bryan's expense. It's only one match.

Punk/Cena was very good. The split crowd made it fun. I didn't feel as much tension in the match tonight as I did last month. HHH tossing both guys into the ring was good.

The finish had me waiting for a restart. It seemed like everyone saw Cena's foot on the rope and the match should have gone on somehow.

Kevin Nash? OK, let's see where this goes. It defies logic at the moment.

Gonna be a mess to figure out now that Del Rio has the belt. Punk and Cena also have a claim to it in a way. Could make for a big match at NOC.

Frank Wilson

 I really enjoyed the show last night, but the finish took alot of steam out of it for me. I wasn't gonna post about it but it felt a bit too much like an ending to a TNA event. So much hotshotting going on.

I get what everyone who enjoyed the finish is saying, and if they do go the route of having Alberto as a "corporate champion" handpicked by HHH, and having Nash as a hired gun, then whatever. But, why can't you have Punk win clean in that case? That way, Punk has a legitimate gripe about being the "best in the world", and got screwed by the corrupt HHH and his cronies. And Cena can be removed from the World Title picture. Instead, you have a situation where everyone including Stevie Wonder sees that Punk shouldn't have been the champ in the first place, and therefore Punk doesn't really have a legitimate claim to anything I said above.

And, why would Alberto cash in the MITB when its abundantly clear that there will be controversy around the title, given the guy he won it from shouldn't have been declared undisputed champ to begin with, which would therefore jeopardize chances of his MITB cash in being upheld?

Like I said, overall, it was a really good show. But, I think WWE overthought the finish. There were so many other (clean) ways to end the show, and still accomplish what they wanted (which, granted, we have to wait and see about).