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By PWInsider Readers on 8/15/2011 12:35 PM

Well, I certainly didn't see that one coming. Wasn't Nash just hanging out with those Juggalo morons a day or two ago? I'm guessing that he's the only man ever to go from a JCW ring to a WWE ring in two days.

I have to tip my cap to Cena, for once again bringing his A-game; hopefully, the Cena-Punk rivalry continues, as those two are fantastic together.

I'm still not quite sure what to think about the finish of the show, but I think WWE has put on two solid PPVs in a row. I hope the PPV trend continues and I hope that the crowd's reaction to Punk convinces everyone in the WWE hierarchy that he is and should remain, a top guy.

Chris Brainard


A very good main event with a red hot crowd. I get where they are probably going with Del Rio as the new corporate champion handpicked by Triple-H, and Nash the hired henchman, but honestly, Del Rio's crowning moment seemed to bring everything down a level rather than him up a level. I think people wanted to see Punk soak in the glory a little longer first, especially after such a strong match. Who knows, maybe once it plays out on television it will seem less convoluted. But it certainly didn't feel like that great 'cashing in' moment that sends everybody into rapture. Nor did it feel in any way like a fitting conclusion to what Cena and Punk had worked towards. Overall though, a good show with two excellent world title matches. The unthinkable really has occurred this year, in that I am now interested in Orton and Cena again. They have raised their characters and in-ring work to new heights.

Lee Morgan


I like the PPV, overall.

Henry/Sheamus was a good brawl, with a good non-finish.

Kelly/Phoenix was what it was. Kelly is gorgeous, but she really doesn't come off as a wrestler to be reckoned with. She's too hesitant in the ring, and she's just too skinny to be believable as a wrestler.

Bryan/Barrett was very good. I hope that it wasn't just Bryan carrying Barrett to a good match. This feud could have legs.

The opener was very good, with some good high spots.

Orton/Christian was a great plunder match. It kinda reminded me of the Foley/Orton match, the one that made Orton.

Cee-Lo was a good singer, it's a shame the crowd couldn't care less.

The main event was great, almost as good as their MITB match. great reversals.

My only real complaint as TOO MANY COMMERCIALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

K. Musky


I dunno. I spent $50 on a WWE PPV for the first time in at least 6 years. I thought the overall show was good. Punk/Cena end was great. It left the door open to do a whole lot more. Then the last 90 seconds it went straight to hell.

Kevin Nash? I didn't like him 16 years ago. Opinion hasn't changed. Del Rio? It's obvious the writers wanted the belt on him immediately.

I wish they would be patient and actually build momentum and sees where they can take things go before taking a crap over everything on a whim.

And the possibility of seeing Stephanie on air again doesn't thrill me either.

Here is hoping that RAW is good and rebuilds from tonight. But I doubt I'll buy another PPV again soon.

Michael Kap


Yuck... Hot shot city.

Phenomenal match, but the ending with Cena's foot on the rope, Nash killing Punk and MITB being cashed in was just too much. Just unbelievably stupid to do that to Cena and Punk, if you ask me.