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By Mike Johnson on 8/15/2011 7:43 PM
Best Summerslam Build/PPV Combo in quite sometime, last few years either the build or the PPV Sucked, tonight neither is the case.

Rob From NY


I went to bed hating this ending to SS, but woke up with a way different opinion.

The positives as I see it:

As others have stated, it is hard for Punk to be the outsider rebel if he is on top, but also it is hard to have him be taken as a true top guy unless he is booked to the top, so this ending allowed the WWE to have it both ways.

Punk has now beaten Cena twice on two PPVs in a row for the WWE Championship. Who has ever done that?

Cena has wrestled his butt off for two months in a row, when has THAT happened?

While Nash is a very polorizing figure in wrestling, he does make sense and opens up many intriguing possibilities. The fact that he has such a long and public friendship with Triple H makes him the perfect person to insert into this. Ask yourself this question, if HBK came through the crowd like Nash and superkicked Punk, would their be the same instant backlash that Nash recieved? With HBK retired Nash is probably the only other member of the Kliq that would allow the following questions to be asked instantly..
... Is he working for Vince? working for himself? Is he with HHH? or was he hired by Del Rio? Did Johnny Ace as E.V.P. of Talent Relations hire Nash for his own goals? All are possibilities.

Logically it makes sense for the Del Rio character to cash in. Everyone screamed last month when Daniel Bryan didn't instantly cash in the MITB briefcase when Christian was laid out by Orton. So why wouldn't the slimy heel either take advantage of this situation, or better yet have a hand in creating this situation so he could cash in?

Finally, while this may lead to the Punk/Cena "enemies together" team up that has been done to death. I do think that this could help the Cena character. Punk has been screwed again, which will help further fuel his motives, but also Cena has now been screwed by the company?, someone with power? This will allow the uber-company man Cena now to have an issue with the company, which may help make his character stronger.

In all I like the possibilities of where this story can lead. I like not knowing where the company his headed sometimes.



I ordered SS because of Punk's promo last Monday...and ended up really liking the PPV as a whole. I liked every match on the card. Liked Sheamus-Henry. I think Kelly Kelly had her best match ever. Surprised she won but I'm cool if eventually Beth destroys her. Barrett-Bryan was really really good. And physical. Wouldn't mind seeing another match. Orton-Christian was great. I don't really like Orton winning unless they're gonna feed him to Mark Henry. Punk-Cena was great. The ending? I don't know. I wished maybe they'd waited until Raw to pull the trigger with Del Rio. KEVIN?! NASH?! RANDOM. If it means that they take Punk out of the title chase to deal with him then I'd strongly dislike that. Show should've closed with hin standing tall.

Edward M.