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By David Tees on 8/22/2011 3:06 PM
Monsters Don’t Clap

Coming off of a highly entertaining battle between Kelly Kelly and Beth Phoenix at WWE Summerslam, I was expecting a good follow up on WWE Raw. However, all we got was a decent tag team match that saw the duo of Kelly Kelly and Eve defeat The Bella Twins. Then the Divas Of Destruction (Beth Phoenix/Natalya) came out and just did some basic clapping while the WWE Diva’s Champion looked on. I hope this is not the direction they are going with the Divas Of Destruction/Model Wrestlers feud, because it would be a wasted opportunity by the WWE.

The Return Of Knockout Law

During the entire run of the TNA Knockouts, I felt the most underutilized talent of that whole roster was Tracy Brooks. At one point in time, Tracy Brooks was deemed “Knockout Law” by TNA management and she oversaw the whole division. This past week on TNA Impact!, Tracy Brooks petitioned Eric Bischoff to return to that once heralded position. Although no answer was given this past Thursday Night, it would be cool to see Tracy Brooks back in that role.

Natalya Teamed Up with Who?

When the whole Divas Of Destruction storyline began, I assumed that the purpose would be the so called real wrestlers versus the so called model wrestlers. However, this week on WWE Smackdown, Natalya teamed up with Alicia Fox in a losing effort to Kelly Kelly and AJ. It seems like with the actions on WWE Raw and then what happened on WWE Smackdown, this storyline could be dead before it begins. The only plus side of the whole thing is that Natalya laid out Alicia Fox with a sharp shooter after the match ended.

The Jersey Split

One of the most idiotic acts in TNA right now has to be the Jersey Shore, consisting of Cookie (Becky Bayless) and Robbie E (Rob Eckos). Recently, it looks like a rift has come into the group as Cookie and Robbie E have been fighting each other more than their opponents. This past week on TNA Impact!, an argument between the two lead to Robbie E being ousted from a gauntlet match in under a few seconds. If the crew does break up, it could be farewell for Cookie, who is on the low end of the TNA Knockouts totem pole.

Happy Birthday…Eve Torres!

Let’s end this week’s edition on a happy note here and wish two time WWE Divas Champion Eve Torres a happy 27th birthday!

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