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By David Tees on 8/29/2011 4:05 PM
Get Well Soon, Maryse!

Everybody’s favorite French-Canadian WWE Diva, Maryse, went under the knife recently to remove a cyst from her appendix. Having had the cyst removal surgery done myself (five times), I can somewhat relate to the pain of that procedure. It will be interesting to see what will be done with Maryse once she returns from her injury, due to current WWE Diva’s storylines. Either way, let’s all wish the former multi-time WWE Women’s Champion a speedy recovery and quick return to the ring.

The Cookie Crumbles

It looks like the pairing of The Jersey Shore, Cookie & Robbie E, are officially done as Cookie’s (Becky Bayless) contract was not renewed. The character of Cookie & Robbie E were pushed hard by TNA early on, but the push quickly faded after a few months. Recently, a storyline in TNA was started that featured the potential breakup of the characters, but now that storyline is over. It did not take long for the former Cookie, Becky Bayless, to find work because she will compete on Octobers WSU internet PPV.

At Least You Have A Theme Song

A recent post on Twitter from NXT season three champion Kaitlyn revealed that she doesn’t like her WWE theme music top much. While I agree that the song is not the greatest, she could be like Naomi or the other women in FCW who come out to the same music each week. It was later revealed again on Twitter by Kaitlyn that the message was meant for one person instead of all her followers. This could become an example of saying too much because an already de-pushed WWE Diva cannot afford any more roadblocks in her way.

I Thought They Hated Her

In recent weeks, TNA has run a storyline that featured OD and Jackie Moore attacking Velvet Sky because they wanted to “beat a ho.” This past week on TNA Impact, the hate filled duo teamed with their enemy to defeat the trio of Angelina Love, Sarita & Rosita. Kind of an odd booking decision for this company, but that is nothing new considering which company this is. Even worse that that was Velvet Sky pinned Angelina Love after she was hit by a double suplex from Jackie Moore & ODB.

Even More Clapping

After mocking how TNA books there female talent above, I thought I would take the time to mock the way the WWE does as well. This past week on WWE Raw, Eve (accompanied by Kelly Kelly) defeated Brie Bella (accompanied by Nikki Bella) in a singles match. After the match, the Divas Of Destruction (Beth Phoenix & Natalya) came out to the ramp and applauded their foes again. If the WWE cannot turn this storyline around real quick, it may be over a lot sooner than most people thought.

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