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By David Tees on 8/30/2011 6:03 PM
Promotion: Locked In The Cage

Home Base: Pennsylvania

Broadcast Partner: N/A

Official Website:

First Event: Locked In The Cage I (11/20/2009)

Next Event: Locked In The Cage IX (10/21/2011)

Notable Fighters: Tara LaRosa, Wilson Reis & Matt Nice

Coming out of the East Coast is Locked In The Cage, which is an MMA promotion that is based out of Pennsylvania. This is a promotion with a small connection to professional wrestling as they run in the Asylum Arena, known to wrestling fans as the ECW Arena. This promotions first event, which took place in 2009, was headlined by top female MMA competitor Tara LaRosa.

Two Bellator Fighting Championships veterans also competed in this MMA company, those two fighters are Matt Nice and Wilson Reis. This company is also the first MMA promotion to run regular events at the former ECW Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Despite having two fighters who competed in Bellator, Locked In The Cage was also involved in a minor controversy with the MTV2 promotion.

At Bellator Fighting Championships 18, Jay Silva was brought in as a late replacement by the promotion for Paulo Filho. After getting handily destroyed by Hector Lombard at the event, Jay Silva was to injured to compete in his previously scheduled Locked In The Cage fight. While the fighter has returned to Bellator, he has yet to compete at all in the Philly based promotion.

Recently, Locked In The Cage started running a “Thursday Night Fights” series of events, which began this past Summer. Up until the Thursday Night events, the Philadelphia MMA promotion primarily ran events on Saturday Nights. As of this writing, this regional East Coast company has yet to run an event outside of the state of Pennsylvania.

The city of Philadelphia has always had a long history with professional wrestling and now there is an MMA promotion looking to carve a spot of their own in that history.

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