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By Alan Wojick on 1/19/2012 10:46 AM

When the Kayfabe Commentaries crew conducted their YouShoot with Chyna there was some mention of Tony Atlas taking photos of her shoes. Now as viewers we get to understand what she was talking about with the release his YouShoot DVD to coincide with his autobiography “Atlas: Too Much Too Soon” (released by Crowbar Press.)

The chapters include: Early Days, Shoes, Sex, Drugs, Fitness, Race (not Harley), Heat & Potpourri.

Mr. Atlas worked all over the country with Mid-South (Bill Watts), Mid-Atlantic (Jim Crockett) & WWF (as himself plus Saba Simba) to name a few promotions. A photo of Atlas press-slamming Hulk Hogan sits behind the duo throughout the interview with an interesting back story.

In the two hour session Atlas offers some great stories is but the best story in my opinion Atlas talking about his beginning days in Mid-Atlantic riding with legend Wahoo McDaniel who took care of him like no one probably would ever do in today’s wrestling business. Along with that was how the star handled traveling by car in the territory days (Atlas had severe neck trauma from a car accident with Tommy Rich), his steroid regimen at his prime, racism in locker rooms & being in Puerto Rico during the Bruiser Brody tragedy.

If you dig shoes and the fetish attached to it, you will love this DVD as the “Shoes” chapter lasts nearly 20 minutes with the dumbest fan questions I have ever experienced on all of the YouShoot series & proof of Mr. Atlas’ fetish. Atlas gets to play games like “If the Shoe Fits” where he rates some of the hottest women in wrestling with their footwear, “the Ho Bag”, “What’s in the Bag” (which brings a not so shocking story on the Iron Sheik)

Buy this DVD for your collection I am anxious to read his book ( and wish Mr. Atlas a prosperous life; he is a true legend in the wrestling industry. According to they have the following releases: Wrestling’s Most Valiant Heroes/Evil Villains is now on sale, Timeline History of WWF 1986 w/George Steele (January 31st), Investigative Special; Being a Horseman w/JJ Dillon (February 28th) & YouShoot with Shane Douglas (March 21st)