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By Michael LeBlanc on 3/20/2012 1:55 PM

Hello, fellow wrestling fans!  Will John Cena make it to Raw after a nerve-wracking afternoon?  Will Shawn Michaels and Triple H survive a confrontation with the Undertaker (and be able to face him “eye to eye”)?  Will Rock’s “surprise” involve Fruity Pebbles in any way?  Let’s find out!

*     *     *

So Punk’s sister has a substance abuse problem; and in other news, I can’t ******* believe Punk said that **** to ******* Jericho!  Does he want to get Raw banned by the ******** FCC?!

How can Foley’s sock be “stinky and nasty” when he pulls it from his pocket, and looks clean?

How did Rhodes come to the conclusion that punches with boxing gloves would be more effective than with just bare hands?

Oh my God, Big Show ******* did it again, didn’t he?

Will Team Teddy be forced to wear teddies at their Mania match?!

Did Michael Cole actually call Santino the “goof-less captain” of his team?  Wouldn’t that make Santino goof-free, and therefore, “perfect”?!

If the two leaders of the big tag match at Mania are resorting to bitch-slapping tactics, what can we expect of the actual teams in the match?

Lord Tensai?  Oh, the guy who denied he was coming back to WWE!

Did the Rock make much better use of a Philadelphia icon than Shane Douglas did during the first match?

Pat’s and not Tony Luke’s?!

Isn’t it great that Ryder can return to action just over a month after suffering a back-breaking injury?!

Isn’t it also great that Cena was uninjured in that car accident, only for WWE to be able to use the worked-shoot angle that he isn’t necessarily okay?

A male hip-hop “star” (I’ve never heard of him) with a female name?!

Wasn’t this the perfect time to show Cena as a beatable human being, and have Mark Henry, a monster, crush him, especially after a real-life accident and…oh, wait, no, I guess not!

No, that Beth Phoenix/Maria Menounos Extra angle didn’t look worked at all, did it?!

Given the company’s history with complainers, is it really the best thing for Miz to whine about his “drop-off”?

An old-school interview on the side of the stage?  Cool!

So Orton decided to channel Alberto Del Rio?

All this time, and I still love the “excuse me’s”!

“Wear what the WWE Superstars wear!”  Singlets, speedos and wrestling boots?!

Since Michael Cole broadcasts for both Raw and SmackDown, which team will he be rooting for at Mania?

Do you really need to add the extra “face” and “eye” to the terms “face-to-face” and “eye-to-eye”, even when speaking about more than two people?

When the Undertaker was just coming to the ring at a couple of minutes to 11PM, did you realize the overrun was gonna go way long?  And weren’t you kind of shocked when it didn’t?

So destiny struck twice for Taker and Triple H?

So someone finally told Taker to pull back his cowl a bit?

What’s it going to take, Hunter, inside that “hell”?

For a much-hyped segment, did that three-way confrontation fall a little flat to anyone else?

*     *     *


A pretty good, but not great show tonight.  Everything seemed to be about the build to Mania, as it should, and the promo work was excellent.  They made a mistake in not having Cena lose to Mark Henry (and having the “perfect” scenario drop right into their laps, with Cena coming out of it unscathed, to accommodate it).

The Good:  The opening promo by CM Punk, the phenomenal promo by the Rock.

The Bad:  I still don’t have any interest in the Divas or the GM silliness.

The Ridiculous:  Shane Douglas’ silly attempt to get attention for an ECW/Hardcore reunion event by attempting to get an ECW chant started.

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