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By Michael LeBlanc on 3/27/2012 1:35 PM

What will the go-home Raw before WrestleMania reveal?  A new “secret” from Chris Jericho about CM Punk?  Another weak member added to Team Teddy?  An appearance by the already-injured-thanks-to-Dancing-With-The-Stars Maria Menounos?  We’ll soon find out – let’s get Wringing!


*     *     *


Were you a little shocked to see Raw actually start off with a match?


Does Kane’s new mask setup remind anyone else of the Predator?


Lawler says Team Teddy doesn’t need stupid shirts or flags, then Santino and Hornswoggle come out…with stupid shirts and flags!


Wow, $75 bucks for a chair, plus the $30 you have to spend to get that price?!  Is that really (Kmart) smart?  No thanks!


In this case, shouldn’t “The End of an Era” have a question mark after it?


Is being a “legal” b*****d really such a big deal these days?


Why pan around to Booker’s iPad showing, when there’s no story about Christian’s condition on the screen?!


Why, again, has Brodus Clay been included in the build to WrestleMania, when, so far as we know, he won’t be on the show?!


The tool that Big Show needs to catapult him upwards is the IC Title?  At this point in his career?  Really?!


Why do the Tag Team Titles look like they’re covered in giant pennies?


Why are Cody’s hands taped up when he’s not actually wrestling on the show?


So they bring Christian back in time for a WrestleMania payday/match, and then rip it away at the last second?  Huh?


Zack’s not too bright, is he?  “Change your face”…to a twin?!


Did it seem to anyone else that Khali could barely move coming down that ramp?


Teddy really turned towards the inside of the ring after recovering from being thrown into the ring by Johnny Ace?


So Teddy’s “reward” to Booker for saving him is to invite him to get his ass kicked by Team Laurinitis at Mania?!


Well, we were expecting a big surprise for the last member of Team Teddy, and we get…Booker T?!


Didn’t the Rock technically “come back” to the ring last year at Survivor Series?


He really went to the Betty White “pie” place?


Cena doesn’t realize that it’s because he wins…every single time (virtually)…that he’s hated so much?


They built that last segment up…to nothing?


Did anyone else see a “Georgia Rule” logo after Raw ended?!  WTF?


*     *     *




The opening match and the closing promo/angle were great; the rest was basically video packages and angles, but it was a pretty entertaining show overall.  It was a decent build to Mania this year, but not nearly good enough.


On a side note – the “Once in a Lifetime” special that preceded Raw was phenomenal.  Excellent presentation, from the narration to the editing and music.  Really good stuff, and if you don’t at the very least admire the hell out of the work ethic of either of those men, you are INSANE!


And yes, I WILL be back next week for the post-Mania Raw!


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