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By Michael LeBlanc on 4/3/2012 12:09 PM

Hello, Wringer fans!  I did not see the actual pay-per-view last night, but from reports on the site, it sounds like it was a doozy of a show, from several perspectives:


Was the ten-second match between Daniel Bryan and Sheamus a goofy April Fool’s joke from Vince to them…and the fans?!


Kane beat Orton…really?


After weeks and weeks of Cody telling us about Big Show’s goofy loss/embarrassment record at WrestleMania, Cody actually loses to the big embarrassing goof?


An injured entertainment reporter pins the WWE Divas Champion?!  And does anyone remember that Menounos actually competed against Beth as part of a six-woman tag match back in 2009?  And that she actually slapped Beth at the end of that match, making it twice she’s gotten one over on Phoenix?


How stupid is the Funkasaurus, in not noticing his momma literally feet away from him?


But is Zack Ryder the stupidest guy ever (even more than Sting) for not knowing Eve was playing him?


Could you measure how little the crowd cared about the musical acts prior to the main event in numbers of atoms?


The Hall of Fame Special prior to Raw was pretty good.  Seeing the Four Horseman finally on the Hall of Fame stage and DX joking around was great (Shawn fighting not to crack up was priceless); but what the hell did Mike Tyson say in his speech?!


Let’s get to Wringing Raw!


*     *     *


Doesn’t Ace mean his team earned him the right to be the official Raw & SmackDown GM?


So Ace knows what the people want, more than they do?  Sound familiar?


Wait – the Rock as WWE Champion again?  At this stage in his career?  Really?


A Santino match has to follow the Rock?


It’s the Human Heat Machine, err, Vicki!  Usually she looks pretty good, but who dressed her in that beach outfit tonight?


Not that it really matters these days, but when Santino came out for a title match, was anyone else praying he would lose it?  And were you sad when he didn’t?


Did I actually hear a Funkasaurus chant from the crowd?


Did A-Train look kind of impressive, in more ways than one, in his debut as Lord Tensai?


Has YES! YES! YES! replaced “What?” as the new hot chant?


What made Jericho think a “wrestling kick” on a slippery mat was a good idea?


What, Alberto couldn’t let Sheamus get at least a sentence out before coming out?


How funny were the Daniel Bryan chants during the Sheamus/Alberto segment…and the two of them totally no-selling it?


“Thank you very much for your time”…about as long as his match on Sunday!


Maybe the hip-hop artists are getting booed because…nobody cares about them?!


So, next year’s WrestleMania is in the New York area?  Outdoors?!  Is that really a good idea, seeing as how the weather for this week in NY seems to be on the chilly side?


Who the hell was the dude who wanted to represent Mark Henry?


How useless was that promo by Eve?


Does Taker’s new haircut make him look like a crazed punk rocker or what?


Did they really show a picture of the fireworks going off at WrestleMania, with one of the big screens in the background showing…a shot of the fireworks going off?  Like someone in the stadium didn’t have a view of them?!


Isn’t it fun when the crowd knows something major is going to happen, before it actually happens?


And wasn’t it fun to watch Cena ignore the Brock chants, well, because he pretty much had to?




A really strong show tonight, even more so than most of the build to Mania.  It started with a fantastic opening promo by the Rock, and it ended with Brock Lesnar’s return (who knew?).  The silliness was mostly kept to a minimum.  Lord Tensai’s debut was well done, and very impressive physically.  And the crowd was super hot all night.  I enjoyed this show a lot.


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