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By Michael LeBlanc on 4/10/2012 12:58 PM

So, Brock Lesnar is back in WWE, huh?  What might he have in store for us wrestling fans?  An epic battle with John Cena?  A classic WrestleMania match next year with the Rock?  Another episode of “I’m Taking My Ball & My Millions of Dollars And Going Home Again”?  We shall see, as the weeks march on in April, but for now, let’s get Wringing!

*     *     *

Brock Lesnar, a former MMA champion (a legitimate sport) will be the new face of and bring legitimacy to a non-legitimate sport?!

Is it weird that they seemed to focus on Cena’s bloody face?

Has it been quite a while since we’ve seen a bit of “legitimate” chaos on Raw?

Is this one occasion where Cena’s goofy smirk actually works?

Ace wants an “explanation” of what happened from Cena?  Isn’t it pretty freakin’ obvious?!

So Santino is a goofball for dancing, and Brodus isn’t?

Isn’t it even a bit hilarious that Santino does that goofy waddle even when evading the heels coming after him?

How great is it that even after all these years, Vicki still gets mega-heat by uttering just two simple words?

Did Cole call Swagger’s new haircut “nifty” because it calls back to the 50’s when that cut was in style last?

“It’s been a half hour!”  Uh, no, Johnny, it’s been fifteen minutes!

Wasn’t Teddy actually looking at Johnny when he was talking to him?  He only turned away when he sent Teddy on his errand!

What the hell was Kane doing standing in a corner, alone, facing away from the hallway?!

They actually showed a “clip” within a clip??

Can we vote Santino in as an Honorary Stooge?  Please?

The WWE production crew actually missed Tensai spitting the mist?

I’m no expert, but I really don’t think that having a bottle of liquor poured over your head, while facing down, will get you anywhere close to “drunk”, will it?

Wow, Real American gets a better reaction, for a few seconds, than the Stooges did for their entire in-ring segment!

*     *     *


A pretty good show tonight.  I thought it was funny that the company should try the “we are legitimate” card, playing into the Brock-MMA connection, while at the same time having the Three Stooges guest star (which nobody cared about).  Maybe this wasn’t the week to have them on the show, huh?  Otherwise, I’m interested in seeing where Cena-Lesnar (even though they are hot-shoting the angle for Extreme Rules) and Jericho-Punk goes.  The Stooges goofiness is fine in small doses in pre-tapes on a wrestling show, but once they got out in front of the crowd (which, in hindsight, they probably shouldn’t have done), they got no reaction.

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