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By Michael LeBlanc on 5/1/2012 1:34 PM

So, apparently WWE put on a very strong show this weekend with Extreme Rules.  My only thought is:  they had Cody Rhodes, who needed to win strong, but did so on a fluke, and then got destroyed afterwards; then had John Cena beat the returning Brock Lesnar (who probably should have won), but gets destroyed in the process.  Huh?

Let’s get Wringing!

*     *     *

Does Johnny Ace remind anyone else of a certain “scrappy” character associated with Scooby Doo when he calls out his “People Power”?

And doesn’t Johnny realize that even the “Executive” VP of Talent Relations reports to the Chairman, CEO and/or President of the company?!

Well, at least Miz can still beat Santino!

Did the Divas match last even 18 seconds?  I get that they want to bring Layla back slowly (with quick matches) but that’s just a bit ridiculous isn’t it?

JTG on Raw?  Really?

If Eve doesn’t want Johnny (and other guys) looking at her assets, shouldn’t she wear more appropriate “business attire” to work?

Under a minute to go, and Orton actually takes time to pause and “Viper up”?!?

So the Bella Twins are fired…on, for no apparent reason?  Huh?

Imagine those who tweet about “Lil Jimmy” to find out more about him, only to find that he’s an imaginary character on a worked wrestling show!

Is Lil Jimmy considered to be a part of the new tag team champions?  And if so, will he be asked to defend the belts along with Kofi and Truth?

Did they really cut off a backstage promo by Abraham Washington?!

Swagger, Santino, Khali and Lawler in the running for #1 contender for the WWE Championship?!  WTF?

Over the Limit is the next PPV, but we get commercials and a push for Money in the Bank?

Bryan vs. Punk for the belt?  Hell, yeah!

Laurinitis vs. Cena at the pay-per-view?!  You’ve got to be friggin’ kidding me!

*     *     *


I’d have to give this show a thumbs down.  The bad outweighed the good by a fair margin.  The opening angle was fantastic.  Everyone’s intensity was off the charts and the situation made sense from a storyline perspective.  The challengers for the #1 contender’s spot were pretty weak overall, and not realistic from a logic or storyline point of view.  Just an excuse for goofy finishes.  The Bellas getting fired off camera (and on the company website) was just stupid.  They couldn’t come up with anything better?  I really like the idea of Punk vs. Bryan – there’s a good feud just waiting to happen.  And as much as I like that idea, I absolutely HATE where they went with Cena at the close of the show.

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