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By Revin Samuel on 6/19/2012 9:08 AM

RAW - 18/06/2012 E:
What needs to be accomplished on this week’s Raw?
WWE will be multitasking for the next several weeks as they hype the 1000th Raw and the Money in the Bank pay per view. WWE usually isn’t very good at multitasking and I’m sure we know which of these shows will get lost in the shuffle. My hope is that a pay per view that was pretty successful last year makes The Bubble have a little respect for the show and therefore deliver solid promotion for it
•The Raw flashback segments. Three out of four the flashback segments WWE decided to highlight last week were wretched and hopefully they get back to reminding us of the good times in preparation for the 1000th episode
•Brock Lesnar’s camp responds. I got a chance to see Triple H’s promo at No Way Out and it might be his worst promo in recent memory. Paul Heyman or whoever is representing Brock better cut a great promo tonight to create some interest in what has the potential to be a great story arch
•John Laurinaitis farewell address. I hate that they are doing this, because it just tells me that the character isn’t dead. WWE did a firing angle last night and as per usual the story isn’t closed when it should be. I’m expecting this to turn into a story where Laurinaitis has a loophole to keep him on television, but I’m really, really hoping it is actually a farewell address and he goes bye, bye
•If WWE learned anything from last night’s show it should be that alot of their talent are not over and in their home market of all places. Out of nowhere AW turns on Primo and Epico and joins The Primetime Players; well let’s see some follow up to that, because nobody cared last night. Sin Cara and Ryback continue to have random squash matches with no storyline or character development to invest in. You have sixteen writers, put some stories together. I know Kevin Dunn and Vince are big fans of the philosophy that only the top two storylines are what matter and what should be focused on, but as we continue on I take that to mean were old man and are brains can’t compute more than that
Show Breakdown

  1. As I watch the Raw intro with that Nickelback song, I can tell you that without a doubt they need to redo that opening intro package.

  1. Cole starts the show off saying were five weeks away from the 1000th episode of Raw, but no mention of the upcoming Money In The Bank pay per view.

  1. Man, Foley looks terrible coming out and why is he wearing a suit?

  1. Like on my Smackdown report, I’ll admit there is a possibility that my judgment is clouded based off of seeing so much wrestling, but Foley sounds extremely scripted to me. Also does Foley as acting GM for this week mean he has to wear a suit? Is that the edict from The Bubble that if you are GM you have to be wearing a suit?

  1. I do like that Foley will be the interim GM for this week. It gives the show a somewhat fresh coat of paint while they figure out what to do with the GM position.

  1. If Laurinaitis was fired, why does he still get intro music? Details WWE, DETAILS!

  1. Why is there a guy in the front row wearing a doo rag over his mouth, I feel like he’s going to jump the rail and attack Foley.

  1. WWE once again asking us to extend our suspension of disbelief that Laurinaitis can book a main event even though he was fired. Just get rid of the Laurinaitis character.

  1. Sheamus didn’t want to take a shot at Laurinaitis even though he’s fired? That’s odd. Punk didn’t want to do anything either? Not even knock him off his crutch? More weak storytelling by WWE. Laurinaitis was originally feuding with Punk; Punk should have definitely taken a crack at him.

  1. BTW I notice we are opening with Punk and Sheamus against Bryan and Kane, because Vince wants to solidify now that John Cena is the guy no matter what. Remember TLC last year when they kept John Cena off the show? Now John is on every show and he’s the main event even though he’s not the champion. The Bubble is so insulated that they don’t understand the concept of spreading the wealth.  There is now ay Cena-Show should have headlined Raw.

  1. I’d prefer if Bryan didn’t come out doing the Yes chant, because he just lost his shot at the title last night. I know it’s part of the act and the crowd loves it, but if we are telling a logical story and there are ramifications to pay per view outcomes than perhaps Bryan shouldn’t have been so jovial coming out.

  1. I do like that WWE is now beginning to promote how long CM Punk has held the WWE title and Cole noted it’s the 4th longest reign in recent times passing Triple H. I can always appreciate stats and a sports like feel to the product.

  1. Michael Cole – “Kane always finds himself in relationships over the years” translation The Bubble loves the Beauty and the Beast story.

  1. Jerry Lawler “Who wants to hear a farewell address from him”, in reference to Laurinaitis and that is spot on.

  1. Jerry Lawler asking if the fans chanting Yes are actual Daniel Bryan fans. I’ve been waiting for Vince to try and take ownership of the Yes chants.

  1. Pretty solid match going here between Bryan and Kane against Punk and Sheamus.

  1. At least they used two finishers to beat Bryan.

  1. I don’t think I’m going to care for this storyline if its leading to Kane obsessing over AJ. We know how WWE creative has handled Kane over the years and I just don’t think we can trust them to handle this with care.

  1. WWE using sneaky tactics to tease the audience that Brock will be on Raw.

  1. The only way Ziggler vs Swagger works is in front of a New York, Chicago or Toronto crowd where the audience will get behind Dolph, but that still doesn’t mean he should be a babyface. WWE was smart to do this match in Long Island; he should get a great reception tonight as can be heard in the background during that backstage segment.
  2. Big Show unlike Daniel Bryan appears upset that he lost to John Cena, because of course losing to John Cena is a much bigger loss than losing the WWE title match without being pinned.

  1. If WWE wants to turn Dolph babyface they need to have Dolph beat Jack, and Vickie say she wants to go with Dolph only for Dolph to deny her otherwise it’s very Randy Orton getting dumped by Evolution and then going babyface like.

  1. Swagger really needs a new hairstyle.

  1. Dolph’s win really came out of nowhere. The crowd clearly wasn’t expecting it.

  1. Vickie kisses Dolph and hopefully it’s a slower build to something bigger!

  1. Ah the old limo arriving at the building as we go to commercial, I love that trick!

  1. The MITB commercial is terrible. All pay per view commercials these days are pretty weak as they come off as another vehicle to promote WWE Creative as oppose to the concept and consequences of the show.

  1. This was a much better flashback segment this week that Jerry Lawler looked back on with Mr. McMahon in the hospital as Steve Austin comes in impersonating the doctor.

  1. Pretty good segment with Paul and Hunter mainly because Paul was so good. The question remains with this storyline is whether Triple H can resist the temptation to ruin it with some bad mic work to feed his insecurities.

  1. Why am I seeing clips from the Tuxedo match at the pay per view? Is this supposed to make people want to order the replay?

  1. So Del Rio can wrestle tonight, but he couldn’t face Sheamus? Even if he was cleared WWE should wait one more week just for storyline purposes.

  1. Thank God WWE showed a video package on Cyndi Lauper, because I’m guessing most of today’s audience has no idea who she is.

  1. What do Wendi Richter and Cyndi Lauper have to do with Raw’s 1000th’s episode? WWE is really stretching that one. I actually had to mute the volume because Wendi Richter is so awkward. Seeing Paul Heyman reminds me that he was a guy who was known for using all his talents to the best of their abilities. I’m not sure why WWE brought Richter in as today’s audience has no idea who she is.

  1. I’m sure Vince and Kevin are backstage thinking Heath’s singing is entertaining. All this reminds me of us a couple old guys who are out of touch

  1. Michael McMahon burying this segment as Vince once again shows his insecurities with old people on the screen.

  1. I guess the surprise appearance from Raw’s past this week were Roddy Piper and Mick Foley who we seem to see once every two months anyways.

  1. I just thought of something if Laurinaitis is fired yet booked a handicap match for the Raw main event, why wouldn’t a couple babyfaces run down to be on Cena’s team since Laurinaitis can’t fire them. Maybe that is what they are planning, but I suspect they didn’t pay attention to those details when they were rewriting Raw ten times over this afternoon.

  1. Crowd once again doesn’t care about this match, because WWE has done nothing to let us know Primo and Epico are babyfaces. In addition the only time we’ve seen Titus and D. Young on Raw is when they were being destroyed by Cena and Sheamus, 4 on 2.

  1. What a stupid finish, but I guess this tag team feud without the tag titles on the line must continue.

  1. Have they mentioned MITB tonight?

  1. I’ve never been a fan of Jericho’s singing, but thank god he is returning next week, it is much needed!

  1. The crowd tries to sing the Goodbye song, but Laurinaitis didn’t stop to let it catch on. I guess that’s what happens when you’re saying scripted lines and told not to acknowledge crowd reactions or chants.

  1. Way too much talking going down here with a drawn out Show promo following Laurinaitis speech and a commercial break.

  1. I guess it makes storyline sense for Show not to back Laurinaitis, although it kind of comes off as a babyface turn.

  1. I’ll be interested to see the quarter hour rating on the main event, because it seems pretty lame to me.

  1. Why wouldn’t Otunga just bail on the match? Otunga is a heel and has no reason to be loyal to Johnny.

  1. Mick Foley totally disappeared from the show.

  1. The crowd has wanted Ryder all night and naturally WWE doesn’t give it to them.

  1. Well that was ending, I’ll say that much.

What this show accomplished?
The Good
•The Primetime Players on Raw. I’m trying to find things to like on this show. WWE needs to consistently keep them on the show and invest in their character if they are to get over. The same applies to Primo and Epico, but one step at a time
•Dolph and Swagger split. Hopefully they aren’t back together next week. As for Vickie kissing Dolph, I hope it’s somehow building to a Dolph face turn
•Punk/Sheamus-Kane/Bryan. The wrestling was good. The AJ appearance was interesting, but you get the feeling they don’t know where to take this storyline
•Triple H-Paul Heyman. A nice verbal exchange, Paul was especially good. It will be interesting to see how Brock accepts the challenge, because it seems Triple H is going to manipulate him into it.
•Raw Flashback segment. I liked the flashback they showed this week, although they only showed one from what I remember
•The end of John Laurinaitis. I’m not sure we needed a whole show dedicated to this since he was fired at the pay per view, but hopefully that was the end of his chapter in the WWE book
•Chris Jericho returns next week...dear god is this a life preserver
The Bad
•Details and Loopholes. We really need to extend our suspending of disbelief with this show. Why does Laurinaitis get a farewell address? Why is he booking the main event? Why is he getting theme music? What the hell do Wendi Richter and Cyndi Lauper have to do with Raw? Why can Alberto Del Rio wrestle tonight, but he couldn’t wrestle the night before?
•The crowd wanted Zack Ryder, yet they refuse to put him on the main show. It’s unbelievable the disrespect this company has for its fan base. The way I see it, The Bubble got right and what the fans want stopped mattering. If they cheer for something they don’t want them to cheer for that person gets buried
•Vince McMahon’s insecurities about old people. This man appears to be having more and more issues as he ages
•WWE is throwing their lower card to the wolves. They need to do some character development if acts like The Primetime Player and Primo and Epico are to get over. Thank God WWE was able to resist giving us Sin Cara and Ryback in throwaway segments. They gave AW some talking time tonight, which is why The Primetime Players got into The Good column
•The crowd wasn’t going to know who Cyndi Lauper was so that was one thing. Bringing Wendi Richter out was just a dumb move
Overall Thoughts
•WWE is moving Raw at the pace of a daytime soap
What needs to be accomplished next week?
•Money In The Bank hype
•WWE needs to begin focusing on the talent and fighting for titles as oppose to who the authority figure is
•Pick up the pace of the show and begin developing storylines and characters for every single person who appears on Raw. I know this will never happen, but the roster is so thin not because the guys suck, but because nobody is developed!